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Motivating Able Learners in MFL at KS4

Motivating Able Learners in MFL at KS4



ideas for promoting languages for able gifted and talented students at KS4

ideas for promoting languages for able gifted and talented students at KS4



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    Motivating Able Learners in MFL at KS4 Motivating Able Learners in MFL at KS4 Presentation Transcript

    • MOTIVATING ABLE GIFTED &TALENTED LINGUISTS AT KS4Inspiring themto take up languages at A-LevelJon Meier jon.meier@verulam.herts.sch.uk
    • 6 TWEET ITWrite a paragraph abouttoday’s topic using appropriatekeywordsNow summarise the paragraphin a tweet (140 characters –that includes spaces)5 PICTURE THISDraw a picture or diagram toillustrate one of the conceptsyou have been learning about4) MISCONCEPTIONSThink back over today’s topicWhat are thepitfalls, minefields, traps or dangerareas where you might make amistake or lose marks?3 QUESTION DESIGNBased on today’s lesson, write achallenging question.How many marks would it beworth?Write a mark schemeNow add a twist to make it evenharderWhat might catch someone out?2) LINKINGThink about the topic and languageyou have covered today. What otherlanguage topics could it link to?Give examples of how you could useany of today’s material in other topicsyou have done?Are there links to other subjects atschool?1‘HIGH FIVE’SAY / LIST 5 THINGS YOU’VE LEARNTTODAYORDER THE POINTS IN DIFFERENT &INTERESTING WAYSe.g. step by step / difficulty /chronologicalPut the 5 points into a song, rap,limerick or poemThe AG&T cube
    • Match the Harry Potter NamesFangSorting hatHogwartsSlytherinDiagon AlleyMuggleWoodDaily ProphetCrocdurChoixpeauPoudlardSerpentardChemin de TraverseMolduDuboisLa Gazette du SorcierLa Gazette du SorcierChemin de TraversePoudlardChoixpeauSerpentardDuboisMolduCrockdur
    • The GCSE exam itselfFrom Year 10 build up a relentless insistence on ‘WOW’ phrases forControlled Assessments - see handoutFalse friends – handoutSynonymsaussi = égalementMais= par contre, pourtantParceque = car, puisqueAuch = ebenfallsAber = jedoch, dennochWeil= dennWord families–rouge rougirRuhe, ruhig, sichausruhenTaboo cards are good for practising synonyms – word & definition(Quizlet etc)
    • AVOCADOAdjectivesVerbsOpinions & JustificationConnectivesAdverbsDescriptionsOriginality & Interest(+ qualifiers & intensifiers)(Variety, tenses)(conjunctions)(time expressions, frequency & sequencing)(adj endings/ agreement,SACLAD -size, appearance, character, likes, activities, dislikes)
    • Fun & Creative ControlledAssessmentsMon école idéaleIl y aurait un gymnaseLe prof de physique serait Stephen HawkingLa prof de musique serait BeyoncéNous aurions un cinéma IMAX au sous-solLe maquillage serait autoriséOn aurait le droit d’utiliser les portables dans les coursOn aurait un McDonalds à sa disposition dans la cantinetoute la journéeOn pourrait porter des chaussures de tennisDo presentations asprep workMa ville de rêveIl y aurait un parc d’attractions tout près de chez moi (etl’entrée serait gratuite pour les jeunes qui y habitent)Nous aurions également un parc de skate, des terrains devolley, un centre de sport tout neufIl y aurait des pistes cyclables partoutLots offor/againstpractice
    • Talking points Google: ‘unusualpictures’; checkbefore use!
    • Il s’agitd’unecampagne….a) Pour la protection despoissonsb) Contre le tabagismec) Contrel’énergienucléaireBridging the gap
    • Popplethttp://popplet.com/app/index.php#/460907EasydiagramcreatorYou canincludeyoutubevideos
    • It’s all about you…Drip feed other A-Level ‘nuggets’Des amuse-bouchesRun lunchtime A/A* support clubsAfter school revisionQuiz buzzersActive Teach textsUse GCSE texts from other boardsFrom Feb/ March – lots of L & R practiceFrench revision.co.ukShow them AS papers
    • ‘virtual exchanges’‘speed dating with another school‘Languages Live’Skype linkVirtual exchange - Google streetview – 360 degree
    • Exploit a text in different waysAQA GCSE readingPupils can make up questionsTrue/ false statements in Eng/FrenchTurn into a gap-fillMake a revision dictionaryRead aloud round the class (popcorn)Translate round the classTeacher makes deliberate mistakePut through easyprompter.comput through ‘zap’ readerPut into wordle.netJump up & say - Allocate a word perpupilGrammar analysis
    • AS Level sampleParaphraseSynonymsTrue/falseGap-fillTop & tailParagraph headlineWho says what?
    • GCSE revision Websites & Resourceshttp://www.frenchexams.org/ click ‘intermediate’ for lots ofinteractive exam question practiceActive Teach (Edexcel’s online Textbook)Use bits of past papers, different exam boards, AS level sampleshttp://www.wildfrench.co.uk/GCSEPapers/http://www.spanishrevision.co.uk/http://www.frenchrevision.co.ukBBC Bitesizehttp://www.languagesonline.org.uk/ zut, gut oyé,Ashcombe school mfl– Video quizzes?
    • L & R Revision
    • ‘Making it Real’using Authentic ResourcesMenusPizzas àemporterCinéma + (Calais) + programmeLa grille des programmesMusée du chocolatSenfmuseumGreenpeace.frGreenpeace.de
    • Google: Espace paintball
    • Les clés de l’actualité (1 jour1)http://1jour1actu.com/GCSE to AS: Bridging the GapAlso: News4 Kids – Nachrichtenfür Kinder http://news4kids.de/
    • Yahoo.fr- Actualités - Insolite
    • Using videoEvian VivonsJeunehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmxjW3CBH2gEvian Roller BabiesMr BeanHB MaennchenAvez-vous déjà vu (M6):e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxaCezLJfQwUse tubechop for selecting bits of youtube clipsKeepvid.com is a good youtube downloader
    • Other AGT MFL grabbersUse the FLALunchtime / after school clubsSongs e.g. Téléphone un autre MondeDie Toten Hosen – MeineStadtFilms e.g. – Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis,Amélie, La Maison du Bonheur, Les Visiteurs, Dîner de cons, MicmacsJPM’sCinépages - activity bookletsBits of French News – France 24MFL StorybirdsHelp younger pupils in language class and clubs
    • jon.meier@verulam.herts.sch.ukHopefullythis has givenyou….