100 Facebook Tips


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100 short Facebook Tips on how to use a Facebook Page to promote your business.

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100 Facebook Tips

  1. 1. 100 tweetable Facebook tips from intranetfuture.com These are mainly tips for using Facebook for business ie Facebook Pages. If you like a tip, please copy it and post it to Facebook tagging ‘Intranet Future’ or tweet adding ‘via @intranetfuture #FBTips.’ Thank you. For Social Media advice book a call with me from just 15 mins . Thank you! -------------- Facebook tip no.1 - Make sure you create a Page - sometimes called a ‘Business Page’ - and NOT a Profile for your business. #FBTips Facebook tip no.2 - Use an eye-catching cover photo that reflects your brand, products or services. #FBTips Facebook tip no.3 - Schedule Posts from your Facebook Page by selecting the clock symbol on the bottom left of the Status Update box. #FBTips Facebook tip no.4 - To edit the time of Facebook posts you’ve scheduled go to Edit Page/Use Activity Log. #FBTips Facebook tip no.5 - To edit the text of Facebook posts you’ve scheduled delete the post and re-schedule. #FBTips Facebook tip no.6 -You can back date posts be selecting the clock in the bottom left of the Status Update box. #FBTips Facebook tip no.7 - Create a Milestone for a new product, office opening, new member of staff etc by selecting Offer, Event + then Milestone. #FBTips Facebook tip no.8 - If you back date a post or create a Milestone, they are published out to your Fans Timelines immediately. So don’t create Milestones all at once. #FBTips Facebook tip no.9 - Use the Highlight feature - select post then select star symbol top right - to feature important posts landscape style across the Page. #FBTips Facebook tip no.10 - To fix a post to the top of the left hand column, hover over the top right hand corner then select the pencil Edit or Remove icon then Pin to Top. #FBTips Facebook tip no.11 - Unlike Twitter you’re not limited to 140 characters so try the occasional blog style post. #FBTips Facebook tip no.12 - Check that you’re receiving the notifications when Fans interact with your Page. Go to Update Public Info/Your Settings. #FBTips Facebook tip no.13 - Research show your post is more likely to Liked, Commented or Shared if its posted after 5pm. #FBTips
  2. 2. 100 tweetable Facebook tips from intranetfuture.com Facebook tip no.14 - Watch your spelling and grammar. Good quality copy creates a professional image. #FBTips Facebook tip no.15 - Don’t forget to include all your contact details in the About section. #FBTips Facebook tip no.16 - Make sure your About section is fully complete and describes how your products or services can benefit your customers or clients. #FBTips Facebook tip no.17 - It may state Website (singular) in the About section, but you can add as many websites as you like - just add a space between them. #FBTips Facebook tip no.18 - Add a link to your website in the Short Description so that it’s displayed on the front of your Page beneath the Cover Photo. #FBTips Facebook tip no.19 - Add hyperlinks to your About section eg Description and Mission sections. This will encourage people to visit your website. Good for SEO too. #FBTips Facebook tip no.20 - Ask questions to start a conversation. #FBTips Facebook tip no.21 - Respond promptly to all questions on your Page. #FBTips Facebook tip no.22 - Consider Buffer which allows you to schedule posts to Facebook as well as Twitter and LinkedIn. #FBTips Facebook tip no.23 - Ensure that both the check boxes under Manage Permissions next to Posting Ability are selected so that Fans can post content. #FBTips Facebook tip no.24 - If you own a venue like a shop or restaurant encourage visitors to check in to spread awareness of your business to their Friends. #FBTips Facebook tip no.25 - Is Facebook helping you to achieve your business objectives? If not, figure out why. #FBTips Facebook tip no.26 - Don’t hog the News Feed - don’t overpost. #FBTips Facebook tip no.27 - Offer your Facebook Fans something special - a discount, freebie or perhaps a special event. #FBTips Facebook tip no.28 - Use a code like FB10 when offering discounts so you can track response. #FBTips Facebook tip no.29 - Ensure that the Replies check box under Manage Permissions is selected so that ‘threaded conversations’ can take place. #FBTips Facebook tip no.30 - Use a strong unique password for Facebook (and all other services and sites for that matter). #FBTips
  3. 3. 100 tweetable Facebook tips from intranetfuture.com Facebook tip no.31 - For extra security and to reduce the risk of being hacked, ensure that Login Approvals is enabled under Account Settings/Security. #FBTips Facebook tip no.32 - Don’t get into arguments with your Fans on Facebook. It looks awful. #FBTips Facebook tip no.33 - Feature the Pages of your clients and suppliers by using Featured Likes under Edit Page/Update Public Info/Featured. #FBTips Facebook tip no.34 - If you want to associate yourself with your business your profile photo can be displayed as the owner of your Page. Go to Edit Page/Update Public Info/Featured. #FBTips Facebook tip no.35 - You can easily distinguish between a Page (for businesses) and a Profile (for people). Pages have Likes and Profiles have Friends. #FBTips Facebook tip no.36 - Aim to post images, photos and videos in about 80% of your total posts. #FBTips Facebook tip no.37 - When mentioning a person, Page or event, tag them by prefacing with the @ symbol then selecting name from the drop down. #FBTips Facebook tip no.38 - Try and reply to all posts and comments on your Page. Eg by thanking people. #FBTips Facebook tip no.39 – If it’s appropriate, invite your Friends to Like your Page by going to Admin Panel/Build Audience/Invite Friends. #FBTips Facebook tip no.40 - Did you know you can Tag photos as your Page? So why not tag your products as your Page. See Coca-Cola Page. #FBTips Facebook tip no.41 - Use Facebook Insights to find out about your audience and to see which posts are most popular. #FBTips Facebook tip no.42 - Use Facebook’s new Graph Search as an alternative to Google Search to take advantage of the massive amount of data that Facebook holds. #FBTips Facebook tip no.43 - Ensure that you have a ‘Like’ button and ‘Share to Facebook’ button on all your shareable website content eg blog posts, news articles. #FBTips Facebook tip no.44 - Make use of Facebook Tabs to display offers, discounts and to create competitions. #FBTips Facebook tip no.45 - Ensure that you have at least 2 Page Admins for cover in the event of sickness and holidays and to avoid difficulties when the sole Admin leaves the business. #FBTips
  4. 4. 100 tweetable Facebook tips from intranetfuture.com Facebook tip no.46 - To increase their reach, post a link when you do a Press Release. #FBTips Facebook tip no.47 - Ensure your Facebook posts are positive and engaging. #FBTips Facebook tip no.48 - Find interesting content on other Pages and share it to your Page. #FBTips Facebook tip no.49 - Invite all your email newsletter subscribers and clients to Like your Page. Go to Admin Panel/Build Audience/Invite Email Contacts. #FBTips Facebook tip no.50 - After you’ve setup Tabs ensure they have well designed thumbnails with sharp text for calls to action eg Enter Competition. #FBTips Facebook tip no.51 - Link to your jobs vacancy page from time to time to increase your chances of recruiting new staff. #FBTips Facebook tip no.52 - Encourage your employees to Like and Share your content. #FBTips Facebook tip no.53 - DON’T link your Facebook feed to Twitter or vice versa. #FBTips Facebook tip no.54 - Use your Profle Pic to re-inforce your brand. If you’re the brand add your photo otherwise add your logo or another ‘on brand’ image. #FBTips Facebook tip no.55 - Listen, connect and engage. Remember this if nothing else. #FBTips Facebook tip no.56 -There’s lots of useful advice and case studies in the official Facebook for Business guide. https://www.facebook.com/business #FBTips Facebook tip no.57 - Up to 20% of your cover photo can be text. #FBTips Facebook tip no.58 - Add your website link or your call to action using text to your cover photo. eg ‘Sign up to our newsletter’. #FBTips Facebook tip no.59 - Add a Facebook icon linked to your Facebook Page to your YouTube channel. #FBTips Facebook tip no.60 - Regularly change your profile and cover pics to keep your Page fresh. #FBTips Facebook tip no.61 - Using the Facebook Pages Manager app on your phone or tablet makes it easier to monitor and manager you Page/s. #FBTips Facebook tip no.62 - Regular review your connected Apps - Account Settings/Apps and remove those that you no longer use. #FBTips Facebook tip no.63 - Upload your profile photo sized 180 x 180 pixels. Facebook will resize it to 160 x 160 pixels. #FBTips
  5. 5. 100 tweetable Facebook tips from intranetfuture.com Facebook tip no.64 - Try and post at least once every day (and preferably more) to show you have an active presence on Facebook. #FBTips Facebook tip no.65 - Use ‘https’ for improved security when browsing. Go to Account Settings/Security/Secure Browsing. #FBTips Facebook tip no.66 - Did you know that you can change the privacy of posts you’ve made in the past? Go to Account Settings/Privacy. #FBTips Facebook tip no.67 - Set you category and sub-category to accurately reflect your sector. Go to Edit Info/Update Public Info/Basic Info. #FBTips Facebook tip no.68 - Photo caption competitions can be engaging. Try one. #FBTips Facebook tip no.69 - Don’t run competitions on your Timeline. It’s a breach of Facebook’s Terms and Conditions. #FBTips Facebook tip no.70 - If you own a shop, restaurant, bar or similar ask your staff to wear ‘Like Us our Facebook Page at <URL> t-shirts. #FBTips Facebook tip no.71 - If your business is a venue ensure that your Category is set to Local Business so that visitors can check-in. #FBTips Facebook tip no.72 - Ensure any Place or Community Pages representing your business are merged with your main Facebook (Business) Page. #FBTips Facebook tip no.73 - Setup a Facebook Event to provide additional publicity for your event and to encourage people to attend. #FBTips Facebook tip no.74 - Post a link to your Facebook Page whenever you blog to attract more fans. #FBTips Facebook tip no.75 - To obtain the permalink to a Facebook Post select the date that it was posted. #FBTips Facebook tip no.76 - Consider Facebook for internal communications. You can use a secret or closed Facebook Group for projects and/or communication between employees. #FBTips Facebook tip no.77 - 37% of UK users ask their Facebook friends for product tips. (Source: Facebook). If your business is not on Facebook your product is unlikely to be recommended. #FBTips Facebook tip no.78 - Do NOT buy Facebook Fans. #FBTips Facebook tip no. 79 - In Facebook Insights virality is the % of people who have created a story from a post out of the total of unique people who have seen it.
  6. 6. 100 tweetable Facebook tips from intranetfuture.com Facebook tip no.80 - ‘Negative feedback’ as used in Facebook Insights is the number of people hiding a post or future post, reporting as spam or unliking page. #FBTips Facebook tip no.81 - As used in Facebook Insights ‘People talking about this’ is the number of people who have created a story about a post in the last 7 days eg liked, commented, shared. #FBTips Facebook tip no.82 – ‘Engagement’ as used in Facebook Insights is the number of people who clicked anywhere in a post including liking. commenting, sharing. #FBTips Facebook tip no.83 – ‘Friends of Fans’ are the number of unique people who are friends with the fans of your Page. #FBTips Facebook tip no.84 – ‘Viral views’ are the number of post views following friends of fans actions eg Like. #FBTips Facebook tip no.85 – ‘An organic post’ is a post that reach fans and non-fans directly and not through action of friend of a fan. #FBTips Facebook tip no.86 – ‘Fan reach’ as used in Facebook Insights is the number of fans reached by an organic post. #FBTips Facebook tip no.87 - Create a unique URL for your Facebook Page. Go to Edit Info/Update Public Info/User Name. #FBTips Facebook tip no.88 - Manage negative customer feedback on your Facebook Page by acknowledging, apologizing, rectifying and rewarding. #FBTips Facebook tip no.89 - Use your Facebook Page to publish Infographics. #FBTips Facebook tip no.90 - Use the Employer section in About to highlight your Page. #FBTips Facebook tip no.91 - Tell the story of your business by using Facebook’s Timeline. #FBTips Facebook tip no.92 - Use a photo for every Milestone when you’re creating your Timeline. #FBTips Facebook tip no.93 - Help to reduce spam by blocking and reporting spammers. #FBTips Facebook tip no.94 - Create Facebook Events to help publicise your events. #FBTips Facebook tip no.95 - When you set up an event add a link to your booking page to make it easy for people to buy tickets. #FBTips Facebook tip no.96 - Use easy to setup Promoted Posts (you’ll need budget) to dramatically extend the reach of your posts. #FBTips
  7. 7. 100 tweetable Facebook tips from intranetfuture.com Facebook tip no.97 - You can easily change the name of your Page if you have less than 200 fans. You can change it with more but you have to apply to Facebook. #FBTips Facebook tip no.98 - Add your Facebook Page URL to your email signature. #FBTips Facebook tip no.99 - Get noticed on Facebook by commenting as your Page on other Pages but be careful not to spam. #FBTips Facebook tip no.100 - It’s only Facebook. Be yourself and have fun! #FBTips -------------- For more Social Media tips sign up to my newsletter! Follow @intranetfuture on Twitter Like Intranet Future Facebook Page Connect with Jonathan Pollinger on LinkedIn Visit intranetfuture.com To find our more info about our Social Media consultations and workshops call Jonathan on 01242 639023.