1010 freedompoems


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1010 freedompoems

  1. 1. Poem by Brenden Fly high in the sky Rights to talk Every day is freedom Escape every thing Doing what is done Once every thing is done freedom is all yours. My world is free to me
  2. 2. Free to make choice Rights for everyone Everyone is equal Everyone has choices Diversity in people Of course, freedom has its limits Make your own choices
  3. 3. Free to do whatever they want Rights to do whatever they want Equally treated Evenly treating others Doing what you want but not harming other people's freedom!! Of course, having lots of choices More choices
  4. 4. Freedom Freedom can range from doing what you want to do, to being the best that you can be Regardless to your surroundings you are always you no matter what Even though there are limits to your freedom Every opportunity you get you give 110% Doing what you want at a limit Of others freedom My definition of freedom is being responsible to do what is right and keeps everyone safe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By: Ellie Hawkes
  5. 5. Freedom poem F:amily R:ights E:quality E:conomy D:ignity O:pportunity M:ight FREEDOM Poem Fourth of July Red White and Blue Equality Emancipation Declaration of independence Oath of citizenship Monument
  6. 6. Free of making your own choices in life. Rights for everyone on earth Equality for everything and everyone Everyone choosing his or her own path in life Dependence for everyone in the world Opportunity rights for the people of earth Making your own choices in life.
  7. 7. Freedom Week F reedom is for everyone R estrictions to our freedom E xactly everyone has the rights to be free E veryone will have consequences from freedom D irect others O pportunities M y own power
  8. 8. True Freedom Freedom is complicated. Rights to do what we want without limiting the rights of others Exceptional people should be just as free as those who are not so great Ending freedom is only the limits of the laws that keep balance and safety Dictating what you will do without depending on another is freedom for some One cannot truly be completely free Most can find freedom in happiness and a balance of rules and freedom. Free are those who do what's right Remember what makes you free Everyone's freedom is limited by their own responsibilities Everybody has their own definition of freedom Depending on somebody all the time is not freedom Oceans wide people search for true freedom Many look for freedom in their independence.
  9. 9. Word poem Free rules for everybody Right to stay and remain as it is Exiting days is a sign of good freedom Every day if you are doing something great that is showing your freedom Doing what is right gives you freedom Once you find out you're free you can do anything Most times freedom comes from your heart
  10. 10. F eeling free takes you to a whole other world in my prospective R eleased from rules E xcluded from taunting, teasing, and from people to tell you what to do or limits, nothing can stop me E xcited about what sets you free and all the moments that release you D oing what you choose that is comfortable to you O nly what is the right feeling and choice of your decision M y mind is on what brings me a happy moment
  11. 11. Freedom is a word people believe in Realizing that its not a word which really happens a lot but, Envision a place, which seems better to them Elaborate thoughts spark at that word Does freedom really happen, is it good Or is it something potentially dangerous mostly if it is complete freedom Many people think freedom is really good
  12. 12. Feel like you can do wvhatever you want to. Responsibility comes along with freedom Equality is not freedom because you need to follow. Everything is not really free because everything has its limits. Do what you want to do. On your own may be your feeling of freedom. Make yourself happy.
  13. 13. Freedom is a complicated thing Responsibility comes before freedom Everyone's freedom is measured by responsibility Even the most smallest birds are not completely free Down to the most important cell in your body it is not free Out of all the things in the universe is not free My vision of freedom was doing whatever I want but now it is where the most rules are