Jones how to use google analytics part 2
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Jones how to use google analytics part 2






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Jones how to use google analytics part 2 Jones how to use google analytics part 2 Presentation Transcript

  • Look! Up in the sky!
  • It’s a Bird!
  • It’s a Plane!
  • It’s … Super Google Analytics!
  • Equip your self with this cool tool
  • If you have websites, Google Analytics is a MUST
  • Google Analytics measure the performance of your website
  • It gives you the NUMBERS To make OBJECTIVE decisions about your website!!!
  • It answers important questions about your website
  • Should you continue or delete the website?
  • Which of your pages should you improve?
  • Which is your most effective landing page?
  • Do you know which is your most read post?
  • How long do they stay in your website?
  • Where are your visitors located?
  • How many new viewers do you get?
  • Rescue your website from oblivion!
  • Fight confusion and indecision!
  • You can get IMPT info in Super Google Analytics …
  • right at your finger tips 24/7!
  • Before you proceed, have you done the following…
  • Opened an account in Google Analytics?
  • Pasted the tracking code in your website?
  • If you answered YES
  • Congratulations! You are all set to go!
  • If you do not have an account in Google Analytics yet or …
  • You have not posted a tracking code yet …
  • In your browser, type http: Visit Part 1 of this tutorial series
  • Now that you have done these 2 things, you are good to go!
  • On your browser, type: analytics/
  • Click “Sign In”
  • Type your details
  • You will see this page
  • Click the code under your website
  • The name of your blog will appear…
  • Click the name of your website
  • Meet your Dashboard!
  • The Dashboard gives you a snap shot of your website’s performance
  • On the Visitor’s Overview, you will see how many visited your site
  • Do you want select the dates to view?
  • Click the arrow near the dates
  • A drop down calendar will appear
  • Choose your preferred dates by clicking on them
  • Or by simply typing the dates
  • Then click “Apply”
  • Now you have your preferred date range!
  • Scroll down to see more info
  • Next info shows your visitors’ behavior in your site
  • Now, are you overwhelmed with the numbers and graphs?
  • Remember this: Numbers can’t harm you!
  • Numbers and charts GUIDE you
  • Numbers and charts are your FRIENDS!
  • Ready to see more of your FRIENDS???
  • Let’s go through the data
  • Visits vs. Unique Visitors Visits - The number of visits to your site during a given time period Unique visitors - The number of unduplicated visits to your site during a given time period
  • Let’s look at our example:
  • In this case, the website had 49 visitors and 47 of which are new visitors
  • Page views vs. Pages/Visit Pageviews: The number of pages/ posts your visitors viewed. Pages/Visit: The average visit in terms of page views.
  • In this case, the visitors had 85 page views and each visit viewed 1.73 pages
  • Ave. Visit Duration vs. Bounce Rate Bounce Rate: The percentage of people who only visited one page on your site before they “bounced” somewhere else. Ave. Visit Duration : The average amount of time a visitor spends at your site.
  • The visitors spent 1.29 min. in the site and had a high bounce rate of 77%!
  • The Pie-Chart shows percentages of new visitors and returning visitors
  • Now you have an overview on your website’s performance!
  • Now that was easy, isn’t it?
  • Google Analytics gives you the NUMBERS
  • Numbers and charts are your FRIENDS!
  • Please keep that in mind! Numbers  and  charts   are  my  friends!       How  about  YOU?  
  • Please keep this in mind! A  SUPER  TOOL  is   always  ready  to  help   YOU…  
  • Super Google Analytics!
  • Thank you! See YOU in Part 3
  • Big Thanks To: google-analytics.php the-most-out-of-google-analytics/