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Making a social media strategy
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Making a social media strategy


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A starter guide to creating a social media strategy for journalists.

A starter guide to creating a social media strategy for journalists.

Published in: Technology, News & Politics

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  • 1. Making a strategyUsing social media with purpose
  • 2. What is a social media strategy?Focusing your goalsas a journalist ornews organisationinto how you usesocial media.
  • 3. What isnt a social media strategy?Making a Facebook page.Starting a Twitter account.Pinning photos aimlessly on Pinterest.Checking in obsessively on FourSquare.Audiobooing every conversation you have.Posting your mobile phone videos to YouTube.These are tools. Not strategies.
  • 4. Journalist vs. News organisationJournalists goals News orgs goals● Quickly source one-off ● Share content and stories increase web traffic● Cultivate sources in ● Crowdsource opinion niche communities and case studies● Break news ● Build positive● Find breaking news reputation & brand● Interact with sources and ● Lead on breaking users news stories● Demonstrate your ● Cultivate loyal users knowledge/expertise ● Promote interaction● Share your content and debate● Show that youre human
  • 5. Step 1 Turn goals into objectivesGoal: Cultivate sources in nichecommunitiesObjective: Develop four strong sources withstrong links to or within the National Unionof Students Wales within two months.Make your objectives SMART -Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely
  • 6. Step 2 Determine your communities.Objective: Develop four strong sources withstrong links to or within the National Unionof Students Wales within two months.Communities:● Students unions officers and staff● NUS Wales staff and officers● University and Colleges Union staff● Other people working for higher and further education (Hefcw, Higher Education Wales, etc.)
  • 7. Step 3 Develop a strategy● Where are these communities within social media? ○ Twitter - @lukeyoung NUS Wales President, @katie_dalton former NUS Wales President, @LeightonAndrews Education Minister and NUS Wales alum ○ Facebook - Jennifer Krase Bangor Uni officer, Stephanie Lloyd, NUS Wales womens officer, Wales page
  • 8. Step 3 Develop a strategy● How do you cultivate sources in these communities? ○ Twitter ■ Your account should reflect your purpose for using it as a journalist or news org. ● appropriate profile picture ● keywords in bio ■ Follow people after your account reflects your purpose, not before. Theyre more likely to follow back. ● Last three tweets important when following. ■ Listen to the persons tweets. ■ Ask them questions. ■ Engage in off topic discussion. ■ Ask online to meet offline.
  • 9. Step 3 Develop a strategy● How do you cultivate sources in these communities? ○ Facebook ■ Cultural of privacy makes it more difficult to engage individuals on professional level. ■ Officers have different privacy settings, though the expectation of privacy may be higher than the settings allow. ■ Pages are more like forums, though only useful if active. NUS Wales isnt very active. ■ Even though there is a presence, Facebook may be worth monitoring and researching sources, but not engaging and cultivating them.
  • 10. Step 4 Pick your tools● Which tool(s) are going to help you reach your objective? ○ In this case, Twitter offers a more public forum. Because the objective is to cultivate sources who the journalist doesnt have, Twitter is a better choice than Facebook.
  • 11. Step 5 Set your plan● What are you going to do to reach your objective? ○ Revamp your Twitter profile with picture (avatar) and bio that reflect your objective. ○ Search and listen to people in the communities youre trying to reach. ○ Begin tweeting in a way that engages them. ○ Follow key people in those communities. ○ Listen to what these people say. ○ Be bold and engage with them, though keeping to journalistic standards and ethics. ○ Ask questions, begin conversations. ○ Take the conversation offline. Meet for coffee.
  • 12. Step 6 Measure your success● How well did you do? ○ How many open message tweets did you send to potential sources? (ie. @joniayn wondering what you think about twitter lists?) ○ How many of those potential sources responded? ○ How many did you engage with on multiple occasions? ○ How many did you meet offline, or speak to over the phone? ○ How many were used as sources in published or broadcasted content?
  • 13. A social media strategy is...a blueprint for using the rightsocial media tools to achieveyour goals.
  • 14. Task 1 List your goalsMake a list of your goalsas a journalist ornews organisation.
  • 15. Task 2 Turn 2 goals into 2 objectivesUse your goals to create twoSMART objectives. (If youreon a role, write down more!)
  • 16. Task 3 List the communities relevantto your objectiveLook closely at the objective anddetermine the specific groups,organisations, companies, schools, etc.that youre trying to reach/effect.Communities are like audiences, except you talk with them,not to them.
  • 17. 10 minute break before...Your traditional social media toolkit