Are Your SEO Efforts Sing For Bing  And CouldTake Google Down
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Are Your SEO Efforts Sing For Bing And CouldTake Google Down






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Are Your SEO Efforts Sing For Bing  And CouldTake Google Down Are Your SEO Efforts Sing For Bing And CouldTake Google Down Document Transcript

  • Are Your SEO Efforts Optimising for Bing And Could Bing Take Google Down ©2011, Oracle Digital
  • Yes, it’s fair to say that Google continues to maintain a considerable stronghold forsearch engines. In fact, 84.65% to be exact. But if you’re only focusing on Googleoptimisation, you could be in for a rude awakening if someone like Bing happens totake a considerable chunk of that market share.Think it’s just about impossible for someone like Bing to take out Google? This isalmighty Microsoft, don’t forget…What makes Microsoft such a threat? The recent joining forces between Facebook andBing aren’t something to be ignored. A lot of buzz exists around the fact that Facebookdominates the Internet. Up until now, people still had to go to their favourite searchengine, though. 2.5B searches a day happen in Google News every day and many ofthose searches are happening when facebook users leave facebook to perform thatsearch. The union of Bing and Facebookcould change that. Why?Searching on Facebook will start bringing youBing results at the bottom of the page. With somany people starting off every internet searchby checking their Facebook newsfeed first(often before they even check email), this couldmean big shifts in the search engine market in2011.Facebook claims 500+ million members in itsarsenal, and with growth at over 700,000members per/day at one time, this may suggestmore and more people may begin to use thesearch results as displayed in facebook —delivered by Bing.What Happens To YOUR Site If Bing Dethrones Google?How are you ranking in Bing? Is your SEO firm is paying attention to SEO forBing? Putting all your eggs into the Google basket could be a mistake. Here at OracleDigital, a Perth Australia SEO company, we use a multifaceted approach to SEO to helpyou rank well in multiple search engines as well as to take advantage of powerful socialmedia tools.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 1