Perak biotechnology strategic blueprint 2011 2015


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Perak biotechnology strategic blueprint 2011 2015

  1. 1. Perak Biotechnology Strategic Blueprint 2011-2015
  2. 2. Background on Perak Biotechnology 2011-2015Purpose• The main objective of the Perak Biotechnology Strategic Blueprint is to provide a broad based Strategic Plan on the development of biotechnology in Perak.• Perak Biotechnology Strategic Blueprint will be implemented in conjunction with other Perak’s main policies including Perak Maju 2015 Policy Statement, K Perak 2010 Strategic Plan and Gagasan Perak Amanjaya.• The Strategic Blueprint incorporates the followings:- –The vision planning, strategic thrust and directions that is economically, socially, politically and environmentally viable; –Identify the focus niche key areas with its competitive advantages; and –An economic plan that is conducive to foster development of biotechnology industries in the State of Perak.Definition of Biotechnology• Biotechnology can be broadly defined as “the use of living organisms to make a product or run a process.” or “any technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms or derivatives to make or modify products or processes for specific uses, or industries.”• Biotechnology combines disciplines such as genetics, biochemistry, microbiology, and cell biology and has been called the “technology of hope” for its ability to improve the quality of life through advancements in food safety, health care, industrial and environmental sustainability.• Among the benefits of biotechnology are increased agriculture output, protection of the environment and production of health care products.
  3. 3. The Case for Biotechnology in Perak• Perak is one of the mega-diversity states in Malaysia. Measuring 21,005 km2, almost half of Perak is covered with forests as much as 10,502km2 where by 95.6% of it is Equatorial Rainforest and the remaining 4.4% is covered by mangrove forests which may provide genetic resources for biotechnology related activities.• The biodiversity can also be combined with the traditional knowledge that may enhance competitiveness in the local and indigenous biotechnology sectors.• Biotechnology related activities are already taking place in various parts in Perak. including
  4. 4. The Envisioned Future• In order to compete with global and regional competitors to attract investment and economic activities in biotechnology, Perak need to:• Spark innovation and discovery• Attract research and management talent• Encourage greater commercialization• Respond to emerging societal, scientific and economic trends.• Provide a globally competitive environment and the perspective for collaboration among institutional, scientific, entrepreneurial and public-private institutions.• Perak requires policy thrusts that are able to meet the expectations of the investors and stakeholders in the biotechnology sector whilst at the same time fulfil the socio-economic needs of the people in the State, and to meet the following success factor:
  5. 5. Perak Biotechnology Strategic Framework• Strategic Thrusts• Thrust One: Development and Acquisition of Appropriate Technologies• Access to new technologies and scientific advancements is the foundation for innovation opportunities. Biotechnology industry relies on a large number of new discovery and enabling biotechnologies. This can be achieved by• identifying home-grown technology which can be used to enhance economic development in the State;• encouraging foreign parties to bring in new technologies to the State;• supporting for local innovation and R&D&D; and• creating strategic alliances between the private sector and the public sector, between local and foreign parties and between industry and centres of excellence.
  6. 6. • Thrust Two: Leveraging on Niche Economic Areas Perak will strategically position itself within biotechnology industry in the region by concentrating on niche areas. Such areas include being the centre for biodiversity-based R&D&D and production of biotechnology products and services.• Thrust Three: Development of Specialised Facilities In the support sectors, Perak may encourage activities in logistics, biosafety and biosecurity, IP management, diagnostics and research tools.• Thrust Four: Creation and Maintenance of Supportive Public Policy Perak may create sub-clusters of biotechnology related activities in different parts of the State. For example, capitalising former mining lakes in the central region for agriculture and aquaculture activities; the northern and eastern districts as the centre for biodiversity-based biotechnology activities and the coastal areas as focus area for marine biotechnology activities. The State may also look into legal and regulatory issues such as access to genetic resources and benefit sharing, material transfer of genetic resources and socio economic impact of biotechnology activities.• Thrust Five: Preparing For Educated Workforce Human capital development is necessary to provide the required skills and expertise needed in ensuring the success of biotechnology industry in the state. Human capital development covers both knowledge and expertise in fundamental science, and creation of strong knowledge in management , legal, regulatory, production and finance, to ensure success in biotechnology related business ventures. The relevant knowledge must have local, regional and global perspective in order for Perak biotechnology products and services to gain global access.• Thrust Six: Encouraging Foreign and Domestic Direct Investment and Capital Formation. Perak will rely on private sectors to kick start the activities in biotechnology, to be fully supported by the Government and Government linked companies (GLC). GLCs should also be encouraged to develop capable and knowledgeable entrepreneurs to develop biotechnology businesses in the State. Providing access to capital may be necessary in encouraging local investment. The state through supports from Federal Government may Perak-centric venture capital company, either on its own or through foreign fund managers and capital providers.
  7. 7. Key Program and Project• Strategic Positioning of Perak Bio Corporation Sdn Bhd Perak Bio Corporation Sdn Bhd will be positioned as the main driver for the development of biotechnology activities in the State of Perak. Perak Bio will be manned by highly experienced and qualified senior management. Perak Bio will be assisted by a Panel of Advisors, to advice on technology and investment issues. Perak Bio will also work towards financial independence in order to be less reliant on government financial support. Perak Bio will look into the implementation of Perak Biotechnology Strategic Thrusts.
  8. 8. Strategic Development ProgramPolicy Thrust 1 Development and Acquisition of TechnologyProject Objectives DescriptionAcquisition of Advanced Symbiosis To produce health products and A joint venture between localFermentation Technology pharmaceutical grade enzyme company and TaiwaneseThrough production of enzyme products technology provider to processfrom fruits and vegetables local fruits and vegetables into enzyme based health products, which is to overcome excess fruits and vegetables in the market during fruit harvesting seasons.Commercialization of products and To commercialise VRI technologies A joint venture between PKNPk,technologies at Veterinary and to reduce imports of animal selected entrepreneurs and VRI toResearch Institute, Ipoh vaccines engage in commercial production of animal vaccines and marketing and distribution of such vaccinesProduction of dialysis membrane To produce membrane in dialysis A stand alone private investment filter project to produce membrane in dialysis filter based on German technology. This will make Perak as the leading producer of this medical device in Asia.
  9. 9. Policy Thrust 2 Leveraging on Niche Economic AreasProject Objectives DescriptionPlant Bioinformatics on genetic To generate data sequence and A joint venture between KPerak,resources in Perak bioinformatics information for PKNPk and other stakeholders in medical and other related development bioinformatics applications of bio-resources in project to protect and promote Perak and to protect Perak’s biogenetic resources in Perak genetic informationR&D&D and commercialisation of To create modern businesses Development of smallmedicinal and cosmeticeuticals based on traditional knowledge in entrepreneurs through guidedbased on herbal medicine and cosmetic cottage industry in traditional medicine and cosmetic products using enhanced bioprocess.Production of enzyme from To enhance the usage of bamboo A private foreign investment tobamboo as a catalyst in the paper in the north of Perak by creating a produce enzyme from a species ofproduction specific industry bamboo to be exported to be used in paper and textile productionsProduction of powder fuel from To make Perak a centre for A private investment to producepalm oil kernel shell and special production of alternative biofuel palm oil kernel shell in the wastecombustion system as a replacement of diesel to wealth category.
  10. 10. Policy Thrust 3 Formation of specialised facilities and servicesProject Objectives DescriptionPerak Biotechnology Park Perak Biotechnology Park to act as An area of 160 acres to be the facilitator and catalyst to the developed by Perak Bio as a centre development of biotechnology. To for biotechnology industry in be located within PHTP in Chemor. Perak.Perak Biotechnology Advisory To be a one stop advisory centre, To be operated with Perak Bio, thisCentre encompassing IP management, is going to be professionally commercialisation, financial and manned centre, with a specialised funding and investment in web-portal and physical facility to biotechnology provide professional advisory services in the fields of importance to biotechnology industry in Malaysia.Specialised logistics, To provide important support To be operated and managed bytransportation and waste services to cater for proper private companies, there will havemanagement services management of biotechnology to be specialised logistic and product and production process storage facilities either at Lumut Port, Ipoh Airport, Ipoh Inland Terminal and Perak Biotechnology Park. Waste management services will be provided in situ, with possible installation of incinerators.
  11. 11. Policy Thrust 3 Formation of specialised facilities and servicesProject Objectives DescriptionBiosafety, Biosecurity, Standards To provide biosafety and other Perak Bio may undertake toand Certification Services services which are critical in provide biosafety, biosecurity and biotechnology sectors standards and certification services to industry players in the State of Perak and outside the State of Perak.Biodiversity Management Centre The focal point for bioprospecting A centre, to be operated in and other biodiversity based conjucntion with Jabatan Hutan, R&D&D activities Perbadanan Taman Negeri, EPU and PKNPk to provide access for bioprospecting and other biodiversity based activities in biotechnology research and development on the State’s biological resources, and to facilitate the documentation of the traditional knowledge of indigenous communities on the utilization of biological resources.
  12. 12. Policy Thrust 5 Educated WorkforceProject Objectives DescriptionGlobal Tropical Life Sciences •As the apex centre of excellence This is to be a State, Federal andInstitute in capacity building of necessary private initiative in the enhancing human resources in biotechnology the value of Perak as a potential in Perak and Malaysia, and leading biotechnology •As undergraduate and post investment location in Southeast graduate education provides in Asia. areas not offered or in conjunction To be operated and managed by a with other education providers team of professionals with •As a R&D&D centre in niche knowledge and skills in both technologies of interest to Perak sciences, legal and management. and the region Will co-op other existing •To create highly skilled knowledge biotechnology education, R&D&D workers to be supplied to Perak and training providers in the State. and regional biotechnology clusters
  13. 13. Policy Thrust 6 Foreign and Domestic Direct Investment and Capital FormationProject Objectives DescriptionBranding exercise – To enhance image of Perak as Perak will be promoted a premier“Perak, biotechnology in potential investment destination in destination for investment inbiodiversity” biotechnology. biodiversity-based biotechnology“Perak Biodiverse for biotech” activities.Formation of strategic alliances To enhance capability and visibility Continuous cooperation with thewith Perak, Malaysian, regional in order to attract investment to Malaysian Biotechnologyand world organisations of interest Perak Corporation, MIDA and MATRADE,to Perak biotechnology activities. Alliances may be in the form of KPerak, Perak Halal, BioThey may be called Research and Research and Innovation Alliances International and London andInnovation Alliances, Cambridge Biotechnology Network. Alliances with countries like India, China, Costa Rica and Switzerland.Private sector driven Venture Fund The Perak Biotechnology Fund will This can be a joint initiative with K-to be called Perak Biotechnology assist potential Perak Perak, Perak Bio and a privateFund biotechnology companies to gain sector. It is a known fact that access to capital to develop the financial institutions are less business and new products. interested with biotechnology business and thus availability of funds is crucial
  14. 14. Perak Biotechnology Roadmap 2011-2015 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Activities 1H 2H 1H 2H 1H 2H 1H 2H 1H 2HAgency Perak Bio Strategic PositioningThrust 1 & 2 Tech standing committeeDevelopment & Identification of technologiesAcquisition of Niche areas (biodiversity based, green biotech,and agri and aquacultures)Technologies Investment Promotionsand Selection of businessesDevelopment of Local biotechpreneur developmentNiche Business Start R&D&D and businessesAreas Businesses mature&success storiesThrust 3 Advisory CentreDevelopment of Biosafety and Biosecurityspecialised Standards and Certificationsupport Biotechnology Parkfacilities Biodiversity Management CentreThrust 4 Investment Decision PoliciesSupportive PoliciesThrust 5 Global Tropical Life ScienceEducated Workforce Institute Setting up Partnering Capital raising Licensing Staff appointment Commencement of education Centres of Excellence R&D&D commence MaturingThrust 6 Branding exerciseFDI,DDI and Capital Strategic AlliancesFormation Venture Fund (i) formation (ii) licensing (iii) capital raising (iv) commence investment