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Future Of Classifieds
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Future Of Classifieds


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the social web is here to stay so how does that affect the humble classifieds websites? This is my observation on the work I have done so far at Gumtree

the social web is here to stay so how does that affect the humble classifieds websites? This is my observation on the work I have done so far at Gumtree

Published in: Business, Technology, Design

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  • Sources:
  • Web 2.0 Forces websites to rapidly evolve their technology to stay competitiveEncouraging more users to use the web in a more advanced wayMaking websites easier to navigate and user
  • Are spoilt by choice, competitiveness and good technologyHave high expectations of web technologyImpatient and quite often lazy as they have been spoilt by great web technologiesBelieve that the responsibility of a good, safe web experience belongs to the website providerHave choice, can vote with their feet or clicks if you like
  • Ease of useIntuitive searchEasy discoverySimple yet powerful user interface
  • Ease of useIntuitive searchEasy discoverySimple yet powerful user interface
  • Royal societies: eg the Geographic society formed in 1830, started as a dining club
  • Picks is a social network of almost 19 000 members that love everything to do with knitting
  • The ‘Offbeat Bride Tribe’ is a niche community network dedicated to couples who want to have a ‘kick-ass’ / offbeat / original wedding. ULTRA NICHE!
  • stat
  • Source:
  • User want :
  • Web 2.0 and even the fledgling semantic web has made the user more demanding in their expectations of a website.Intuitive products such as touch screen phones, google predictive search are making information access easier and the user lazierUsers expect to be able to find information really easily especially via the search bar
  • Urban Europe is too complex an environment to create classifieds by traditional city locations. Canary wharf is the isle of dogs, is east London, is the east end, is East London is E14. If the website doesn’t understand this, it will produce a poor user experience.
  • The current anonymous classifieds model will fail under this pressure. Sellers and buyers will need to be connected to a social graph in order to encourage a sense of trust between the transactorsHigh profile cases continue to put pressure on classifieds companies to take greater responsibility for user safety, means user safety solutions may be forced onto companies
  • Facebook connect allows websites to build trust amongst users by allowing users to log onto those sites using their Facebook profile.All the demographic/psychographic and social graph information on the users’ Facebook account creates an instant level of trust because of the familiarity of their information
  • As mobiles get smarter and the amount of devices increase, classifieds businesses will need to look at ways of not only seamlessly working across all devices but also creating features that maximise the potential of a device. Eg take a pic on your iPhone, write your ad and send it direct to Gumtree.
  • Consider the groundswell at Gumtree
  • Social Media best practices:Don’t control the conversation.Listen and respond with a natural voiceDon’t spam.Allow criticismDon’t be in a hurry
  • Traffic referred to Gumtree from Social media platforms, between May and End of Sept *Sourced from Google AnalyticsIn online classifieds, traffic is money*forums were social media before anyone knew what social media wasAnd this is only the beginning…The percentages represent the amount of traffic at the end of September compared to the amount of traffic at the beginning of may as a percentage on the difference
  • Ease of use will be even greaterEveryone will have online access at all time via their mobile device, no need to pick up a paperAs the baby boomers make way for the gen X, Ys and whatever else, so will papers make way for electronic devicesInformation in the future will come to users, rather than users looking for it. Paper cannot do thisOnline tools when used properly can verify people for safety reasons more so than paper.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Next-gen Classifieds
      The social web effect on classifieds
    • 2. History of Classifieds
      Birth of newspapers and classifieds
      In 1915, ‘Link magazine’ for personals
      People have been connecting and transacting via classifieds since the birth of media
      Craigslist, America
      Gumtree, UK and international
    • 3. In the meantime social media has changed the game
    • 4. Social media has pushed the web forward:
      More users doing more
      Greatly improved technology
      Better user saviness
      Higher user expectations
      More intuitive
    • 5. Now users are:
      Hard to please
      Have choice
      Free of
    • 6. Users now expect:
      Intuitive search
      Ease of use
      Quick discovery
      Simple, powerful interface
    • 7. This is the era of usability
    • 8. Social networks are nothing new
      Royal societies
      Social clubs
      Sports clubs
      Supporters clubs
      Political parties
      Dining clubs
      …they’re now just accelerated by social networks
    • 9. The role of the social web
      Extending social networks
    • 10. The role of the social web
      Bringing ultra-niche communities together
    • 11. Decentralised content creation
      Traditional model
      Old Web
      Content & influence
    • 12. Decentralised content creation
      The social web
      New model
      Old Web

      62% of the content consumed by people born after 1980 is created by someone they know

      The social web
    • 13. What do these users want?
      Ease of use
      Great deals
      Large audience
      Low fees
      Qualified leeds
    • 14. Simple usability
      For a seller, it takes a minute to list;
      For a buyer, it’s painless to reply or call the seller
    • 15. Freedom
      No formulaic wayto tradebuy/haggle/swap/share/rent Our default is to be freewe charge to keep the most vibrant categories clean
    • 16. Local vibrancyProximity search (as well as national markets)
    • 17. Neighbourlyenhancing trust
      Trade face-to-face; use common senseNo complex verifications required
    • 18. Value
      Driven by unique, individual consumer inventory
    • 19. So what does the future look likefor Classifieds?
    • 20. Flexibility
      Auctions & classifieds
    • 21. Value
      Pay for clicks
    • 22. Local vibrancy
      Self moderated
      Natural brand
      Laid back / friendly
      Community ownership
    • 23. Trust / neighbourliness
      Facebook Connect
    • 24. Multiple platform
      Image by Elsie Esq. / Flickr
    • 25. More and more devices
      Especially mobile / personal
      Seamlessness required
      Harness device features
    • 26. Growing mobile usage at Gumtree
    • 27. How important is community?
      Image by woodleywonderworks/ Flickr
    • 28. In May 09 we started interacting with the community
      Using social media best practices
      And the results?
    • 29. 570 %
      1082 %
      87 %
      63 %
    • 30. Simply by engaging with our audience on social media, we have seen a significant rise in traffic to Gumtree from the popular platforms
    • 31. Thank you