LinkedIn Essentials - Why Use Linkedin?


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This is part one of my LinkedIn Essentials training series. I run this programme as stand alone training or we provide it to companies as part of a service where we review and optimise individual and company profiles.

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LinkedIn Essentials - Why Use Linkedin?

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. EssentialsJonnie JensenDigital Coach & Social Media StrategistPresentation available at: with me at: 7900183311 2
  3. 3. “WE HUNT HEADS FOR CASH” Your Head On A Stick Ltd DontCare Street AboutYou Town“I don’t care what you dojust listen to me”My Stuff Your Time LtdDontCare StreetAboutYou Town 3
  4. 4. Why LinkedIn Matters• Industry advisors are more valued than salesmen• Social networking is your business community online• Raise your profile with the people that matter most• Share content that attracts your target audience• Be found and find others• Participation is a measure of your ability• Influence is a measure of your brand / personal brand• Enhance your employer brand• The conversation is happening with or without you 4
  5. 5. Why LinkedIn?• Acquire new customers through online recommendations and word of mouth.• Keep in touch with people who care most about your business.• Find the right vendors to outsource services you’re not an expert on.• Build your industry network—online and in person.• Get answers to tough business questions with a little help from your real friends.• Win new business by answering questions in your area of expertise.• Raise funding• Identify mentors• Network with peers in your industry for repeat business referrals.• Convince potential customers of your expertise by sharing unique blog content.• Keep your friends close and your competition closer....with thanks to Guy Kawasaki image from sissnitz 5
  6. 6. What is the story?May 2003 Launched when 5 founders invited 350 people to joinDec 2004 1.6 million members, approx 50% from outside USADec 2005 4 million members. LinkedIn jobs launchedJune 2006 Members kept up to date with connections through live news feedOct 2007 Profile pictures added. Linked members hit 15 million. UK reaches 1mOct 2008 30 million members. UK members reaches 1mFeb 2010 60 million members. 11 million in Europe. Over 3 million UK membersMay 2011 100 million members. IPO $9bn valuation on NY stock exchangeFeb 2012 150 million members. Annual revenues jump 115% to $522m 6
  7. 7. Who Really Uses LinkedIn?• Bit is US slant but you get the general idea!• A social networking site for professionals and working peopleData from Business Insider / Zoomsphere 27/2/2012 7
  8. 8. LinkedIn for Networking• Hello Sir, can I have your head? …it is actually a great way to find people• Establish presence in industry• Reinforce relationships• Engage key influencers• Attract target audience• Spot opportunities• Have people ask you to help them 8
  9. 9. Personal LinkedIn Essentials• Understanding reasons for being on LinkedIn• Deciding on the value you add• Choosing what to be known for• Optimising your profile and search position• Knowing and leveraging the tools• Connecting with the right people• Identifying the communities to participate in• Sharing and creating content 9
  10. 10. King & Queen of Social Media CONTENT CONVERSATION 10
  11. 11. “Theconversation ishappening withor without you” 11
  12. 12. The rise of LinkedIn – why it works2nd and 3rd level contacts put + People like you you in reach of millions of like people like you business people 12
  13. 13. The Importance Of Connecting• LinkedIn allows you to connect to 2nd and 3rd level contacts• The more first level contacts the greater your reach• 2nd and 3rd level contacts appear in results• First level contacts can introduce you to their contacts 13
  14. 14. Developing a LinkedIn Strategy• Define your goals• Decide what you want to be known for• Select your keywords• Establish an effective presence• Join Groups• Connect with people & companies• Participate and engage regularly 14
  15. 15. EssentialsJonnie JensenDigital Coach & Social Media StrategistPresentation available at: with me at: 7900183311 15