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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. simulation in digital forensic education
    • jonathan crellin
    • sevasti karatzouni
    • school of computing,
    • university of portsmouth,
    • portmouth, uk
    • [email_address]
  • 2. simulation and role play in df
    • creation of a 'safe' environment in which skills can be practised
    • e.g. flight simulation
    • link simulator
    • MS flight simulator
  • 3. link & MS illustration
    • item
  • 4. virtual reality
    • jaron lanier “virtual reality” 1987
    • morton heilig's sensorama 1962
    • nasa
    • medical training (e.g. ExPERT Centre simulation, high fidelity v lo fidelity)
  • 5. hi v lo fidelity simulation
    • ExPERT Centre simulated lab v Second Life ward illustration
  • 6. virtual worlds
    • a representation of a virtual environment
      • initially text description
      • later using 3D graphics
      • may include machine generated characters
      • multiple 'locations'
    • multi user
      • network interaction between real users through the environment
      • MUD (multi user dungeon)
    • persistent
      • 24/7 environment
      • MMORG (massively multiuser online role playing game)
  • 7. second life
    • world of warcraft (11m users)
      • 1994
      • hacking and slashing (but also team working)
    • second life (linden labs)
      • 2003
      • “ ...a world created by its own netizens...”
      • (follows the C21st of user contributed content)
      • adult v teen areas
      • 'goal-less'
  • 8.  
  • 9. second life in UK HE
      • Computer games: Loughborough University, University of Teeside, Bromley College
      • Project Management: University of Bedfordshire
      • Health Informatics: University of Plymouth
      • 3D design: University of Sunderland, University of Hertfordshire, University of Strathclyde
      • General topics in Computer Science: University of Greenwich, Heriot-Watt University, The Open University.
      • Theatre Design: Coventry University
      • Health, medical and bioscience applications: Glasgow Caledonian University, Nottingham Trent, University of Worcester, University of Sunderland
    (Virtual Worlds Watch snapshot for 2009)
  • 10. UoPortsmouth...
    • funded projects in use of second life as a development environment in HCI teaching and other level 3 units.
    • use of second life in engineering projects
    • distance learning v face to face classes
  • 11. simulation in digital forensics
    • investigation of digital devices
    • documenting the investigation for use in court
    • use of hard drives and disk images for student investigation
    • some forms of simulation are quite demanding in terms of resources
    • Seizure scenarios can be quite demanding
    • (typically used an existing office plus an imported PC)
  • 12.
    • prepare pc
    • prepare media/ images
    • appropriate room
    • appropriate contextual evidence
  • 13. virtual world simulation
    • larger range of contexts
    • pre-prepared
    • does not necessarily require tutor interaction
    • can be revisited time and again
    • 'bots' to provide some limited/ constrained interaction
  • 14. 3 conditions of simulation
    • real world
      • based on an existing office, dressed with appropriate extras
    • second life
      • holosuite based
      • mix of large scenarios difficult to achieve in the real world, and smaller locations
    • an alternative virtual world
      • self contained 'virtual world'
  • 15. proposed evaluation
    • how effective is the approach?
      • learning outcomes
      • distractions
    • how expensive is it to develop a scenario in this media?
      • time
      • cost
    • how satisfying is it as a learning experience?
      • enjoyable?
    • how appropriate is this sort of environment for this topic?
  • 16. available online paper available at: slides available at:
  • 17. questions
    • ?