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  1. 1. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  How to be a Hootsuite Wizard!
  2. 2. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Welcome to the world of " social media wizardry!
  3. 3. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Where you will be transformed …
  4. 4. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  From Geek Social Media Wizard! to
  5. 5. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  As a Social Media Wizard, " your quest is to …
  6. 6. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Magically manage your multiple social media platforms…
  7. 7. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  With just" ONE CLICK!
  8. 8. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  But first, you have to equip yourself….
  9. 9. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  You choose your wand…
  10. 10. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Now, you choose your pet…
  11. 11. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  A wise social media wizard would choose….
  12. 12. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  A pet that will back him up on his QUEST…
  13. 13. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Viola….. Hootsuite!
  14. 14. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Post messages in your various social media networks " SIMULTANEOUSLY!
  15. 15. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Track your brand and analyze your traffic
  16. 16. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Schedule you posts and tweets!
  17. 17. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  So you can relax more often and have FUN!
  18. 18. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Can you guess the other big names who are enjoying the powers of Hootsuite?"
  19. 19. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  These are just a few of them
  20. 20. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com 
  21. 21. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com 
  22. 22. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com 
  23. 23. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com 
  24. 24. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com 
  25. 25. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  So, you’re in good company!
  26. 26. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Now, let the MAGIC begin!
  27. 27. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  In your browser, type" “hootsuite.com”
  28. 28. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  You will see the sign up page
  29. 29. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Click “View Plans and Pricing” to see your options
  30. 30. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  There’s a paid and free registration
  31. 31. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Let’s try the FREE account and click “Sign UP” free registration
  32. 32. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Go ahead and fill in your details
  33. 33. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Click “Create Account”
  34. 34. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  You will be asked to verify your account, go ahead and check your email Follow instructions, you will be asked to click the link
  35. 35. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  You will be directed to your Hootsuite account
  36. 36. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Click “Add a Social Network”
  37. 37. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Wait as it searches for social networks
  38. 38. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Click the social network that you would like to add
  39. 39. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  You can add twitter, facebook, linked in, or ALL!
  40. 40. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  For example, you want to add your FB account, click “Facebook”
  41. 41. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Then click “Submit”
  42. 42. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Log in your FB account, then click “Log IN”
  43. 43. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  It will search for your FB profile, FB Pages, and FB Groups
  44. 44. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Click on the right side of the tabs that you would like to import from FB
  45. 45. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Click “Finished Importing”
  46. 46. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Tabs for your chosen FB account will appear!
  47. 47. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Click one tab…
  48. 48. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  And your FB wall will appear!
  49. 49. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Neat huh?
  50. 50. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Go ahead and add your other social networks
  51. 51. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  You can also add your " facebook pages
  52. 52. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Simply click “Getting Started”
  53. 53. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  And this will appear!
  54. 54. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Click “Add a Social Network”
  55. 55. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Just give it a try, " you can do it!
  56. 56. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  In case you want a guide, you can go back to slides # 35-40
  57. 57. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Have fun! I’ll wait for you here…
  58. 58. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Now, are you ready to rock it and create posts?
  59. 59. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Notice the two rectangular boxes under the URL?
  60. 60. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  This is where you will put your messages or posts.
  61. 61. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Click on the space that says “Compose message”
  62. 62. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  It will ZOOM IN and it will look like this…
  63. 63. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Type in your post or message
  64. 64. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Click on the space that says “Click to select a profile”
  65. 65. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  This will appear…
  66. 66. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Click on the social media where you want to post the message
  67. 67. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Click “Send now”
  68. 68. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  There it is in your wall!
  69. 69. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Hootsuite has a lot in its bag of tricks!
  70. 70. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  As a Social Media Wizard," you can impress your clients with these tricks… Schedule your posts Monitor your social media profile
  71. 71. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Would you like to schedule your posts?
  72. 72. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Here’s how you do it…
  73. 73. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Let us compose a message
  74. 74. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Type in your message
  75. 75. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Click on the Calendar Icon
  76. 76. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  This is the Calendar Icon
  77. 77. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  A Calendar will appear
  78. 78. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  You can choose the DATE for your message to appear
  79. 79. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  You can choose the TIME for your message to appear
  80. 80. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Did you know that you can instruct Hootsuite to prompt you when post appear?" (so you can check!)
  81. 81. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Click on the box “Email me when message is sent”
  82. 82. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Click “Schedule”
  83. 83. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Goin’ on vacation? " You can schedule your messages for your fans!
  84. 84. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  So you can chill out!
  85. 85. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Ready for another trick?
  86. 86. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Would you like to monitor your social media profile?
  87. 87. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Adding Streams allow you to monitor your profiles.
  88. 88. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Click “Add Stream” at the top portion of your dash board
  89. 89. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  This screen will appear…
  90. 90. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Select your profile
  91. 91. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Click “Create Stream”
  92. 92. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  This screen will appear…
  93. 93. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Select your social media
  94. 94. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Let’s try facebook
  95. 95. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Go ahead, click “facebook”
  96. 96. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  This screen will appear
  97. 97. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Select your profile
  98. 98. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Select your profile
  99. 99. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Now, choose the stream that you would like to add
  100. 100. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Let’s choose “News Feed – Status Updates”
  101. 101. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Go ahead and click “News Feed – Status Updates”
  102. 102. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  You have added a stream on News Feed – Status Updates!
  103. 103. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Hootsuite is one valuable tool!
  104. 104. Read my story at h-p:// Posi3velyAwesomeVA.wordpress.com  Spread the LOVE And tell your friends about it!