How to Flirt with the Search Engines: Getting on Top!


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Presentation during the MORCon (Mastering Online Ranking) Conference 2013 on developing content that readers will love and want to share.

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How to Flirt with the Search Engines: Getting on Top!

  1. 1. Flirting with the Search Engines through Social: Getting on Top! Jonha Revesencio Wizard
  2. 2. About Me • Blogger @ • Top 500 Community Managers to Follow on Twitter Globally, LittleBird • RebelMouse Wizard – Asia Pacific
  3. 3. Brands Worked With
  4. 4. Now Working For RebelMouse • Social curation site • 1 of 17 Startups to Quit Your Career for, Business Insider • Your front page on the internet!
  5. 5. Who’s using RebelMouse?
  6. 6. In the Philippines
  7. 7. Most Important User
  8. 8. How would you respond when someone asks you this question?
  9. 9. “What’s your favorite position?”
  10. 10. If you're a normal person you'd probably shy away. You might not even respond altogether.
  11. 11. If you're practicing SEO, always "Seeking Every Opportunity”
  12. 12. After all, Who would want to be in the last results of the search engines?
  13. 13. Position yourself to be found, So you won’t have to look around!
  14. 14. How we do it?
  15. 15. Satisfy your READERS, Not just the search engines They’re the ones who make it VIRAL.
  16. 16. 1. Don't play the nice guy!
  17. 17. Be original and controversial Publish content not published anywhere else Sources:, Buffer
  18. 18. Get syndicated No, it’s not a duplicate content. It amplifies reach! Published at PopChassid • Over 260,000 FB shares • Over 2000 tweets • Over 600 G+ • Over 200 comments Syndicated at Hufffington Post • Over 41,000 FB shares • Over 1,000 tweets • Over 2,000 email shares • Over 600 comments
  19. 19. 2. Kiss and tell
  20. 20. Involve the thought leaders Put together a list of best practices and tips from experts! • Publish results on your blog • Notify the participants when their tips were included (@mention on Twitter, send email) •Give them link love! RESULTS • Over 4,000 views on Slideshare • Retweets from experts themselves!
  21. 21. 3. Spice it up!
  22. 22. A/B Testing, baby! Anything that is measured can be improved! TIP: Tweet less than 140 characters to give room for followers to retweet or comment!
  23. 23. Try other ways to publish eBooks, Podcasts, webinar, infographics, curate!
  24. 24. Dynamic, Fresh Content! San Francisco Chronicle SF Gate asked their their readers to contribute and be featured on the site Readers simply need to use the hashtag #HowSFSeesSF Interaction and Time Spent on Site has increased! Tools: RebelMouse See in action here
  25. 25. Increase page views Los Angeles News Group “On some of their sites, they have seen 10-30 percent increases in page views to the Entertainment/Lifestyle content on sites with the RebelMouse embed” - Daniel Tedford, Digital Director - News at Los Angeles News Group. Tools: RebelMouse See in action here
  26. 26. 4. Don't rush the results!  Link building = building relationship Just like how you'd like every relationship would work, don't fake it! Be genuine in your efforts
  27. 27. Recap 1.Don’t play the nice guy! 2.Kiss and tell 3.Spice it up 4.Don’t rush
  28. 28. And oh, while you're at it Get your social front page on!
  29. 29. Questions? Blog: Twitter: @jonharules Email: