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Enhancing your web presence with SEO and Social Media, delivered at a Training Gateway event at the University of Westminster

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  • - With the information from the survey in mind; here are the main topics that we will be discussing throughout this seminar.
  • Keywords are the basis for good SEO and search – and in social media. What will people search you for?
    Have you done keyword search? Or test out – you can run searches
  • So, what exactly is SEO?
    Quite often when you mention the word SEO, a lot of people instantly think of this dark art, most SEO agencies say yes we can get you high in Google, give us a load of money and leave it with us.
    But what I want to do it make SEO far more transparent, I think you need to have an understanding of SEO before you ever dream of outsourcing it.
    I also want to give you techniques to show you can do some of it yourself.
    I believe good search engine optimisation or SEO techniques are the building blocks of a successful website, i.e. one that has a lot of visitors and a high conversion rate.
    SEO is all about getting search engines to rank your website highly in search engine results when customers type in search terms that relate to your products or services.
  • So for me SEO is common sense its nothing more than:
    >Create great content
    >Ensure this content is accessible to search engines.
    >Make pages unique and relevant
    >Make the content popular
  • For me there are two distinct sides to SEO, Onsite and Offsite.
    Onsite being your own website and offsite being everything else online that has something to do with you.
  • Keywords
    Technical Aspect
  • Good example of what people might search recipes for – same principle applies to any business
  • Relevancy
  • Keyword research
    Alongside your SEO audit, you should also undertake keyword analysis. This looks at the keywords and phrases that people are currently finding your website with (are they the ones you want/expect?), and also the keywords that your competitors are ranking highly on.
    From this, you can come up with a list of relevant keywords for your website that you would like people to be finding you on.
    This list of keywords should inform how you write all your website content, from product descriptions to page titles and meta descriptions.
  • You then need to make a list of alll your products and services, adding to it keywords you would expect to be found for, but aren’t,

    Or ones you would like to be found for.

    You can then take some of these keywords and have a play with Google search.

    This then helps identify more keywords that users search and shows you opportunities that you may not have thought about and considered. Giving you suggestions that could be good for your webstore.

    Keep adding more words to excel and then go to the next tool semrush
  • Ok so you have got all these keywords, you then need to take them all to Google keyword tool here you can enter them all and find even more!

    I suggest working on hundreds of keywords, not just 5 or 10… if you want to be top for “Gifts” the only way you will ever be top for a keyword as competitive as this is by being present in Google search for all keywords surrounding gift ideas….

    You want to generate as many keywords as possible
  • This is a great tool because it gives you an idea how many people are searching this term, and if I take the term retirement gift ideas for women we can see that only 1000 people are searching this term per month,

    In fact in a lot of examples I show only 10 or 20 searches per month

    This may make you think what’s the point on working for this keyword, whilst being high for this term may not bring you masses of traffic, however I bet the ROI on this term will be significantly higher than someone searching “gifts”

    Its really important that we work on long tail keywords, as generally these can give you a significantly better ROI, don’t get me wrong competitve keywords are important, but ultimately if we want to appear top for a competitive keyword we need to appear high for lots of long tail keyword surrounding that keyword.

  • This insane graphic shows how ludicrously complicated social media marketing can be now, but let me break this down for you and help you find the right platforms
  • The important thing to remember if you are new to social media is that you don’t have to be a social media whizz to get started – you just need to know your CUSTOMERS and your PRODUCTS and match your social media activities accordingly:
    Know your customers: Where do they spend their time online? What products do they buy?
    Know your products: Are they the kind of things people would discuss in forums, or are they something that someone would click on a Facebook or Google advert to buy?
    Know the purchase decision-making process: Taking into account your customers and your products, what do they do before they buy? Remember that higher value products (and this can be either higher financial value eg. A car; or emotional value eg. A beauty product) means that people will require more reassurance in order to make a purchase. You wouldn’t ask friends on Facebook which packet of chewing gum you should buy, but you might ask them to recommend an anti-aging cream that has worked for them

  • Once you know the demographic of your customers (for example Women aged 35-50), you can choose the social media platform that has a demographic most closely matching your customers.
    Alteernatively, you could go onto the bigger platforms (like Facebook for B2C, or LinkedIn for B2B) and search for topic areas around your products or services, then contribute to discussions – as I mentioned in my examples earlier.
    The important thing is: Don’t be afraid of social media. Once you get started, you will soon pick up the etiquette by following what others are doing, and showing an interest.
    And don’t try and do everything all together. 
  • VJ talk about this
    Just showed this as a question mark to consider!
    Check out what you are saying on LinkedIN stacks up. He has done all thek eywords – grow connections to 500+ - but only has 66 himself. Is this credible?!
  • Twitter users and usage
    Targeting customers – who uses Twitter and how do they engage?
    Twitter users:
    Have above average income and education level
    Are 3 times more likely to follow brands than Facebook users
    Are twice as likely to purchase from a brand than Facebook users
  • @tescomobile is well worth a look too. As the name suggests, it’s a separate account set up in relation to Tesco Supermarkets new mobile phone offerings, and as you can see from the screen shot below – they’re definitely on the ball when it comes to a little banter in the name of healthy competition!
  • The Onion: ‘America’s Finest News Source’. The Onion isn’t perhaps a business in the traditional sense, in that their ‘product’ is their content, which is free, but they are truly a masterclass in tweets that get retweeted. How do they do it? by creating fresh, unique, shareable content. And lots of it!

    In turn, their tweets regularly go viral, and so their audience just keeps on growing!

    What can you learn from The Onion? Content is king. Make sure yours is good enough to be shared!
  • Innocent Drinks: What the smoothie making giants don’t know about social media, isn’t worth knowing. Their 165,000+ followers didn’t happen by chance. They’re the result of well thought out strategies that engage, educate and entertain. Their promotional tweets are well and truly balanced out amongst their funny photos, retweets from their followers, charity news and much much more. They are a true masterclass in building a social media network that people want to be a part of, because of its community feel and entertaining content.
    For a funny picture of a llama to score 131 retweets, and 85 favourites, you definitely need to have an actively engaged audience!
    What can you learn from Innocent? Engage, Entertain and Educate. Build a community that people want to get involved with and success will surely follow!
    Take a few notes from these twitter geniuses and you’ll soon be on your way to your own social media success story.
  • Takeaway website Just-Eat are another great example of a big brand that really knows how to engage with the little guy. They have set a casual, friendly tone that suits the brand perfectly, and their social media team work hard to reply to many tweets every day, as well as setting up giveaways, competitions and fun little snippets to entertain as well as engage. They’re another great example of a brand creating their own regular hashtags too, from the shamelessly promotional #TakeawayTuesday to the just for fun #WeirdWednesday, they encourage followers to get involved, a key ingredient for successful engagement.

    In this example you can see they have spotted someone has ordered a takeaway
  • Hear they spot someone mentioning them and have a fun reply
  • Here they simply notice someone saying they are hungry and jump in saying did you place an order….
  • It is ok to promote yourself/product or service, however you should steer clear from doing this ALL of the time. It will put followers off and may even prompt them to unfollow you.
    Automated tweets aren’t the best way to go, you can often tell when a company is automating their tweets and it does not look very professional.
    Do you have an upcoming event? Do you want to start a debate on a particular topic? Are you trying to find out what followers think about a new idea? Use hashtags! They are a great way to categorise Twitter conversations and it allows you to be in control.
    Don’t mix business with pleasure. If your Twitter account is used for business, keep it that way!
    Ensure you are posting as frequently as you can, a minimum of once a day is often the best target to try and stick too.
    Worried about constantly providing new content? Don’t worry, often re-tweeting an interesting article or posting a link to another news story can be a great way to gain interaction from other users – just make sure it is relevant to your company.
    Has someone tweeted you? Make sure you reply! It is common courtesy and will often encourage the follower to re-tweet it to their followers more often which can be a great way to boost engagement on the site.

  • Targeting customers – who uses Facebook?
    57% women, 43% men

    67% of users are over 35 years old – surprised?

    High engagement – users spend average of 32 minutes on site each visit

    The Walmart boss in Leeds, in the UK he says “we post at 2.55pm as this is when mums are in the school playground waiting to pick kids up from school – they use spare time to check their Facebook” we find its one of the best items to get engagement, in fact if we don’t get 100 likes in the first 60 seconds we ditch the post!

    I can only wish for that volumne!!
  • A simple Facebook campaign by Diesel – bringing Facebook ‘likes’ into the real world:
  • How Corona Light created a huge buzz without a huge budget, by giving its Facebook fans the chance to appear on a New York billboard:
  • So just to be clear what is a blog?
    A blog is the same as news or latest news I suppose it’s not called news because it gives the opportunity not just to write about the latest news, its an opportunity to talk about all the aspects of your products and services, to portray yourselves as thought leaders and to bring personality to your brand.
    Blog is short for web-log: a post – or log – made online.
    Blogs are a great way of engaging with customers and sharing information.
    It’s a way to educate your audience all about your products and services.
    It’s your companies latest news.
    An opportunity to show personality.
    To give away advice to your existing client and customers.
    And to engage with potential clients.
  • The main question is, why should you blog?
    Well, there are many reasons:
    It forces Creativity
    It builds a community
    Adds value to your site
    It gives you content for your Social Media and Email Campaigns
    Gets you to the top of Google
    I believe blogs can increase your sales by helping to:
    Overcome barriers to purchase – Online buyers don’t have the opportunity to inspect products before purchase, so the more information you can offer to dispel any concerns or queries they may have, the better. Blogs can be used to explain product features and usage, and to show photos and videos of products from every angle.
  • For me the Blog is the core of any social media or SEO campaign.
    Blogs provide regular content to share through your other social media sites.
    The sharable nature of product images is perfect for retail, with sites such as Pinterest seeing huge expansion as consumer demand for visual content has grown rapidly.
    User-generated content, ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ are now being ranked more highly by search engines, so it pays to invest in social media and blogging.
    Blogs provide
    Status updates for Facebook
    Tweets for Twitter- take a blog with the title “top 5 tips”, well all of a sudden you have created 5 tweets, all with links to the blog, don’t tweet them alll in one go, spread them out over the week/month. Stuck for tweets, go back to blogs from 6 months ago!
    Updates for Linkedin personal and company profiles
    Status for Google Plus
    Email campaigns – do you get to start of the month and think, what are we going to put into our email campaign this month? if you have fab blogs, there is your content already written!)
    They give content for your keywords to be found in Google, search engine optimisation, you will only be found if you mention the keyword, and the more times you mentionit the more relevant you are (don’t mention for sake, it must be relevant)
    A blog should be an integral part of your marketing and comms strategy, but you need to set goals.
    What are you marketing goals?
    Need to sell encourage more volunteers, what could we write that would engage with potential volunteers?
    Lets give them some information, lets become a resource and during the process, lets build trust with them and let them know what we as a charity could offer them.
  • So this is all great but how do we come up with content?

    We need to feed ourselves
    Subscribe to competitors
    Subscribe to industry related news and professional bodies
    Keep notes of questions customers ask you
    Create Google alerts on niche topics ( this is a great tool simply Google Google alerts and try it out!)
    Thing about all the products/services you offer
    Keep a journal/voice recorder
    Invite Guest blogs from customers
    Write about your passions?

    w: tw: @jrconsultancy t: 0113 320 21 21
  • I wanted to share some personal blog experiences with you to help you see how this can fit into your business.
    One of my marketing goals is to appear high in Google, for this I need to build links with relevant websites, this blog was written on a topical subject about big data, everyone in the digital industry is currently talking about it.
    I took time to really research what it was all about and throughout the research I formed my opinions from my own experiences and wrote a really informative blog.
  • - Danny Brown lives in Burlington, Ontario.
    He is a multiple award-winning marketer and blogger – his blog is recognized as the #1 marketing blog in the world by HubSpot and voted one of Canada’s Top 50 Marketing Blogs coming in at the number 3 slot.
    He has delivered results for some of the biggest organizations in technology, digital and consumer, including BlackBerry, British Telecom, Orange, Microsoft Canada, IBM, Ford Canada, FedEX, Scotiabank, Vodafone, Dell and LG Electronics.
    He has spoken at numerous business conference and events, and is regularly quoted in publications and news media, including Marketing Magazine, Canadian Marketing Association, Toronto Star, Fast Company and City News Toronto on the topics of influence, social business, data-driven business intelligence and digital marketing.
    So what happens, he comments on my blog!.......
    If that wasn’t good enough!
  • - He tweets a link to my blog to 35,000 of his followers…
  • It got better…. He wrote another blog the next day and referenced my blog and linked back to it!
    So not only did my blog get tweeted to 35k people from someone who is extremely influential, I got a well deserved link from a page rank 5, top domain authority blogger!
  • - You can see the effect the tweet had on my traffic that day, nearly double the average traffic for a week day.
  • When I set up my business I knew that one of my key services would be to offer paid speaking.

    Ive understood the power of blogging since 2005 and began bloggin myself in 2007.

    I knew that blogging was always going to form the core marketing of Jonny Ross Consultancy.

    It’s a weekly blog on all things digital, all related to my products and services I offer.

    Its non saley and highly informative, and all blogs are NOT written for SEO, but have SEO in mind.

    I talked about keywords in the last webinar and the need to work on not just 10 or 20 but hundreds.

    I have a keyword list of around 1800 keywords. And I always try to see if I can use keywords when I am writing blogs, don’t get me wrong if they don’t feel right in a blog I don’t use them, but if I can I will, ultimately you will only be found for a particular keyword or phrase if its present on your website,.

    I wrote on online vs offline marketing a couple of years ago,

    I get a phone call out of the blue, its from a company that will remain namless! But lets just say they are a major player in a particular sector in the UK.

    I’ve never gone online with this story before, its something we must all remember, the moment you say or write something online it is there forever!!

    Anyway what they didn’t know is that I hadnbt been paid to speak before and more so I had never spoken on social media publically for more than 5 or 10 minnutes.

    The call came and it went along the lines of….

    Hi, we have just googled online vs offline marketing ( back then I was top for this phrase!!) and you came up top of Google.

    They then, because I was at the top of Google , made some assumptions…..

    They said, you have obsiously done a massive amount of reasearch on this topic, I said…. Errr yes pretending I had done more than I ad.

    You obviously speak at many conferences on this topic…. Errm yes

    Would you consider speaking at our annual conference in a few months time…. Errm it depends on how much you are willing to pay me!!

    Anyway 4 months later, I spoke in front of hundreds of delegates and got amazing feedback and have not stopped working with many of the delegates and that particular sector since.

    I think its quite a succes story and it really simply came from 1 blog post.

  • The last story I have was regarding a heated debated on linkedin, the debate was about should you trust the number 1 slot on Google to be the best result and how people cheat Google by buying exact match domains, and multiple domains known as doorway pages.

    The debate was focussed on SEO companies in Leeds, England where I live, there is a fight for SEO companies to appear top of their home town for some reason and I decided to demonstrate how easy this would be and therefore how meaningless it would be to appear high up for it.

    Anyway this blog post is one of my most visited blog posts! It probably brings me 25% of my work I took myself from position 84 in Google for SEO leeds to position 3, without doing anything but writing a blog post!

    It was written over a year and a half ago and still gets comments, the last one being 5 days ago!

    I firmly believe blogs build relationships, communities, audiences and give you and your brand the opportunity to be one step ahead and reach out to your audience.
  • So enough about my stories, I just hope they help make some sense of all of this!

    Blacks solicitors is a lawyers in leeds, they are amazing on social media, tweeting all the time. The have some fabulous blog writers and amazing content, but one of the issues they had was they couldn’t get engagement with the blog.

    I was very kindly asked to come and do a blogging workshop for some of the senior partners and lawyers and this was one of the slides I used for the workshop.

    I am no expert in photoshop but for me this slide helps show some key elements that are required in a blog
  • Instantly you can see the entire blog feels more inviting.

    I guess you are drawn to the images and the sharing, but also the sub heading and bullet points,

    Let me remind you of the last slide


    As I said this helped me come up with some key elements for them
  • As I said the blog is the core, imagine it as your glue to create an integrated campaign.
    So how do we turn blogs into social media content….
    As well as increasing exposure to your social media pages through campaigns, you also need to make sure your website and social media channels have great content that your customers want to keep coming back to.
    A blog is a great way of generating content for your social media pages.
    Use your blogs to:
    Pull out ‘how to’ and ‘top tips’ lists
    Create infographics
    Add photos and videos
    Share this content through your social media channels, and you will drive traffic back to your e-commerce website.
    Take 5 key points from your blog and turn it into 5 tweets for the week, remember the tips I gave you in webinar 2 use numbers in blog titles, 7 secrets to success, that sounds like 7 tweets for me!
    Take the main point and use it as a Facebook status, can you create a question / poll in relation to your blog to post on Facebook?
    What vine video can you create to compliment this weeks blog?
    What images will complement this weeks blog to post on Instagram/Pinterest?
    Could you video blog some of the post to post onto YouTube?
    Don’t forget forums – mothering forums/music forums/charity forums/any interest there is a forum, does this weeks blog help you create a thought provoking question to post in the forum, or an offer?
    Email Campaigns, do you send a monthly email, if not why not? You never have to worry again about what you are going to put in the email campaign, show snippets from your most recent blog posts!
    Spend time working out what you are going to blog about, create fab blogs and the rest will follow.
  • Does anyone want to challenge me, does anyone think this is all a load of nonsense? Feel free to submit questions thoughts to Tri-City

    For Tips, Tricks and more free advice Subscribe to my blog at

    Carry on the conversation with me on twitter @jrconsultancy
  • Training Gateway Westminster - Enhancing your web presence

    1. 1. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Enhancing your web presence by Jonny Ross
    2. 2. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Introductions Jonny Ross • Former optician • Ran chain of opticians and ecommerce site • Website, SEO, ecommerce
    3. 3. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Survey Findings • LinkedIn proved to be the most regularly used social networking site with 81% of you saying you frequently created content and used the site. • Twitter and Facebook followed with 45% and 63% respectively. • 37% of you said that you had generated business through the use of social media.
    4. 4. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Survey Findings • With regards to SEO, 47% of you said you knew a bit as to how social media can improve your SEO, and 29% understand how. • On LinkedIn 47% of you only connect with people you have met in person, whereas only 17% are LinkedIn tarts like myself.
    5. 5. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Survey Findings • The general consensus from the survey was that you wanted: – information on how to use social media effectively – learn more about the world of blogging and how it can be beneficial – how to maximise your web presence
    6. 6. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross What we will cover… • Social media as powerful search engines • Keywords – be found • How to set up and manage a blog • Blogs – to engage and for SEO • How to use LinkedIn to win new business • How to build relationships through Twitter • … all to help you win new business
    7. 7. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross By the end of this event… Before you walk out of here, you will be able to: • Understand how different social media platforms can be used to build relationships and win business. • Have a basic understanding of the impact of blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ on website search engine rankings (SEO). • Go away with a list of useful digital marketing tips and tricks that they can implement straight away in their business.
    8. 8. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Keywords What have you searched for on Google? • Best Thai restaurant in Leeds • Intellectual property lawyer, UK • Ebook cover designer All this could be new business for you
    9. 9. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
    10. 10. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross SEO - Search Engine Optimisation SEO is nothing more than: • Create great content. • Ensure this content is accessible to search engines. • Make pages unique and relevant. • Make the content popular.
    11. 11. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
    12. 12. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross On Site • Keywords • Content • Technical Aspect • Usability
    13. 13. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
    14. 14. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Off site • Relevancy • Links • Reviews • Reputation
    15. 15. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
    16. 16. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Google suggest, long tail and ideas
    17. 17. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
    18. 18. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
    19. 19. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
    20. 20. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Ask yourself questions Know your customers • Where do they spend their time online? • What products do they buy? • What services do they use? Know your products/services • Are they the kind people would discuss in a forum? • Are they suitable for a Facebook / Google Advert?
    21. 21. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
    22. 22. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
    23. 23. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Why I use LinkedIn • Business development and opportunity generation. • Because it’s where the people are. • Convenient tool to make and manage connections. • Handy way for me to stay in touch with my network • Increases my knowledge. • Improves my search engine optimisation. • Oh I get 30% of my business from it!!
    24. 24. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
    25. 25. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
    26. 26. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
    27. 27. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
    28. 28. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross What LinkedIn describes as your ‘Network’ Connections of the Connections of your Connections Your Connections Connections of your Connections }
    29. 29. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross In this room, who has ... • A market researcher in china? • Contacts at PwC? • Someone in markerting in schools? • Retailer in Australia?
    30. 30. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Winning business from LinkedIn • Joined groups • Got involved • Networked • 30% of my business now comes from this group
    31. 31. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Opportunities
    32. 32. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
    33. 33. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
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    41. 41. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
    42. 42. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
    43. 43. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross @TescoMobile
    44. 44. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross @TheOnion
    45. 45. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross @InnocentDrinks
    46. 46. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross @JustEatUK
    47. 47. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
    48. 48. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
    49. 49. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Social Media Platforms for SME’s • 7 Top Tips for Twitter 1. Steer away from directly promoting your product or service – ALL of the time! 2. Try not to automate your tweets 3. Use hashtags! 4. Keep your account professional 5. Frequency is key 6. Share links to appropriate content 7. Respond to your followers
    50. 50. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Facebook Targeting
    51. 51. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Diesel bringing Facebook Likes into the real world
    52. 52. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Corona Light
    53. 53. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross • What gets likes? • What gets comments? Social Media Platforms for B2B
    54. 54. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross • What gets shared? • What should you share? Social Media Platforms for B2B
    55. 55. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross What should you share?
    56. 56. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Social Media Platforms for B2B Simply Business • Link • Picture • Human interest • Customer Competition
    57. 57. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Social Media Platforms for B2B Virgin Media Pioneers • Tag yourself CTA • Inspirational message • in a picture
    58. 58. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Social Media Platforms for B2B Caterpillar - CTA, does of nostalgia, picture, link
    59. 59. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Social Media Platforms for B2B UPS • Human interest story • Photo • Link • CTA • Competition
    60. 60. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Facebook Ernst & Young Global • News & Insights • Forums (strategic growth) • Careers/Recruitment
    61. 61. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross What is Google Plus • Social Network • Conversation • Content Sharing • Business Directory • Power tool for SEO
    62. 62. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
    63. 63. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Google Authorship
    64. 64. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Blogging
    65. 65. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
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