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Dress like you mean business Dress like you mean business Document Transcript

  • Personal Branding Ref: 0066Dress Like You Mean BusinessBy Jon-Michail Westpac CEO Ross Kelly, a staunch power dresser‘Appearance matters in business, dressing appropriately for the occasion is essential.’Ensure that you’ve done as much as you can with your appearance to shield you from the worst of theeconomic downturn. You may have given the boss your best working years, but if you’re one of theolder and probably more expensive employees, that alone won’t save you. My advice is to look the part,and dress appropriately to get the respect of those you work with. If you don’t look as though you arepart of the decision-making business, you have let yourself down; we call this self sabotage and career-limiting behaviour.Dress to suit the role. Wear quality suits if you want to be taken seriously, for example be fashion awareif you’re in retail, and contemporary classic if you are in corporate. As a first guide, look at the CEO todecide whether a tie needs to be worn or if women should power dress.Grooming is very important. For men, the ideal is a clean-shaven face and professionally styled shorthair cut in an up to date style. Don’t concern yourself with premature hair loss, these days its seen asquite acceptable and joining the shaved head brigade is also kosher. For further information on this handout and the consulting and coaching programs available please contact: Image Group International Asia Pacific Head Office T: (+61 3) 9824 0420 E: info@imagegroup.com.au www.imagegroup.com.au ©2012 1 of 1
  • My advice for those wanting to keep up is change is good, it keeps you on your toes and the best timeto do it is NOW. Clothes must be chosen carefully so that there are no straining seams or gaps betweenbuttonholes. Use dark colours to streamline the figure, but forget about contrast belt colours and too-short ties – they highlight expanding girths. Those women who have worn their hair long without anyupgrading should consider trimming it. Subtly alter its colour to enhance the eyes and look a littleyounger, in a competitive world, everything matters.Silver hair (not grey) can look becoming on a man and is seen as a sign of seriousness and responsibility,but it is not so easy for women; unfortunately I don’t make the rules and experience tells me few canget away with it. For them, grey (or silver) hair can be aging and if so, it would be better coloured, unlessyou choose to make it a trademark and part of your personal brand.Lila Pilakis, a leading Australian hairdresser and makeup artist, believes that with makeup less is more,particularly with older women. She says that clear skin is the ideal, with fresh modern makeup carefullyapplied to just where it is needed. ‘In the long run, looking after yourself is the most economical thingyou can do.’Some employers do not expect their employees to work to a ‘corporate’ ideal so that they feelcomfortable in their working environment, but this is rapidly changing in the new economicenvironment. However, if they need to see clients, they should have the ‘added extras’ on hand tocreate a more managerial impression. In industries and businesses where employees are frequently inthe public eye, they must meet the standards expected of them. Clothing can express one’s personalityand yet still be right for the position. Good choices can also express one’s suitability for the next rung ofthe corporate ladder.Ultimately, your lifestyle will show in your face and no amount of extravagant dressing will alter thatfact. To stay employable in times of an economic downturn, remember these tips:  Present like you belong there, not “I just work here”  Get plenty of exercise and eat properly  Have your hair professionally styled  Use makeup and fragrance sparingly  Dress like you mean business  Unless you have a silver-spoon benefactor that will support your lifestyle; avoid all career- limiting behaviours For further information on this handout and the consulting and coaching programs available please contact: Image Group International Asia Pacific Head Office T: (+61 3) 9824 0420 E: info@imagegroup.com.au www.imagegroup.com.au ©2012 2 of 1