SEO For Startups


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Deck for a Tailwind Creative presentation at Gener8tor incubator in Milwaukee, WI.

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SEO For Startups

  1. 1. What is SEO?• Search Engine Optimization• Rank Organically For Specific Keywords• Beginners Guide to SEO (SEOmoz)
  2. 2. Why SEO?It’s How We Buy Things.
  3. 3. Why SEO?1. Experience Need (often through social media)2. Enter in query in Google3. Browse for the best match4. Click on result5. Scan for solution6. Narrow query if inadequate answer is found
  4. 4. Do You Have A Product Anyone Wants?
  5. 5. Do You Have A Product Anyone Wants?Keyword research – Google Adwords – Google Insights – Google Trends – Trellian Search Term Suggestion Tool – Wordtracker – Soolve (instant search suggestion tool)
  6. 6. How Search Engines Work• Index (collects, parses)• Crawl (links are the roadways) that spiders crawl• Store (lots of datacenters)• Serve Relevant Results (SERPs)
  7. 7. How Search Engines Rank• Over 200 factors – Basically by popularity – Content + Links! – Ranking Factors (SEOmoz)• Relevance + Importance – On Page – Off Page
  8. 8. What Should You Do?
  9. 9. Foundation• Create accessible site for users and search engines• Do keyword research• Do competitive research• Optimize on page for targeted keywords – Juxseo• Setup Analytics with Conversion Tracking
  10. 10. Build Relationships (Links)• Make friends – In Person – Social media• Find link opportunities – Guest posts – Interesting content – Key Research – Data – Tools
  11. 11. Inbound Marketing
  12. 12. Build Content Around Needs• Customer development model• Back to keyword research• Analytics tell you everything
  13. 13. Build Better Content• Be aggregators/curators• Repurpose good information• Always link back to source and mention
  14. 14. Build Smarter Content• Target keywords with low competition• Build a content strategy to reach customers experiencing a need• Get “buy-in” before you create from thought leaders
  15. 15. Monitor, Track and Learn Close attention to analytics
  16. 16. Monitor, Track and Learn– How are people finding you?– Which ones are converting?– How can you provide content for more people like that?
  17. 17. More Resources• 1 SEO Article You Should Read – Strategic SEO for Startups• Open Site Explorer (analyzing links)• Hubspot (learn inbound marketing)
  18. 18. Questions?@jonhainstock • @benbartling
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