The pinoy music consumer today


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An overview on how the Pilipino music consumers have been behaving lately as they fashion new trends in the local music market.

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  • We know a lot about the Pinoy music lovers. Their lives will never be as colourful without it. But let us pick up some interesting fact at an instant.
  • Look at the people walking down the streets. Something’s pretty obvious!
  • Will the individualization in music consumption cause radios’ demise?
  • We mix records with the best system but consumers don’t give a damn.
  • If we put a premium to our drinking water, we might do so in satisfying our souls.
  • If your fan’s intention is to create a bandwagon, why should you stop it?
  • How can buying music be as easy as buying albums as it used to?
  • There some items here that applies here in the Philippines.
  • CDs are the best mementos though people may have bought it, some may not listen to its content anymore.
  • The thing is, full movies are now on youtube!
  • If it’s viral, it’s a hit!
  • The Mint methods of education equip students with applied industry best practices by exposing students to professional work as early as their first year in college.
  • We do not give a damn to the goings on in our industry. What would have happened if any of the major lables bought Naspter in its beginnings?
  • Our attitude remains, we are artists, we set the trends!
  • The pinoy music consumer today

    1. 1. The Pinoy Music Consumer Today Jong AzoresJong Azores Academic CoordinatorAcademic Coordinator Meridian International CollegeMeridian International College Delivered at the Electronic MusicDelivered at the Electronic Music Conference & Audio ExpoConference & Audio Expo July 5, 2012July 5, 2012 SMX Convention CenterSMX Convention Center SM Aura, Global City, TaguigSM Aura, Global City, Taguig
    2. 2. Evolving Trends Fashioned by Pinoy Music Consumers (PMC) The Philippine music industry continues to please its audience and in a way, the various music businesses earn decent profit. Pinoys enjoy listening to music whether OPM or foreign, not just English songs but also Japanese and now Korean pop As recorded music becomes promotional items, live concerts becomes musicians and recording artists best source of income Listeners are more mobile in privacy absorbing music personally
    3. 3. world's top 10 music downloader Musicmetric Digital Music Index (DMI), "the most in-depth study ever of the global digital music landscape," lists the Philippines the world's 10th most active digital music consumer in its September 2012 edition, with 8,380,208 downloads (includes both legit and illegal). The United States tops the list with 96,681,133 downloads, trailed by the United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Spain, India, France and the Philippines, respectively. "The aim is to help the industry understand who and where the fans are, which types of artist fans are engaging with the most and how fans interact with music through the many online consumption channels.“ PCM is world class digital consumer!
    4. 4. Speakers to Headphones When walkman was the dominant mobile player, people still opt listening to their stereos loud enough to share with everyone around. Today’s music lovers stays clasped by headphones listening from their phone media players. Music enjoyment has become very private and truly underground.
    5. 5. Radio to Personal Playlist Some listeners found their liberty creating their own playlist! Limited by memory storage, they are able to select songs and sequence them at will. These people are at bliss, liberated from the mercy of radio format, dictates, and rotation.
    6. 6. Crispy to Compressed Sound While listening to music remains in stereo, the quality of preferred sound has diminished. Mp3 as a compressed format loses the rich, hi-fidelity, and character of full audio perspective from vinyl records, tapes, and CDs. As music became sound files, listeners willingly go for the degraded quality to save on memory storage.
    7. 7. Music piracy Is No Longer A Profitable Business Suddenly, the PMC is no longer attracted to street peddlers’ offering music in CD. The configuration has become obsolete by torrent, peer sharing, & bluetooth. Why spend the hard earned Peso when music can be had for FREE! Music may, as Gerd Leonhard say, become “like water”.
    8. 8. Media Player Displaced CD Player The Compact Disc "Big Bang", in the digital audio world as a configuration lorded the industry for a short time. The first successful CD to be launched was Brothers in Arms in 1985. Now, CD is not even the preferred data storage. Media players do not skip; keeping CDs needs much care; Media players are easier to manipulate than the hardware dependent CD players. Most cell phones have media players.
    9. 9. Why buy? Buying downloads is a moral issue. Even if it’s wrong to download music, PMC like their local politicians do not heed this issue for they know they can easily get away from it. Baby A. Gil of The Philippine Star writes: Gary Granada songs are not really downloadable for free. He is simply charging you zero pesos.
    10. 10. Peer Sharing Peer sharing existed even before the internet: A friend records a tape copy from an LP to cassette and shares it to others. It has just become simpler now at very large scale. Actually the notion of peer-to-peer sharing in the internet is a miscalculation. The sharing between or among the people in the internet are not peers at all. Music files are quickly shared via bluetooth. An enthusiastic fan will never realize the mistake of sharing or giving away his idol’s music.
    11. 11. It’s not easy going legal Price may not always be the issue. The manner of payment discourages paid downloads oClick Music: prepaid vendors oMyMusicStore Philippines: SMART mobile number, Paypal, Credit Cards oOpm2go: SMART mobile number, Pre-paid cards, Paypal, Credit Cards
    12. 12. New Music Sources In the USA… despite hundreds of digital discovery options and hundreds of millions invested in 'disruptive' startups, music discovery is mostly happening on traditional radio, traditional TV, and through word-of-mouth. m/permalink/2013/20130326disc
    13. 13. Traditional Radio FM radio in Metro Manila has remained traditional! Even current-pop stations playlists are dominated by hit-backs. As Record companies revenues are no longer record sale dependent, samplers or promotional singles to stations has become rare or non- existent. Radio used to make the “hits”; now, it follows the audiences’ impulses: Pusong Bato has long been an underground hit became viral, radio picked it up.
    14. 14. TV & Movie Television & films as new music source is an art requiring creativity and sensibility. The impact of a scene and synched music turns out to be an unforgettable experience. The audience wanting more of that scenario are willing to pay to relive that experience. ABS- CBN and Star Cinema has developed this art persisting income from CD sales.
    15. 15. Word of mouth Fan pressure influence others to like a musical artist or song. Their testimonies and behaviour define the norm of a generation and their music serve as their anthem.
    16. 16. Internet Video & Streaming Youtube was designed not as a music service but music is its number one content globally. People have cleverly appropriated technology to meet their music needs.
    17. 17. Social Media The global conversation that takes place around events and the experiences people share based on what people watch teaches about consumer preferences. More importantly, their activity influences behaviour which counts for everything…
    18. 18. Survival in the new landscape The disruption in the record business has dethroned lawyers and accountants. The new music business landscape calls for a creative direction to revive the once vibrant trade. A new formula to regulate a system disturbed by technology must be developed. Artists weather new or established are levelled in terms of digital distribution and marketing however, making decent profit form their recordings are still ambiguous.
    19. 19. Professionalize the music industry, further Professionalism means higher standards of presentation and communication, as well as greater attention to business and marketing strategy. It seems like the best business practices remain effective and efficient to meet the disruptions in this music world until its rules are finally set for consumers to abide with. Being "professional" not only means being punctual, communicating accordingly, and dressing appropriately but at this point seeking the needed education and training to be able to understand these new realities as a new order is in place.
    20. 20. The music industry chain The record industry is just a part of the music business. Its fallen state brings about new and better opportunities. The PMC who forms part of the industry are musicians (mobile & transnational), the manufacturers of music instruments, music educators (performance, promotion, production, etc.), … PCMs are: us, we ourselves!us, we ourselves!
    21. 21. Observe, Measure, Learn! We all see the realities of our industry and are still happy to be engaged in it for life. Learning from these realities will lead us to understand and eventually conduct our behaviours appropriately. We have to translate PMCs’ activities into insights, turn these insights into actionable strategies and programs, then maybe a better music industry would improve.
    22. 22. I'm not going to conform to some consumer need. Billie Joe Armstrong