Is Your Small Business Resisting SEO Come Inside And Read This


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Is Your Small Business Resisting SEO Come Inside And Read This

  1. 1. Is Your Small Business Resisting SEO Come Inside and Read This ©2009, Oracle Digital
  2. 2. Some local small businesses throughout Australia seem reluctant to open theirmarketing minds to the idea of SEO and Digital Marketing in general. We are not sayingall, because our awesome list of small to medium business clients suggests otherwise,but some of you are still afraid of investing in SEO. Some of you don‟t think you needit. Others are worried about ROI. You should read on and make sure you‟re not ignoringsome important trends in your niche and local area.Here‟s an example of a discussion we had after pitching a local business on our localSEO services: “We are the only mob in this area who does what we do. We don‟t need SEO and all that technical jargon.”We showed that customer a local businessin the same niche that they hadn‟t noticed.That supplier didn‟t need our help as they‟dbeen investing in SEO already. True, theyweren‟t getting much local business butwhat they got from online sales trumpedtheir competition who wasn‟t leveragingSEO.That prospect hadn‟t heard of thatcompetitor. Because they weren‟t listed inthe local Yellow Pages, they didn‟t thinkthey could possibly be a big threat.Do you subscribe to Yellow Pages advertising being the „be all and end all‟? If that‟s allyou‟re doing, you‟re missing the boat on today‟s consumer who often just uses theirYellow Pages just to boost up the visiting toddlers at the dinner table, to prop a dooropen, or to level their wonky coffee table.Is your site just sitting there in static mode? If you do have the tech savvy to have awebsite for your business, it needs to be more than brochure-ware.We asked the naysayer: “Have you found your sales have slowed down over the recent months?”They said had but flippantly chalked it up to the global financial crisis and the fact thatpeople weren‟t spending money.©2009, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  3. 3. We said “Well, hopefully that is the case… ” and we shake hands and smile, of course,leaving a business card at the counter. We left purely and simply because a mind likethis is not going to be converted in an instant. The sense of ignorance, the lack ofknowledge, and most of all the pride won‟t open their eyes straight away. The joy is,the benchmark is usually 48-72 hours later when prospects have had a chance to digestwhat we‟ve said. We often receive many return calls, from the same business ownerasking for a follow up meeting.The moral of this story is “store blindness”. Ignorance is bliss until the bank accountruns out! Then it‟s pure agony.Don‟t fall victim to losing the marketing reality of your business. Be online, maintainyour presence, and execute a multi-faceted online marketing strategy. If you want togrow and retain your customers, you need to continually push your efforts forward.Technology is a huge part of that equation. If you‟re not using SEO to your advantageand you still have a strong presence in your local area, chances are strong thatsomeone is down the road, off your radar, is and is just inches away from stealing yourthunder and… your customers. Want to talk SEO strategy? Contact us.©2009, Oracle Digital Page | 2