Wood Street - What Does Branding Mean Today???


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Branding today starts with a discussion on Differentiators, Accessibility and Framing the Conversation.

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Wood Street - What Does Branding Mean Today???

  1. 1. Branding What does Branding mean today???www.woodstreet.com www.myqrosites.com @jonmikelbailey
  2. 2. Ask yourself a few questions… 1. Who are you? What’s your “brand?” 2. Who is your audience? 3. Who are you online? 4. What makes you different?www.woodstreet.com www.myqrosites.com @jonmikelbailey
  3. 3. So, what is brand building? • Its the notion of establishing a familiar presence, • having a standard way of doing things, • and establishing a level of confidence in the minds of your customers. Taken from Content is Currency by Jon Wuebbenwww.woodstreet.com www.myqrosites.com @jonmikelbailey
  4. 4. Today we will discuss… 1. Differentiators 2. Accessibility 3. Framing the Conversationwww.woodstreet.com www.myqrosites.com @jonmikelbailey
  5. 5. Differentiators What sets you apart? 1. Are you community minded? 2. Are you strictly a buyer’s or seller’s agent 3. High end properties? Starter Homes? 4. High touch? High volume?www.woodstreet.com www.myqrosites.com @jonmikelbailey
  6. 6. Differentiators – Your Buyers Develop Buyer Personas 1. Demographics 2. Their value, in terms of money, reach and return business. 3. What do they prefer? Phone, email, website, mobile, social?www.woodstreet.com www.myqrosites.com @jonmikelbailey
  7. 7. Differentiators – Consider Your Reputation 1. Social 2. Mobile 3. Website 4. Print 5. In Person www.woodstreet.com www.myqrosites.com @jonmikelbailey
  8. 8. Differentiators – Visualswww.woodstreet.com www.myqrosites.com @jonmikelbailey
  9. 9. Accessibility How are you being found??? Or not???? 1. Search engines 2. Social channels 3. Referrals 4. Printed materials 5. Signs 6. Mobile Are these “familiar presences?”www.woodstreet.com www.myqrosites.com @jonmikelbailey
  10. 10. Accessibility Do you monitor, respond and build trust? 1. Replying to emails 2. Conversing on social channels 3. Texting, yes, texting 4. Available in the right channels when needed?www.woodstreet.com www.myqrosites.com @jonmikelbailey
  11. 11. Framing the Conversation – Being there - Source: http://www.zeromomentoftruth.com/ www.woodstreet.com www.myqrosites.com @jonmikelbailey
  12. 12. Framing the Conversation – Using tech www.woodstreet.com www.myqrosites.com @jonmikelbailey
  13. 13. Framing the Conversation – Utility What about Utility Marketing? Putting content and information in your marketing material that your target audience can utilize.www.woodstreet.com www.myqrosites.com @jonmikelbailey
  14. 14. Framing the Conversation – Utility Utility Marketing Content… This is the stuff that your target audience needs. • blog posts • video or audio • seminarswww.woodstreet.com www.myqrosites.com @jonmikelbailey
  15. 15. Framing the Conversation – ToolsTools or tools.Don’t use a tool simplybecause its shiny and new.Use it because it fits,helps you achieve yourgoals, and is useful foryour audience.www.woodstreet.com www.myqrosites.com @jonmikelbailey
  16. 16. Framing the Conversation – Strategies Strategies instead of tools… 1. Use a QR code to enhance not as your mobile marketing campaign. 2. Use mobile landing pages specific to a campaign 3. Remember that you have an audience with audiences (credit: Brian Solis). Create Echo 4. Encourage interaction with the tools available. www.woodstreet.com www.myqrosites.com @jonmikelbailey
  17. 17. QUESTIONS???Suggested Resources: Contact Me:www.woodstreet.com www.woodstreet.comwww.humanbusinessworks.com/ie jbailey@woodst.comwww.zeromomentoftruth.com @woodstreetwebwww.mediapost.com @jonmikelbaileywww.contentrules.com Facebook.com/woodstreetwebwww.johnmichaelmorgan.com/batm/ www.myqrosites.com 301.668.5006 www.woodstreet.com www.myqrosites.com @jonmikelbailey