The W's of Social Media - Jon-Mikel Bailey - Wood Street, Inc.


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In this presentation, I post information in answer to these questions:

1. What is social media?
2. Who is your target audience?
3. Why do they need to connect with you on social?
4. What tools will you need to target them?
5. What does success look like?

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The W's of Social Media - Jon-Mikel Bailey - Wood Street, Inc.

  1. 1. We’ll talk about… 1. What is social media? 2. Who is your target audience? 3. Why do they need to connect with you on social? 4. What tools will you need to target them? 5. What does success look like? @jonmikelbailey
  2. 2. What is Social Media?Social media includes web-based and mobilebased technologies which are used to turncommunication into interactive dialogue amongorganizations, communities, and individuals.- Wikipedia @jonmikelbailey
  3. 3. But what is Social Media to you?Social media is a way to connect withyour target audience using:1. Content2. Planning3. Goal Setting4. Measurement @jonmikelbailey
  4. 4. Who? – Identify Your Buyer PersonasConsider this data associated with these personas…1. Demographics2. Their value, in terms of money, reach and return business3. Where they choose to interact with you – phone, email, website, mobile, social, etcTake the hard data from your web analytics, CRM, sales reports and boil it down:1. Who are they? What do they do?2. Why should they care about your organization?3. Where are they and where do they find you?4. How do you convert them into a client or a fan? @jonmikelbailey
  5. 5. Who? - Buyer PersonasWho are you talking to?1. What do they need from you?2. Is it more than one thing?3. Are there groups?4. Can you develop more than one persona? @jonmikelbailey
  6. 6. Who - Buyer Persona Exercise Tell me about Brad… 1. Pick one client or target. 2. Briefly list their demographics. 3. List 3 things they need from you. Let’s discuss. @jonmikelbailey
  7. 7. Who? - InfluencersWho are the Rock Stars?1. Who are the power players in your industry?2. How are they influential?3. Can you engage them directly?4. How could you build and leverage a relationship with an influencer?5. Who influences Brad? @jonmikelbailey
  8. 8. Who? – Buyer Personas & InfluencersWhat social channels are they on?1. Is it more than one?2. Do they move between them?3. Is there one clear favorite?4. Where do they engage most?5. What is your presence like on these channels? @jonmikelbailey
  9. 9. Why? – What’s in it for them?Why would these target users want to connect with you?1. Are you an expert offering information they can’t easily find elsewhere?2. Are you providing access to curated content in a way that is unique?3. Are you providing solutions to their problems?4. Do they trust that you will be the resource they need?5. Are you real??? @jonmikelbailey
  10. 10. What? – Your ToolboxA successful social media marketing campaign consists of the following:1. A content marketing strategy2. An engagement strategy3. A schedule4. Ways to listen5. A committed and empowered person or team @jonmikelbailey
  11. 11. What? – Content Marketing StrategyAre you creating and curating content for your buyer personas:1. Writing regular blog and guest blog posts2. Sharing articles found through Google Alerts, blog subscriptions, influencers3. Posting long form content like white papers, eBooks, presentations4. Producing and posting videos – instructional, educational, fun5. An email newsletter, daily, weekly, monthly? @jonmikelbailey
  12. 12. What? – An Engagement StrategyAre you shouting at people or engaging with them???1. Spend time looking at your audience posts and comment2. Comment on influencer blog posts3. Share audience and influencer posts4. Say thanks! @jonmikelbailey
  13. 13. What? – ScheduleDon’t do this haphazardly, set a schedule and stick to it:1. Editorial calendar for short and long form content creation (read Content Rules!)2. Use tools like to schedule posts and tweets3. Daily and weekly of active social monitoring4. Set goals and monitor progress each week5. Be agile and adjust often @jonmikelbailey
  14. 14. What? – Ways to Listen - MonitoringA successful social media marketing campaign is based on listening:1. Set up Google Alerts for targeted keywords2. Set up email notifications for all social channels, keep them manageable3. Monitor your Google Analytics for traffic from Social Channels, note the pages4. Look at your posts. Which are popular? Which are not? @jonmikelbailey
  15. 15. What? – Empowered TeamSuccess is determined in no small part by the quality of the team:1. How well do they know your organization and the buyer personas?2. Are they empowered to speak on your behalf?3. How much time and money are available for this? What is their budget?4. Do they know what success looks like? How will you both track this?5. Do they have experience with social and with marketing? @jonmikelbailey
  16. 16. What? – Some Tools for YouThis is a very small sample, there are other tools, do your research:1. Google Alerts, Plus and Analytics2. Facebook Insights3. Scheduling - Hootsuite, BufferApp.com4. Monitoring - Randian6, BuddyMedia, Vocus5. Email Marketing - MailChimp, ConstantContact, WhatCounts, aWeber6. Marketing Automation – Eloqua, Marketo @jonmikelbailey
  17. 17. What does success look like?Don’t be fooled, Social Media is not all unicorns and rainbows:1. What is a typical client worth? What’s an average sale?2. Are you tracking leads?3. Where do they come from?4. How many do you need to be successful?5. How much web traffic is required to get to this number?6. How much social activity is driving this traffic? @jonmikelbailey
  18. 18. What does success look like?Likes, fans and followers are not true indicators1. Engagement is more important2. Sharing, retweets, comments show engagement3. Engagement builds reach and increases traffic4. Track, encourage and improve activity that leads to traffic, connections, recommendations @jonmikelbailey
  19. 19. Notice anything missing?The channels… Social media marketing is about people, engagement and measurable outcomes, not channels.1. Google+2. Facebook The channels will change! Focus on engaging the target wherever that target happens to be.3. Twitter4. LinkedIn QUESTIONS???? @jonmikelbailey
  20. 20. Suggested Resources: Contact @jonmikelbailey