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100 Twitter Tips
100 Twitter Tips
100 Twitter Tips
100 Twitter Tips
100 Twitter Tips
100 Twitter Tips
100 Twitter Tips
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100 Twitter Tips


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100 tweetable tips to help you learn how to use and make the most of Twitter for business.

100 tweetable tips to help you learn how to use and make the most of Twitter for business.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. 100 tweetable #TwitterTips from @intranetfuture Updated: 8 May 2014 These are mainly tips for using Twitter for business. If you like a tip please copy it and post it to Twitter followed by via @intranetfuture and #TwitterTips. For more Social Media tips sign up to my fortnightly newsletter. For Social Media advice book a call.Thank you! -------------- Twitter tip no.1 - Check out these Keyboard Shortcuts. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.2 - Customise your header photo with your brand, contact details and pics of who's tweeting or perhaps a quote. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.3 - Use to shorten links and to measure clickthroughs. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.4 – Info, Help and Fun – pick 2 out of 3 to tweet. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.5 - Create hashtags for your events. This helps to create buzz and conversation which increases attendance. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.6 - Be polite - thank people. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.7 - Monitor key words related to your company, business and industry. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.8 - Ask questions to start a conversation. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.9 - Answer questions to join a conversation. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.10 - Make yourself memorable and your followers will take more notice of you. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.11 - Make your Bio interesting and engaging. Include keywords. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.12 - Don’t swear if you’re using Twitter for business. In fact, just don’t swear. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.13 - Either on your background, profile pic or header you should display a head shot of the person tweeting. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.14 - Watch your spelling and grammar. It helps create a professional image. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.15 - Give your profile and header photo files a SEO friendly name eg the name of your business. #TwitterTips
  • 2. 100 tweetable #TwitterTips from @intranetfuture Updated: 8 May 2014 Twitter tip no.16 - Scheduling tweets helps provide regular content over the course of the day. Check out @bufferapp. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.17 - Decide what you’re going to tweet about and create a content plan. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.18 - Use the Search on Twitter as an alternative to Google Search to get different results. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.19 - Twitter Search isn't great for finding people - try Googling a person's name + twitter eg “Mike Smith Twitter”. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.20 - Add value: Electrican? Tweet how to save electricity. Beauty therapist? Tweet makeup tips. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.21 - Respond promptly to all @messages and Direct Messages. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.22 - To link to a hashtag just put it after eg. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.23 - Join the conversation. Enter discussions by commenting using @ messages. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.24 - Follow news using the Discover tab on #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.25 - Is Twitter helping you to achieve your business objectives? If not, figure out why. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.26 – Follow anyone who interacts with you – ie retweets, favourites, mentions, lists #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.27 - Offer your Twitter followers something special – a discount or perhaps a special event. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.28 - Use a code like TWIT25 for 25% off when offering discounts so you can track response. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.29 - If you’re tweeting for business post tweets several times a day and monitor Twitter regularly. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.30 - Create a strong unique password for Twitter (and everywhere for that matter). #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.31 - Retweet influential and smart people’s tweets. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.32 - Don’t get into arguments on Twitter. It looks really bad. #TwitterTips
  • 3. 100 tweetable #TwitterTips from @intranetfuture Updated: 8 May 2014 Twitter tip no.33 - To find relevant people to follow use the ‘Who to follow’ feature under the Discover section and on Home. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.34 - To hide your chatting from others on Twitter start your tweet with @hidechat (via @QuantumGood) #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.35 - Remember that Twitter isn’t local - it’s global. Consider time zones if you’re tweeting for an international audience. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.36 - Don’t retweet and link to other’s content all the time. Be original. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.37 - When mentioning a person, business or brand use their Twitter handle. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.38 - Don’t use Twitter’s retweet button all the time. Add your own comment to retweets. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.39 – If you manually RT the tweet shows your name and profile photo and not the original tweeters. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.40 - To put emphasis on the start of a retweet use “via” at the end instead of starting with RT. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.41 - Before you RT a tweet with link check the link works and read article! #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.42 - It’s not compulsory to read every single tweet from your followers. Just dip in and out – just like watching TV. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.43 - Put social sharing eg 'Tweet buttons' on your website to encourage sharing. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.44 - Uploaded pictures are viewable in the Image Gallery. Make sure they create a good ‘on brand’ impression. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.45 – Use for listening - receive tweets with your chosen keywords via email. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.46 - Use Discover/Activity to see who people you follow are following. Handy for getting useful suggestions for you to follow. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.47 - Ensure your tweets are positive and inspiring. No one likes a moaner. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.48 - Don’t set up automated Direct Messages (DMs). Ever. #TwitterTips
  • 4. 100 tweetable #TwitterTips from @intranetfuture Updated: 8 May 2014 Twitter tip no.49 - Don’t plagiarise other’s content; ensure you RT or give the author a ‘hat tip’ (HT). #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.50 - Unless you give them context, don’t tweet quotes all the time. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.51 - Link to your jobs vacancy page from time to time to increase your chances of recruiting new staff. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.52 - Get as many of your employees as possible onto Twitter so you can maximise audience and benefits. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.53 - DON’T link your Twitter feed to Facebook. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.54 - Don’t include more than two hashtags in a tweet; it can be confusing. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.55 - Listen, connect and engage. Remember this if nothing else. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.56 - Tweeting for business? Check out the official Twitter for Business guide. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.57 - Make sure you reply to all the @ messages you receive. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.58 - Don’t tweet anything you wouldn’t say in a church. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.59 - Use a Social Media Dashboard to save time and to make tweeting easier. Try @tweetdeck or @hootsuite. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.60 - Regularly change your profile pic to keep your profile fresh. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.61 - Listen first, tweet later. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.62 - Beware of spam and phishing attacks. Don’t click on links if you don’t know who they’re from. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.63 - Go along to tweetups eg #tuesdaycatchup and #wearesocialclub in Cheltenham. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.64 - Try and tweet at least once every day (and preferably more) to show you have an active presence. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.65 - Use ‘https’ for improved security. Go to Settings and check the box next to “Always use HTTPS”. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.66 - Did you know that your @ messages only appear in the feeds of those that follow BOTH you and the person you’re messaging? #TwitterTips
  • 5. 100 tweetable #TwitterTips from @intranetfuture Updated: 8 May 2014 Twitter tip no.67 – Include key words in your tweets that relate to your business so you show up more in Twitter and web searches. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.68 - Run draws, competitions and polls. They’re fun and engaging and will encourage people to follow you. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.69 - If you’re running a competition don’t ask people to DM you answers. Note that you can only receive DMs from people you follow. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.70 - Don’t announce when you’ve unfollowed someone. No one cares. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.71 - Think about why you’re tweeting. Stick to your objectives. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.72 - Aim for more “followers than “following”. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.73 - Don’t just #followfriday listing people. #ff a single person and give a reason why people should follow them. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.74 - Don’t just link to your latest blog post. Give people a reason why to read it or get their interest by asking a question. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.75 - To obtain the permalink to a tweet select the time since tweeted on the top right. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.76 - Consider Twitter for internal communications. You can use protected tweets for communication between employees eg project teams. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.77 – If you can’t keep up with who you’re following create a private lists of ‘key tweeters’. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.78 – Review your apps regularly and revoke permissions to those that you no longer need to reduce the risk of being hacked. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no. 79 - Try taking orders or bookings over Twitter. Consider a dedicated account for this. Eg like @delloutlet. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.80 – Use ManageFlitter (aff link) to weed out unwanted followers and ‘following’. eg spammers, inactive accounts and those without profile pics. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.81 - Use to make any text eg on web page or on your email newsletter – tweetable. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.82 - Keep an eye on ‘Trends’ and join the conversation around them. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.83 - Keep your ears to the ground and try and use Twitter to break news first. #TwitterTips
  • 6. 100 tweetable #TwitterTips from @intranetfuture Updated: 8 May 2014 Twitter tip no.84 – Attend a Twitter chat – join the conversation. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.85 - Don’t tweet your Foursquare check-ins all the time. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.86 - Try the occasional really short tweet for impact. It’s more likely to get retweeted. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.87 - Don’t tweet in the heat of the moment after a row. Have a cup of tea, review draft and then post your tweet. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.88 - Manage negative customer feedback on Twitter by acknowledging, apologizing, rectifying and rewarding. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.89 – Don’t forget to add your website address to the website field. Setting/Profile/Website. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.90 - Add a + symbol to the end of ANY bitly link to click through stats for that URL. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.91 - Help to reduce spam by reporting and blocking spammers. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.92 - The Image Gallery holds 72 photos – make use of it. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.93 - Did you know your Bio supports clickable hyperlinks, account names and hashtags? Add them if appropriate. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.94 - Aim for a retweet with every tweet. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.95 - At your events display tweets with the event #hashtag onto a big screen using or #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.96 - Use the Global Filter in Tweet Deck to filter out undesirable people and content. Yes, you can exclude #Bieber tweets! #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.97 - You can change your user name aka Twitter handle but only do this is you have a good reason eg rebrand. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.98 - Use the ‘Save search’ for regular searches that you make. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.99 - If you read a great tweet let the author know you found it useful. #TwitterTips Twitter tip no.100 - It’s only Twitter. Be yourself and have fun! #TwitterTips -------------- For more Social Media tips read past newsletters and sign up!
  • 7. 100 tweetable #TwitterTips from @intranetfuture Updated: 8 May 2014 Follow @intranetfuture on Twitter Like Intranet Future Facebook Page Connect with Jonathan Pollinger on LinkedIn Visit For Social Media advice book a call with Jonathan or phone him on +44 (0)1242 639023. #TwitterTips