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Mastering the Social Media Mix
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Mastering the Social Media Mix


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A workshop designed to help solo-preneurs & small biz owners to expand their audiences/clients through the Internet & Social Media. Led by Jon Leland, president & creative director ComBridges; Dean, New Marketing University.

IF YOU ARE A SOLO-PRENEUR or SMALL BUSINESS OWNER ... chances are you are also your own marketing director & publicist.

In today's complex multi-media world of Internet marketing, navigating your way through the maze of social media networks, YouTube videos, podcasting, blogging and email newsletters, you might find yourself "missing a few notes" or "dropping a few lines."

1 What is the best way to use the Internet to advance your career? Build audience? Gain new clients?

2 How do you garner attention amongst all the attention-seekers in your marketing space?

3 Do you have a brand identity and do you need one?

4 Where do you begin?

5 How do you navigate and leverage Facebook, Twitter, your website, related tools such as LinkedIn, ReverbNation, Google profile, Blogs, MySpace, YouTube, electronic press kits. email marketing sites (i.e., Constant Contact, MailChimp, Vertical Response, FanBridges), online press release distribution, etc. etc.

6 The "hits" just keep on happening and these trends are certain to continue to accelerate.

NOW is the time to take a positive step and get a grip on these new dynamic opportunities to reach a larger audience.

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  • 1. Mastering the Social Media Mix JON LELAND President & Creative Director, Dean, New Marketing University, This entire presentation is © 2012 Jon Leland, ComBridges & Laxmi’s Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved.Thursday, May 3, 12
  • 2. Welcome! Thanks to Linda! Yes, I will send you a copy of these Slides Yes, there will be a Break Your ebook, “Internet Marketing: 8 Key Concepts Every Business MUST Know” is coming ‘real soon’Thursday, May 3, 12
  • 3. Agenda The Water We Swim In SEO Authentic Voice PPC Advertising Relationship Building YouTube/Video The Social Eco-System Facebook Content Marketing How-to Demos Leads & Funnel ProcessThursday, May 3, 12
  • 4. This is Not... A silver bullet A get rich quick formula One size fits all Easy peazy... “It’s always more complicated than you think it is.”Thursday, May 3, 12
  • 5. Workshop Purpose To bridge the Grand Canyon Gap between YOU and Web technologies by showing how to use New Marketing (social media & Internet media) to build authentic, sustainable online business relationships.Thursday, May 3, 12
  • 6. Objectives & Planning “You Can’t Hit a Target You Can’t See, and You Can’t See a Target You Don’t Have.” — Zig Ziglar What Are Your Objectives Today?Thursday, May 3, 12
  • 7. “The only constant is change.”Thursday, May 3, 12
  • 8. Less than 20 years!Thursday, May 3, 12
  • 9. The Water We Swim In Understanding the Universal “Platform”Thursday, May 3, 12
  • 10. Take Action “We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years, and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten. Dont let yourself be lulled into inaction.” — Bill GatesThursday, May 3, 12
  • 11. Authentic VoiceThursday, May 3, 12
  • 12. Earned Media “Permission marketing is the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them.” — Seth GodinThursday, May 3, 12
  • 13. “Word of mouth is the original form of social media... Remarkable things get remarked about.” — John Moore, WOMMAThursday, May 3, 12
  • 14. Thursday, May 3, 12
  • 15. Exercise: What is Your Compelling Promise? Does Your “Authentic Voice” Resonate?Thursday, May 3, 12
  • 16. “The easiest customers to get are almost never the best ones.” — Seth GodinThursday, May 3, 12
  • 17. Relationship BuildingThursday, May 3, 12
  • 18. How to Create Connection Be Exceptional Sustainable Relationship Building: “Lead with Value” Share High Quality, Valuable Content (“80-20 Rule” of value vs promotion)Thursday, May 3, 12
  • 19. Your Social Media Eco-SystemThursday, May 3, 12
  • 20. The Social Graph The Marriage of Search & Social Examples: Summify via Wikipedia ZiteThursday, May 3, 12
  • 21. Two Kinds of Pull DynamicsThursday, May 3, 12
  • 22. NEXT GENERATION WORD-OF-MOUTH Connect with Brand Advocates & Influencers to Create “A Tribal Wave” of Social RecommendationsThursday, May 3, 12
  • 23. Attract to Your In-Bound Marketing HubThursday, May 3, 12
  • 24. Beyond the What Happens Next?Thursday, May 3, 12
  • 25. Beyond the “Activate Your Fans. Don’t Just Collect Them Like Baseball Cards.” — Jay BaerThursday, May 3, 12
  • 26. Only the Beginning...Thursday, May 3, 12
  • 27. Keep Your Goal In MindThursday, May 3, 12
  • 28. Create a Relationship Building StrategyThursday, May 3, 12
  • 29. © 2012 Infusionsoft “A failure to plan is a plan to fail.”Thursday, May 3, 12
  • 30. Be Willing to ExperimentThursday, May 3, 12
  • 31. Content Marketing Pathways to Permission. Avenues to Authority.Thursday, May 3, 12
  • 32. Digital Content = A New Media WorldThursday, May 3, 12
  • 33. Establish Authority The EBook Explosion Free Downloads Revenue Opportunity John Locke: “How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months” Blogs, Vlogs & Podcasts Video via YouTube++ Webinars & SlideShare Live & Virtual Events by Ann Handley of (use Facebook & LinkedIn)Thursday, May 3, 12
  • 34. Lead Capture & NurturingThursday, May 3, 12
  • 35. Lead Capture Play with “Personas” Create Goals for Each Type of Lead Offer Incentives Customized for Each Type of LeadThursday, May 3, 12
  • 36. Lead Nurturing Targeted Sequences Automated Follow-Up Integrated CRMThursday, May 3, 12
  • 37. SEO Search Engine OptimizationThursday, May 3, 12
  • 38. New Access to New NichesThursday, May 3, 12
  • 39. Long Tails Keywords Are More EffectiveThursday, May 3, 12
  • 40. SEO: Beyond the SERP SEO Meets Social Media YouTube Search Search, Plus Your World Google+ Tweets, LinkedIn, et. al.Thursday, May 3, 12
  • 41. Understanding Key Concepts Keywords: Mission Critical Points of Focus The Gospel of Relevance Pros & Cons of “The Long Tail” >Thursday, May 3, 12
  • 42. Keyword Research Google Keyword Tool Do It Yourself vs Professional Help Software: WordTracker Keyword Discovery Market SamuraiThursday, May 3, 12
  • 43. Component 1 of 2: On-Page Factors HTML Web Page Components Title & Description Meta Tags Headlines & Sub-Heads Body Text (Keyword Density)Thursday, May 3, 12
  • 44. Component 2 of 2: Off-Page Factors Link Equity & Authority Building ‘Referral Networks’ via WikipediaThursday, May 3, 12
  • 45. Pay-Per-Click Advertising “PPC”Thursday, May 3, 12
  • 46. Accountability Comes to AdvertisingThursday, May 3, 12
  • 47. Astounding Value Per Lead and Interactive...Thursday, May 3, 12
  • 48. Highly Targeted & Relatively Easy Web-Based Software Apps Budgets Are Easy to Control Launch & Learn Valuable Feedback & Market Research (Tim Ferris, “Four Hour Work Week”)Thursday, May 3, 12
  • 49. PPC Ad Channels Google AdWords — Keyword Driven Facebook Ads — Profile Attribute Driven LinkedIn Ads — Geo-targeted, even more specific criteria Video Ads on YouTube — Context/Clip Specific OptionThursday, May 3, 12
  • 50. The Video RevolutionThursday, May 3, 12
  • 51. Video is Now a ‘Must Have’ The Medium of the Web is Morphing: Video is Part of “The Visual Web” (i.e. Instagram/Pinterest/Tumblr) YouTube is the #2 Search Engine Relationship Building Loves Virtual “Eye-to-Eye” ContactThursday, May 3, 12
  • 52. What Makes an Effective Video? A Well-Optimized Channel (SEO) Authentic Voice Leading with Value A Regular, Sustainable Frequency Reasonable Production ValuesThursday, May 3, 12
  • 53. Video Production Tips Audio If You Must with Flip/Phone, Get Subject Close Lighting (Avoid Back-Lighting) Add Graphic Components Tell A Story Keep It Under 2-MinutesThursday, May 3, 12
  • 54. FacebookThursday, May 3, 12
  • 55. The #1 Internet DestinationThursday, May 3, 12
  • 56. A New Über-Social Web Profiles vs. Pages example: “Likes” — What Happens Next? Tell Stories with Pictures & Videos Engagement via iFrames: Lead Capture & More App tip: GroSocial.comThursday, May 3, 12
  • 57. How-to DemoThursday, May 3, 12
  • 58. “How Do Dey Do Dat?” Time Management Editorial Planning & Frequency Buffer, HootSuite & Auto-Tweets Anatomy of a Post: Blog, FB, LI, Twitter, YT (multi-action clip board) Twitter Lists & Email signatures including Gmail via WiseStamp & Rapportive See Free Guidebook!Thursday, May 3, 12
  • 59. TwitterThursday, May 3, 12
  • 60. An Arena of Immediate ActionThursday, May 3, 12
  • 61. Micro, Mobile & Highly Interactive Listening Powerful Prospecting Leverage Lists Social graph developmentThursday, May 3, 12
  • 62. LinkedInThursday, May 3, 12
  • 63. Professional Networking Powerful “Executive Search” Promote Events Participate Appropriately in GroupsThursday, May 3, 12
  • 64. Success in Small Steps “It’s not a choice between success and failure in living the dream, it’s a choice, today, between a tiny step and no step.” — Steve ChandlerThursday, May 3, 12
  • 65. Thank You! New ComBridges “Success” Packages ($1,700 savings) Special Savings for Four-Part Online Course Subscription Options for “Wonderful” ENews & NewMarU Your Feedback Please! Testimonials are ALWAYS Welcome ;)Thursday, May 3, 12
  • 66. Thank You! LindaKosut.comThursday, May 3, 12