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    12.1 12.1 Presentation Transcript

    • 12.1 FDR and the New Deal
    • FDR and the New Deal
      In the 1932 election it was Herbert Hoover (R) vs. Franklin D. Roosevelt (D).
      Franklin Roosevelt (FDR) is a distant cousin of Teddy Roosevelt.
      FDR was serving as governor of New York state.
      FDR won the election with 472 electoral college votes.
      Once he became President, he created the “New Deal” which started helping banks, industry, agriculture, and the poor.
      “Throughout the nation men and women, forgotten in the political philosophy of the Government, look to us here for guidance and for more equitable opportunity to share in the distribution of national wealth... I pledge myself to a new deal for the American people. This is more than a political campaign. It is a call to arms.”
    • FDR lays the smack down…Electoral votes: 472 -- 59
    • Life of FDR
      He grew up on the Hudson River at his families estate in Hyde Park NY.
      He married a distant cousin named Eleanor Roosevelt.
      Teddy Roosevelt was Eleanor’s Uncle, and stood at her wedding in the place of her father
      He served as assistant Secretary of the Navy throughout WWI.
      He got Polio at age 39. This disease would permanently paralyze his legs.
      He is the only President to be elected more than twice. (4 times total: 1932, 36, 40, and 44)
    • FDR in 1893
    • 1 of known photographs of him in a wheelchair
    • Franklin with Eleanor/Secretary of the Navy
    • Sad Marriage
      • FDR had an affair with Eleanor’s secretary early in their marriage
      • Nicknamed “Mrs. Johnson” by secret service
      • Eleanor offered a divorce so that he could be with the women he loved
      • He promised not to see her…liar
      • They remained married, but all love was gone
      • Marriage was political partnership…not love
    • Together in Hyde Park
    • Listen to these Speeches
      • March 4th, 1933 – Roosevelt takes office (33 days after Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany
      • 25% of population is unemployed
      • 2 million are homeless
      • price of farming crops are down 60%
      • America is in the worst economic situation it had ever been in
    • Americans were anxious to see what FDR would do once he took over. As proven by the election, he had their confidence.
    • FDR wanted to end prohibition immediately
    • First Hundred Days in Office
      FDR picked advisers with many different view points so he could weigh everything equally and make a sound decision.
      When he took office there was an immediate bank run and over 4,000 banks collapsed (scared he was gonna lift
      On the second day he was in office, he declared a national bank holiday which closed all banks.
      He would make radio speeches to the public known as “fireside chats.” These talks helped restore confidence.
      He would begin with “Hello friends” and they became more popular than any of the famous shows during this “Golden Age of Radio”
      During this time Congress passed 15 acts to help the crisis of the Depression.
      These Acts are what is known as the New Deal.
    • Examples of the New Deal
      1. The Emergency Banking Relief
      - This issued Treasury Department licenses to banks
      2. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
      - Regulated the stock market and prevented fraud
      3. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
      - Provided government insurance for bank deposits up to a certain amount
      4. Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA)
      - Gave money to farmers not to grow certain crops to raise demand
      5. National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA)
      - Allowed business and government to set up rules for each industry
    • Examples of the New Deal part 2
      6. Civil Works Adminstration (CWA)
      Employs people in the raking leaves cycle…self-esteem
      7. Farm Credit Administration (FCA)
      - Helped farmers refinance their mortgages
      8. Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
      - Gave young men age 18-25 jobs outdoors like planting forest, etc.
      9. Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
      - Created dams and reservoirs that were used to provide electricity
      10. Public Works Administration (PWA)
      - Built roads, sewer systems. Schools, and governmental jobs
    • PWA damn in Montana gave work to over 10,000 workers
    • CWA making a scenic highway in California…look how many workers
    • Civilian Concervation Corps (CCC)
    • TVA got water to the rural areas
      Of 1837
    • New Deal cont…
      The New Deal showed how FDR was willing to help America.
      Jobs were created, people got to keep their homes, and farmers went back to work.
      This plan helped to restore American’s faith in the government.
      Things were still rough in America…but seemed better
      What FDR did best?
    • My Grandmother and FDR