How to use backupify
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How to use backupify






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How to use backupify How to use backupify Presentation Transcript

  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com2 You may be asking yourself this question…
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com3 Why should I back-up my online accounts?
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com4 To protect your accounts from hackers…
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com5 … and from YOU!
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com6 Did you know that
 1.3 of all data loss 
 is caused by 
 human error?
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com7 You may ACCIDENTALLY DELETE your account!
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com8 Did you know that
 1.7 BILLION emails 
 are protected 
 by Backupify?
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com9 Now, are YOU convinced?
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com10 In your browser, type:
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com11 Welcome to Backupify!
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com12 Scroll down till…
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com13 You see this
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com14 Zoom it in!
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com15 Look for Backupify for Personal Apps
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com16 Click “Learn More”
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com17 You will see this screen
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com18 Scroll down…
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com19 Till you see this
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com20 Click “Sign Up” 
 for My Cloud Personal
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com21 You will see this
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com22 Enter your details
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com23 Click “Create Account”
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com24 You will see this
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com25 Scroll down 
 till you see..
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com26 You see this!
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com27 Select which of these you want to back up
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com28 Want to back up your Google accounts?
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com29 Click “Add service”
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com30 You will see this screen
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com31 Click “Authorize Backupify on Google”
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com32 You will see this…
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com33 Zoom it in!
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com34 Click “Grant Access”
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com35 You will see this
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com36 Click “Add Service”
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com37 Now, this looks familiar!
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com38 Let’s add more!
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com39 Click “Add Service”
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com40 You will be asked to log in to facebook
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com41 You will be asked to log in to facebook
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com42 You will see this
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com43 Click “Go to App”
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com44 You will see your FB Pages
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com45 Click “Allow”
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com46 Great Job! Positively Awesome VA
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com47 Click “Add Service” Positively Awesome VA
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com48 Looks familiar again!
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com49 You can back up 
 up to 3 services!
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com50 Congratulations!
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com51 Now, you can sleep well…
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com52 Remember, its not only your account that needs back up…
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com53 Your CLIENT’S accounts MUST have back ups too!
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com54 Now, you and your client can sleep better…
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com55 With all your online accounts SAFE with…
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com56
  • Read the story @ PositivelyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com57