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Virtual Tour

  1. 1. Come inside and look around our school. Click on the doors to enter.
  2. 2. This is the entrance hall. This year we are celebrating writing so every fortnight a different class displays their writing on the ‘Walwayne’s Wonderful Writers’ wall. Also in the entrance hall is a monitor where we display photos of the latest events that have taken place in our school. And if you would like to come this way …
  3. 3. We are very proud of our trophy cabinet, having enjoyed success at a range of sporting activities. In the school office, you will be greeted by Mrs. Rowett, the school secretary. Now let’s visit the rest of the school.
  4. 4. Our Reception and Year 1 class is spread across a whole unit, making a very flexible learning environment. Come and see the other half of the class room.
  5. 5. As you walk down the corridor you will notice that each climate zone has been represented through artwork. This is the rainforest. The corridor is also our school library and where our Teaching Assistants work with small groups of children. Now let’s pop into Year 2. We’ll see some more of the corridor later.
  6. 6. These are the classrooms for Year 2. All our classrooms have interactive whiteboards. Before we visit Key Stage 2, let’s see some more of the corridor.
  7. 7. Here is the desert zone and down the corridor hangs the Sun. Outside every unit is an area to display work. Some of the Years 3 and 4 are out in the mobile, Willow Unit, so we’ll visit the other classes first.
  8. 8. This is one of the classes of Sycamore Unit and this is a Year 5 class. Each unit has a bay area which is used as a computer area. Now’ll we pop to the other Sycamore classroom.
  9. 9. This is the other classroom of Sycamore Unit and Year 3/4 learn in here. Next, we’ll wander down the corridor to Beech Unit.
  10. 10. Here we are, Beech Unit.
  11. 11. Beech Unit is home to Years 5 and 6. Before we go outside to visit Willow Unit and see the grounds, there are a few more rooms to see.
  12. 12. This is our Music Room. Guitar, woodwind, brass and strings instrument lessons take place in here every week. Now let’s go out to Willow – hopefully it’s not raining!
  13. 13. Although this is mainly used as our ICT suite, we like to keep the use of this room flexible by packing away the laptops and using it for things like art projects. Next door is the Music Room.
  14. 14. This is Willow Unit, home to Year 3 and 4. Back outside again to look around the grounds.
  15. 15. Walwayne has wonderful grounds with a large playground, an adventure play area, as well as a large field. There’s more!
  16. 16. We have a table tennis table and a path that winds round the outer edge of the field, with benches and the wibbly wobbly walkway along the way. …and more!
  17. 17. Here is the pond, which is home to the rare crested newt. It is great for pond-dipping! This area is used by the gardening club who grow vegetables and fruit throughout the year. The waste from our fruit, eaten at breaktime, is collected and used to make compost. Almost there!
  18. 18. We also have a summerhouse, great for shelter from the sun and rain! And finally, a very recent addition to the school is our new bike shelter. Time to go now!
  19. 19. I hope you enjoyed your tour around Walwayne Court School. Come back soon and see if you can spot any changes. Bye!