100 Twitter Tips


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100 tweetable tips to help you learn how to use and make the most of Twitter for business.

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100 Twitter Tips

  1. 1. 100 tweetable #TwitterTips from @intranetfuture Updated: 8 May 2014 These are mainly tips for using Twitter for business. If you like a tip please copy it and post it to Twitter followed by via @intranetfuture and #TwitterTips. For more Social Media tips sign up to my fortnightly newsletter. For Social Media advice book a call.Thank you! -------------- Twitter tip no.1 - Check out these Keyboard Shortcuts. http://intranetfuture.com/category/blog/social-media-ideas-tips/ #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.2 - Customise your header photo with your brand, contact details and pics of who's tweeting or perhaps a quote. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.3 - Use bitly.com to shorten links and to measure clickthroughs. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.4 – Info, Help and Fun – pick 2 out of 3 to tweet. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.5 - Create hashtags for your events. This helps to create buzz and conversation which increases attendance. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.6 - Be polite - thank people. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.7 - Monitor key words related to your company, business and industry. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.8 - Ask questions to start a conversation. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.9 - Answer questions to join a conversation. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.10 - Make yourself memorable and your followers will take more notice of you. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.11 - Make your Bio interesting and engaging. Include keywords. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.12 - Don’t swear if you’re using Twitter for business. In fact, just don’t swear. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.13 - Either on your background, profile pic or header you should display a head shot of the person tweeting. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.14 - Watch your spelling and grammar. It helps create a professional image. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.15 - Give your profile and header photo files a SEO friendly name eg the name of your business. #TwitterTips
  2. 2. 100 tweetable #TwitterTips from @intranetfuture Updated: 8 May 2014 Twitter tip no.16 - Scheduling tweets helps provide regular content over the course of the day. Check out @bufferapp. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.17 - Decide what you’re going to tweet about and create a content plan. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.18 - Use the Search on Twitter as an alternative to Google Search to get different results. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.19 - Twitter Search isn't great for finding people - try Googling a person's name + twitter eg “Mike Smith Twitter”. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.20 - Add value: Electrican? Tweet how to save electricity. Beauty therapist? Tweet makeup tips. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.21 - Respond promptly to all @messages and Direct Messages. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.22 - To link to a hashtag just put it after twitter.com eg. http://twitter.com/#wearesocialclub. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.23 - Join the conversation. Enter discussions by commenting using @ messages. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.24 - Follow news using the Discover tab on www.twitter.com. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.25 - Is Twitter helping you to achieve your business objectives? If not, figure out why. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.26 – Follow anyone who interacts with you – ie retweets, favourites, mentions, lists #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.27 - Offer your Twitter followers something special – a discount or perhaps a special event. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.28 - Use a code like TWIT25 for 25% off when offering discounts so you can track response. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.29 - If you’re tweeting for business post tweets several times a day and monitor Twitter regularly. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.30 - Create a strong unique password for Twitter (and everywhere for that matter). http://bit.ly/JOTvW7 #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.31 - Retweet influential and smart people’s tweets. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.32 - Don’t get into arguments on Twitter. It looks really bad. #TwitterTips
  3. 3. 100 tweetable #TwitterTips from @intranetfuture Updated: 8 May 2014 Twitter tip no.33 - To find relevant people to follow use the ‘Who to follow’ feature under the Discover section and on Home. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.34 - To hide your chatting from others on Twitter start your tweet with @hidechat (via @QuantumGood) #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.35 - Remember that Twitter isn’t local - it’s global. Consider time zones if you’re tweeting for an international audience. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.36 - Don’t retweet and link to other’s content all the time. Be original. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.37 - When mentioning a person, business or brand use their Twitter handle. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.38 - Don’t use Twitter’s retweet button all the time. Add your own comment to retweets. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.39 – If you manually RT the tweet shows your name and profile photo and not the original tweeters. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.40 - To put emphasis on the start of a retweet use “via” at the end instead of starting with RT. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.41 - Before you RT a tweet with link check the link works and read article! #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.42 - It’s not compulsory to read every single tweet from your followers. Just dip in and out – just like watching TV. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.43 - Put social sharing eg 'Tweet buttons' on your website to encourage sharing. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.44 - Uploaded pictures are viewable in the Image Gallery. Make sure they create a good ‘on brand’ impression. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.45 – Use Twilert.com for listening - receive tweets with your chosen keywords via email. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.46 - Use Discover/Activity to see who people you follow are following. Handy for getting useful suggestions for you to follow. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.47 - Ensure your tweets are positive and inspiring. No one likes a moaner. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.48 - Don’t set up automated Direct Messages (DMs). Ever. #TwitterTips
  4. 4. 100 tweetable #TwitterTips from @intranetfuture Updated: 8 May 2014 Twitter tip no.49 - Don’t plagiarise other’s content; ensure you RT or give the author a ‘hat tip’ (HT). #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.50 - Unless you give them context, don’t tweet quotes all the time. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.51 - Link to your jobs vacancy page from time to time to increase your chances of recruiting new staff. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.52 - Get as many of your employees as possible onto Twitter so you can maximise audience and benefits. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.53 - DON’T link your Twitter feed to Facebook. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.54 - Don’t include more than two hashtags in a tweet; it can be confusing. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.55 - Listen, connect and engage. Remember this if nothing else. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.56 - Tweeting for business? Check out the official Twitter for Business guide. https://business.twitter.com/ #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.57 - Make sure you reply to all the @ messages you receive. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.58 - Don’t tweet anything you wouldn’t say in a church. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.59 - Use a Social Media Dashboard to save time and to make tweeting easier. Try @tweetdeck or @hootsuite. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.60 - Regularly change your profile pic to keep your profile fresh. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.61 - Listen first, tweet later. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.62 - Beware of spam and phishing attacks. Don’t click on links if you don’t know who they’re from. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.63 - Go along to tweetups eg #tuesdaycatchup and #wearesocialclub in Cheltenham. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.64 - Try and tweet at least once every day (and preferably more) to show you have an active presence. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.65 - Use ‘https’ for improved security. Go to Settings and check the box next to “Always use HTTPS”. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.66 - Did you know that your @ messages only appear in the feeds of those that follow BOTH you and the person you’re messaging? #TwitterTips
  5. 5. 100 tweetable #TwitterTips from @intranetfuture Updated: 8 May 2014 Twitter tip no.67 – Include key words in your tweets that relate to your business so you show up more in Twitter and web searches. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.68 - Run draws, competitions and polls. They’re fun and engaging and will encourage people to follow you. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.69 - If you’re running a competition don’t ask people to DM you answers. Note that you can only receive DMs from people you follow. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.70 - Don’t announce when you’ve unfollowed someone. No one cares. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.71 - Think about why you’re tweeting. Stick to your objectives. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.72 - Aim for more “followers than “following”. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.73 - Don’t just #followfriday listing people. #ff a single person and give a reason why people should follow them. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.74 - Don’t just link to your latest blog post. Give people a reason why to read it or get their interest by asking a question. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.75 - To obtain the permalink to a tweet select the time since tweeted on the top right. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.76 - Consider Twitter for internal communications. You can use protected tweets for communication between employees eg project teams. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.77 – If you can’t keep up with who you’re following create a private lists of ‘key tweeters’. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.78 – Review your apps regularly and revoke permissions to those that you no longer need to reduce the risk of being hacked. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no. 79 - Try taking orders or bookings over Twitter. Consider a dedicated account for this. Eg like @delloutlet. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.80 – Use ManageFlitter (aff link) to weed out unwanted followers and ‘following’. eg spammers, inactive accounts and those without profile pics. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.81 - Use clicktotweet.com to make any text eg on web page or on your email newsletter – tweetable. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.82 - Keep an eye on ‘Trends’ and join the conversation around them. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.83 - Keep your ears to the ground and try and use Twitter to break news first. #TwitterTips
  6. 6. 100 tweetable #TwitterTips from @intranetfuture Updated: 8 May 2014 Twitter tip no.84 – Attend a Twitter chat – join the conversation. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.85 - Don’t tweet your Foursquare check-ins all the time. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.86 - Try the occasional really short tweet for impact. It’s more likely to get retweeted. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.87 - Don’t tweet in the heat of the moment after a row. Have a cup of tea, review draft and then post your tweet. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.88 - Manage negative customer feedback on Twitter by acknowledging, apologizing, rectifying and rewarding. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.89 – Don’t forget to add your website address to the website field. Setting/Profile/Website. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.90 - Add a + symbol to the end of ANY bitly link to click through stats for that URL. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.91 - Help to reduce spam by reporting and blocking spammers. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.92 - The Image Gallery holds 72 photos – make use of it. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.93 - Did you know your Bio supports clickable hyperlinks, account names and hashtags? Add them if appropriate. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.94 - Aim for a retweet with every tweet. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.95 - At your events display tweets with the event #hashtag onto a big screen using twitterfall.com or visibletweets.com. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.96 - Use the Global Filter in Tweet Deck to filter out undesirable people and content. Yes, you can exclude #Bieber tweets! #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.97 - You can change your user name aka Twitter handle but only do this is you have a good reason eg rebrand. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.98 - Use the ‘Save search’ for regular searches that you make. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.99 - If you read a great tweet let the author know you found it useful. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.100 - It’s only Twitter. Be yourself and have fun! #TwitterTips -------------- For more Social Media tips read past newsletters and sign up!
  7. 7. 100 tweetable #TwitterTips from @intranetfuture Updated: 8 May 2014 Follow @intranetfuture on Twitter Like Intranet Future Facebook Page Connect with Jonathan Pollinger on LinkedIn Visit intranetfuture.com For Social Media advice book a call with Jonathan or phone him on +44 (0)1242 639023. #TwitterTips