How to Use Social Media and Blogging to… Be the Resource Your Clients Need!


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A discussion about tapping into your expert skills and becoming the resource your clients and potential clients desperately need... through the use of blogging, content marketing, social media and more.

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How to Use Social Media and Blogging to… Be the Resource Your Clients Need!

  1. 1. @jonmikelbailey How to Use Social Media and Blogging to… Be the Resource Your Clients Need!
  2. 2. @jonmikelbailey Content Marketing vs. Self Promotion “Traditional marketing and advertising is telling the world you’re a rock star. Content Marketing is showing the world that you are one.” - Robert Rose, from Content Marketing Institute
  3. 3. @jonmikelbailey What we’ll talk about 1. Types of Content 2. Buyer Personas 3. Where to share… Social, Email, Blog, Mobile
  4. 4. @jonmikelbailey Types of Content “Expert” Content • Reviews • Testimonials • Instructional Posts Educational Content • Blogs • Videos • Podcasts Curated Content • RSS Feeds • Social Marketing • Channels like Scoop!It Conversion Content • Product Overviews • Email Newsletters • Landing Pages
  5. 5. @jonmikelbailey Be an Expert! You are an expert! Yes, you! How does your audience know this? • Others tell them • You show them how to do things • You answer their questions • You have fans promote your stuff
  6. 6. @jonmikelbailey Educational Content Your target audience needs your help! They don’t know what you know! • Write how-to posts • Top 10 Lists • Instructional video and podcasts • Your expert knowledge in their language
  7. 7. @jonmikelbailey Curated Content You are not the only resource! Share other’s useful content! • Gather content via email, alerts & RSS • Share that content on social channels • Open up guest posting on your blog
  8. 8. @jonmikelbailey Conversion Content You still need to sell! How can you use content to convert? • “Give away” eBooks, Whitepapers • Instructional content with a call to action • Content makes the sale, explain the benefits
  9. 9. @jonmikelbailey Buyer Personas Define Your Target Audience 1. Identify groups 2. Develop “characters” 3. List common characteristics 4. List their needs 5. List your goals
  10. 10. @jonmikelbailey Where to share… • These are your content “outposts” • Use content to attract site visitors • Build your blog outreach • Become a resource • Seek syndication
  11. 11. @jonmikelbailey Where to share… • Social channels • Email Newsletters • Seminars and SlideShare • BizSugar and other directories • Optimize for mobile!!!
  12. 12. @jonmikelbailey And I’ll leave you with a quote… I asked Ann Handley, author of Content Rules, what the most important takeaway from her book was… “Be relentlessly customer-focused and not corporate-focused. Ask yourself… ‘What marketing will my customer THANK me for?’”
  13. 13. @jonmikelbailey QUESTIONS??? Suggested resources: Contact me: @woodstreetweb @jonmikelbailey 301.668.5006 x101 Read these two books… Content Rules! And Optimize!