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Chapter 9 app pwrpt Chapter 9 app pwrpt Presentation Transcript

  • Chapter Nine App
  • Summary of Chapter Nine App
    In our presentation, we will discuss the App which we have created:
    Chapter 9 App. This App was designed to enhance your knowledge on
    how to write business letters. The App will include:
    Business letters characteristics
    Different types of business letters
    Significance of business letters
    Additional Information
    Outside research was conducted to allow us to examine these
    objectives in specific.
  • Significance and Preparation of Business Letters
    Importance of business letters:
    For a permanent record
    Provide confidentiality
    Carry formality and sensitivity
    Present well-considered messages
    Three phases of the 3X3 writing process
    determine the purpose of the letter, visualize the audience and anticipate the reaction of readers
    collect information for the first draft
    read the letter and revise it
    The following academic book and the .edu site could help students better
    understand the content above:
  • Structure and characteristics of good business letters
    Direct opening
    Detailed body
    Courteous conclusion
    Clear content
    Goodwill tone
    Appropriate form
    The follow article “Business letters” by Yvonne Alexander and the
    Discussion form could help students better understand the good
    Structure and characteristics of business letters.
  • Request and Order Letters
    Structure of Request Letter
    Direct opening with the purpose
    Detailed body with explanation and justification of the request
    Courteous closing with action request and appreciation
    Structure of order letter
    Direct opening with an introduction of the order and an authorization of purchase
    Detailed body including desired items, quantity, unit price, total price, and order number
    Clear closing stating the payment method and the date when the merchandise should be sent, and showing appreciation
    The following Podcast helps students better understand request and order
  • Effective Direct Claim Letters
    What is well-written claim ?
    Opening with description of problem
    Explaining and justifying without emotion
    Closing with a summary of action request
    Enclosing the copies of relevant documents
    The following Newsletter could help you build the ability of writing
    effective claim letters:
  • Elements of Reply Letters
    A clear subject line
    Relevant information the reader wants
    Good news presenting in the opening
    Additional information in the body
    Cordial and personalized closing
    Details of procedure if needed
    The following source would help you better prepare for a reply
  • Adjustment Letter
    Three goals of the adjustment letter:
    To correct the mistake
    To regain the customer confidence
    To promote business
    Structure of the adjustment letter
    To grant the claim in the opening
    To restate the problem and offer solution in the body
    To show appreciation and promote business in the closing
    The following link could help you better understand this sector of business writing.
  • Goodwill Messages
    Three types of goodwill messages
    Gift thank-yous’
    Thank-you for favours
    Expressions of sympathy
    Tips for writing different goodwill messages
    For gift thank-yous’: Identify the gift, show the appreciation, and share the way how you will use it
    For thank-you for favours: show the great appreciation
    For expression of sympathy: Mention the loss, offer assistance, and summarize on positive note
    The following source could help you know better about the goodwill
    message writing.
    Facebook Community:
  • More Feedback
    Business Writing Blog:
    Charitable Organization:
    An organization that has writing competitions
    Getting involved can help improve your writing skills
    Peer reviewed journal:
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  • The URL of the App
    if you want a better grade on the final, please click on the following link: 
    Hope everyone enjoyed the
    presentation and gets a good