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This first event in the Wakefield Business Support Programme and Yorkshire IoD ‘Growing Your Business’ series focuses on Digital Marketing.

With over 16 years experience in small business, and over 15 years’ experience in digital online technologies, Jonny Ross will show you how to bring your business into the digital age through making the most of digital and social media marketing, online networking, blogging and search engine optimisation.

He specialises in digital and social media marketing, web design and search engine optimisation.

Jonny has a proven track record in delivering strategies and solutions that will drive the right audience to a company’s website and enable the organisation to earn revenue from their site.

Jonny’s commercial sector experience includes both B2B and B2C; retail, professional services, education, local government, property management and telecommunications.

In addition to his many commercial business clients, Jonny Ross has also worked with schools, universities and training providers (including York University, Sheffield Business School and Bradford University School of Management) on the development of new social media platforms and campaigns.

Jonny Ross is an experienced speaker and has devised and run numerous social media training events and strategy workshops for businesses and employees at all levels.

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Bringing your business into the Digital age - IoD Wakefield Event

  1. 1. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Growing Your Business 2014: Digital Marketing Bringing your business into the digital age – tips and tricks for virtual survival. by Jonny Ross
  2. 2. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Introductions Jonny Ross • Former optician • Ran chain of opticians and ecommerce site • Website, SEO, ecommerce
  3. 3. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Survey Findings • LinkedIn proved to be the most regularly used social networking site with 78% of you saying you frequently created content and used the site. • Twitter and Facebook came a close second with 45% and 34% respectively. • Only 17% of you said that you had generated business through the use of social media.
  4. 4. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Survey Findings • With regards to SEO, 75% of you said you knew a bit as to how social media can improve your SEO. • The top 2 named LinkedIn groups that you follow are; Yorkshire Mafia and IoD Yorkshire. • One of you mentioned that you have successfully used LinkedIn to generate meetings and approaching clients.
  5. 5. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Survey Findings • The general consensus from the survey was that you wanted: – information on how to use social media effectively – learn more about the world of blogging and how it can be beneficial to your business – deeper understanding of twitter and LinkedIn
  6. 6. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross What we will cover… • Social media as powerful search engines • Keywords – be found • How to set up and manage a blog • Blogs – to engage and for SEO • How to use LinkedIn to win new business • How to build relationships through Twitter • … all to help you win new business
  7. 7. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross By the end of this event… Before you walk out of here, you will be able to: • Understand how different social media platforms can be used to build relationships and win business. • Have a basic understanding of the impact of blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ on website search engine rankings (SEO). • Go away with a list of useful digital marketing tips and tricks that they can implement straight away in their business.
  8. 8. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Keywords What have you searched for on Google? • Best Thai restaurant in Leeds • Intellectual property lawyer, UK • Ebook cover designer All this could be new business for you
  9. 9. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  10. 10. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
  11. 11. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross SEO - Search Engine Optimisation SEO is nothing more than: • Create great content. • Ensure this content is accessible to search engines. • Make pages unique and relevant. • Make the content popular.
  12. 12. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  13. 13. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross On Site • Keywords • Content • Technical Aspect • Usability
  14. 14. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  15. 15. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Off site • Relevancy • Links • Reviews • Reputation
  16. 16. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  17. 17. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  18. 18. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  19. 19. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  20. 20. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  21. 21. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  22. 22. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  23. 23. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  24. 24. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Social Media Platforms for SME’s • It may seem difficult as an SME to make waves in such a large pool as social media, especially when there are larger companies in your industry. • However, there are many tips and tricks which can be applied that can help you achieve a large impact. • The only thing you need to input is a time.
  25. 25. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  26. 26. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Ask yourself questions Know your customers • Where do they spend their time online? • What products do they buy? • What services do they use? Know your products/services • Are they the kind people would discuss in a forum? • Are they suitable for a Facebook / Google Advert?
  27. 27. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  28. 28. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  29. 29. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  30. 30. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  31. 31. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross • Over 100 million users, LinkedIn is the 11th most visited site in the UK, therefore it is an obvious choice to target for social media marketing. • Specifically suited for SMEs because of these demographics and it is also most widely used by people aged 35 and over with university degrees. • Looking for relevant groups in order to gain industry insight and also to target users is a great way to use the site. You can have the opportunity to ask questions, share ideas and hold discussions. It is a great way to gain expertise knowledge. Social Media Platforms for SME’s
  32. 32. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Why I use LinkedIn • Business development and opportunity generation. • Because it’s where the people are. • Convenient tool to make and manage connections. • Handy way for me to stay in touch with my network • Increases my knowledge. • Improves my search engine optimisation. • Oh I get 30% of my business from it!!
  33. 33. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Optimising your profile • Make sure your public profile setting is set to full view. • Include everything you do in your profile – plus your past companies, your education, and activities. • Give your profile a custom URL (your name). - From this: - To this: • Include the link to your profile in your e-mail signature. • Link to your website and blog for enhanced SEO.
  34. 34. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Optimising your profile • Link to your websites for enhanced SEO. • Three quality backlinks.
  35. 35. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  36. 36. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  37. 37. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  38. 38. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  39. 39. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  40. 40. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross What LinkedIn describes as your ‘Network’ Connections of the Connections of your Connections Your Connections Connections of your Connections }
  41. 41. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross In this room, who has ... • A market researcher in china? • Contacts at PwC? • Someone in markerting in schoools? • Retailer in Australia?
  42. 42. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Winning business from LinkedIn • Joined groups • Got involved • Networked • 30% of my business now comes from this group
  43. 43. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Opportunities
  44. 44. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  45. 45. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  46. 46. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  47. 47. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  48. 48. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  49. 49. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  50. 50. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  51. 51. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  52. 52. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  53. 53. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  54. 54. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  55. 55. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  56. 56. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  57. 57. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  58. 58. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  59. 59. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross @Dominos_uk #letsdolunch
  60. 60. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross @TescoMobile
  61. 61. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross @TheOnion
  62. 62. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross @InnocentDrinks
  63. 63. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross @JustEatUK
  64. 64. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  65. 65. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  66. 66. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Social Media Platforms for SME’s • 7 Top Tips for Twitter 1. Steer away from directly promoting your product or service – ALL of the time! 2. Try not to automate your tweets 3. Use hashtags! 4. Keep your account professional 5. Frequency is key 6. Share links to appropriate content 7. Respond to your followers
  67. 67. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Facebook Targeting
  68. 68. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Diesel bringing Facebook Likes into the real world
  69. 69. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Corona Light
  70. 70. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross • What gets likes? • What gets comments? Social Media Platforms for SME’s
  71. 71. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross • What gets shared? • What should you share? Social Media Platforms for SME’s
  72. 72. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross What should you share?
  73. 73. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Social Media Platforms for SME’s Simply Business • Link • Picture • Human interest • Customer Competition
  74. 74. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Social Media Platforms for SME’s Virgin Media Pioneers • Tag yourself CTA • Inspirational message • in a picture
  75. 75. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Social Media Platforms for SME’s Caterpillar - CTA, does of nostalgia, picture, link
  76. 76. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Social Media Platforms for SME’s UPS • Human interest story • Photo • Link • CTA • Competition
  77. 77. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Facebook Ernst & Young Global • News & Insights • Forums (strategic growth) • Careers/Recruitment
  78. 78. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross How to engage with SMEs in your region • Google Places
  79. 79. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross How to engage with SMEs in your region • >SoLoMo (Social/Local/Mobile)
  80. 80. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross What is Google Plus • Social Network • Conversation • Content Sharing • Business Directory • Power tool for SEO
  81. 81. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  82. 82. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Google Authorship
  83. 83. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross How to engage with SMEs in your region • LinkedIn groups
  84. 84. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Blogging
  85. 85. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  86. 86. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  87. 87. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  88. 88. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  89. 89. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross How to create an Editorial Calendar?
  90. 90. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross How to create an editorial calendar. It sounds complex…but it isn’t! • People think it needs to be fancy and detailed. • Two advantages; planning and accountability. • There are lots of ways to create an editorial calendar, but let’s keep it simple.
  91. 91. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Step 1: Make a list of key dates for the year • Product launches • Events / trade shows • Marketing campaigns • Promotions • Holidays • Sporting events • Key milestones
  92. 92. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Step 2: Add these to your Roadmap
  93. 93. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Step 3: A comprehensive list of all your fundraising events/campaigns. • Do any of these fit in nicely with your roadmap so far? • Split them evenly throughout the year.
  94. 94. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Step 4: Open a Google Spreadsheet • Sole Trader or maybe 4 staff..? • Use Google so it’s easy to share and update • Everyone with permission can have access • It’s a live spreadsheet
  95. 95. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  96. 96. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  97. 97. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  98. 98. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  99. 99. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  100. 100. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  101. 101. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  102. 102. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  103. 103. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  104. 104. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  105. 105. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  106. 106. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  107. 107. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross
  108. 108. w: tw: @jrconsultancy LinkedIn: /jonnyross Challenge Me? Does anyone want to challenge me, does anyone think this is all a load of nonsense? It’s time for questions • For Tips, Tricks and more free advice Subscribe to my blog at • Carry on the conversation with me on twitter @jrconsultancy