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  • 1. LOUIS BRAILLE Jon Miguel 15
  • 2. Who was Louis Braille?  Louis Braille (04-01-1809 – 06-01-1852) was a blind French teacher; and he was famous because he invented the braille system.
  • 3. Why was he blind?  When he was 3 years old he was playing with a awl in his father’s craft room. He started to run with the awl in his hand and he fell to the ground; so he nailed the awl in his left eye. That infection damaged his right eye too; and in that moment, Louise Braille was blind forever. Craft room of Louise’s father Louise’s house
  • 4. How studied Louis Braille?   Louise Braille’s family thought that Louise couldn’t study and write because he was blind. Louis Braille went to a school for 2 years. He was a really outdone student because he knew a lot of maths and music (he played the organ and the violonchelo). In 1819, when he was 10 years old, he went to a school for blinds of Paris. There is a school called “Louis Braille”.
  • 5. Barbier and Braille  One day, in a terrace of a bar in Paris, Braille heard someone saying that a captain called Charles Barbier invented a system of comunication in the darkness; so in 1821 Charles Barbier went to Braille’s school and both worked together to find a system of comunication for blinds. Charles Barbier
  • 6. Inventing a new code   During a summer, Louis Braille devoted to invent a new code. He worked with the leather and he made wounds himself. He combined circles, triangles and squares to form the different letters.
  • 7. Braille System    Louise Braille invented a code called Braille. Braille This was a 63 characters’ code. Each letter, number or symbol was different. Each character is a rectangle of 6 circles in a relief form. Braille code
  • 8. Braille System in the school  Everyone said that Braille System wouldn’t work and ,in the school, they removed it, but no one obeyed and the students used it secretly. Braille code
  • 9. Louis Braille’s death  Louis Braille was sad because everyone said that his invention wouldn’t work, and he died by tuberculosis thinking that his communication system had failed. However he was erred, because his invention was one of the best discovery of the humanity .
  • 10. Louis Braille’s bust Louise Braille’s bust is in the facade of the small saddlery in Coupvray.  Normally the busts are without defined eyes; but the eyes of Louis Braille’s bust are very defined and full.  Ironically, his eyes had light. The same light that he gave to the blind people with his great invention. 
  • 11. ( THE END )