Keeping your ducks in a row with your seo


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Keeping your ducks in a row with your seo

  1. 1. Keeping Your Ducks in a Row with Your SEO ©2011, Oracle Digital
  2. 2. As an SEO company who serves a lot of different types of customers, we see a widearray of websites. We see websites with a lot of SEO elements, a few search engineoptimisation elements, and we see websites that have been haphazardly throwntogether with little regard for how Google and other search engines will view thesite. Keeping your ducks in a row with SEO will help you maximise potential of beingranked organically for the words and phrases your prospective customers are lookingfor and the right approach can also help you get the traffic that lands on your pages tofollow your desired call to action as well.There are some basics that help you dramatically with your SEO. Consistency and athorough approach do make a difference to how fast you get indexed and to how yourpotential audience might respond to your site. Why discount them when there’s only aminimal amount of work required to meet these guidelines that could have a reallypositive impact on how your site is viewedby search engines?Here are a few of those ducks that youshould line up:  Permalink structure – The sorts of links you use do make a difference to your SEO.  Page Title – What’s each page about? Search engines need to know and a consistent and succinct way of describing this is important.  Descriptions – Why should people click that page? What will it do for them? Search engines will notice as well.  Keywords – Keyword focus is an integral part of an SEO campaign.  Robot txt – Search engine spiders need to know how to treat each page on the site. You do have the power to direct them.  XML Sitemaps – Get your page read faster and with clarity.  Heading Tags – These elements can increase perceived relevancy as well as help your page aesthetics.These are just a few of the areas an SEO consultant will look at. Do you know how tomanage each of these areas? If not, an SEO company could help you fix your old site,©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  3. 3. set standards for ongoing development, and / or help you with a brand new site that’sdesigned for optimal results with search engines and clients.Many of these elements are important to the search engines but they’re also importantto the people surfing through those search engine results pages. Many elements of yourSEO will do more than get you listed on search engine results pages — they’ll helppeople decide whether or not they actually want to click that result to see what’s onyour page.A solid SEO strategy can help you revamp and optimise your existing site, can help youon an ongoing basis as you expand your website, and can be a great way to hit theground running when you launch a brand new website.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 2