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Operational excellence through transportation management by apptricity


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Apptricity transportaion management solution provides strategic transportation requisitioning, optimization and execution while providing total shipment visibility throughout the whole process.

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Operational excellence through transportation management by apptricity

  1. 1. Supply Chain Transportation Management Operational excellence through logistics/transportation managementWe help you to keep it moving Total logistics/transportation managementDespite major gains in transportation technology, many Apptricity TMS provides end-to-end, closed-loop func-companies continue to struggle with manual processes tionality and delivers strategic transportation requisi-and inefficient logistics/transportation management tioning, optimization, and execution while providing totalsystems. Shipping managers today contend with greater shipment visibility throughout the process. The solutioncapacity constraints, increasing operational costs and extends process control to your entire supply chain bydiminishing order-to-delivery times. In the face of fully integrating into your current warehouse systems.these challenges, maximizing efficiencies in logistics/ This provides instant audit trails for compliance and au-transportation management is essential to supply chain tomated payments for greater cost savings. Let us showexcellence and, in turn, the success of your enterprise. you how Apptricity can help empower your transporta- tion management processes and your enterprise.More than track and traceCommunication is your transportation management A complete solution from shipment tosystem’s lifeline. Apptricity’s electronic transactions settlementincrease visibility and communication as shipments All Apptricity’s solutions integrate seamlessly with exist-are requisitioned, received, loaded, and transported to ing enterprise settlement systems to reduce transactiondistributors and/or end users. Apptricity TMS graphi- times, minimize employee data entry error, and reducecally tracks, by item, estimated arrival/departure and cost and quantity of reconciliation time. Transactionsactual time for each route point. It also monitors current that previously took weeks with phone calls, faxes,and last known map location, planned versus actual and mailings can be resolved instantly with real-time,map location, highlighted road progress, and active auditable communication. Your employees can matchdeliveries/cargo locations. It facilitates management invoices instantly against shipment rates and contractsof cargo, equipment assets, manifests, bills of lading, and dramatically reduce your payment cycles.and accessorial supplies, and enables you to instantlyand accurately track assets from point to point. It is a Integrated with Apptricity Asset Management, yoursolution that provides unprecedented visibility into your organization can extend control of your assets’shipping and puts you in control of your supply chain. life-cycle phases, including maintenance, depreciation, reassignment and eventual disposal. Apptricity AssetManage shipments, not requests Management integrates asset assignment, reporting,Whether you are a combination carrier, freight forwarder, maintenance, and incident reporting. It is an end-to-endor container/bulk vessel operator, Apptricity TMS auto- solution that delivers full asset budgeting, depreciation,mates your product/shipment cycle and the associated allocation, tracking, and real-time general ledger (GL)transaction workflow. It provides comprehensive trans- integration. Apptricity Asset Management tracks assetsportation request management for requisition creation, throughout the organization by employee, general ledger,submission, approval/denial, updates, and notifications. and/or cost center. Manufacturer and supplier warran-By streamlining requisitioning and scheduling of ties are tracked online and incident reporting is providedshipments, Apptricity gives you greater control of your in real time to document problems, determine asset lifeprocess and increases the accuracy of your information, and track defects.allowing you to automate your shipments so you canbetter manage your business. the cloud.
  2. 2. Supply Chain Transportation Management continuedHOW IT WORKSAutomate cargo management for detailed equipment scheduling and in-transit updatesLandThe land module provides visibility of movement requests via in-transit updates, supportsunlimited modes for ground transportation, and cost-per-shipment analytics.SeaThe sea module facilitates detailed scheduling of equipment, ship operators, and portoperations, as well as tracking, customs invoicing and delivery notifications.AirThe air module provides flight assignment capability for crew and aircraft as well asreal-time flight tracking for any flight, anywhere.MobileUse your mobile device to submit or edit shipment requests, check the status of shipmentsand view maps for real-time shipment tracking.FOUR TENETS OF APPTRICITY SOLUTION DEVELOPMENTHIGHLY ADAPTABLEApptricity applications are highly adaptable. They can run on any OS, RDBMS, web server orapplication server technology platform. Apptricity supports a N-tier configuration. UHIGHLY CONFIGURABLEApptricity provides a business rules engine for unrestricted configuration. Solutions adaptto business logic, rules, established best practices and compliance.SUPERIOR INTEGRATIONThe Apptricity integration engine provides the ability to integrate into any third party datasource, dynamically or batch (EDI, XML, ORM). Apptricity also provides pre-built integrationconnectors for Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, Epicor, JD Edwards, GEAC, Great Plains and manyothers.MINIMAL-COST MIGRATIONYou configure the solution to meet your needs once. Our solutions’ migration capabilities Copyright © 1999-2013. Apptricity. All rights reserved. | Privacy Policy | rev.V.1, 021113eliminate future costs associated with upgrading to new versions. Why repeatedly pay forprofessional services every time ERP vendors send you a new version of software? WithApptricity, you configure once and migrate forever.FOLLOW US Apptricity Corporation 214.596.0601 Main 5605 N. MacArthur Blvd., Ste. 900 214.596.0609 Fax Irving, TX 75038 USA 800.693.2193 TOLL FREE