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Buyers proposal
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Buyers proposal


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  • 1. Sutton Group - Your Company Name By: Mary Housely Sutton Group - Your Company Name Your address here Prepared for Mr. and Mrs. Client 1234 Park Lane Vancouver, BC V6H 1H1
  • 2. Care, Experience and Knowledge
    • Over XXXX Happy Customers in XX Years
    • Nationally Acclaimed Ethics Speaker on Real Estate
    • Specialized Buyer Services
    • Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed
    Mary Housely can help you today 416-123-4567 E-Mail:
  • 3. Three Areas of Importance When Buying a Home
    • Determining Who Represents You!
    • Realizing Your Goals in Purchasing!
    • Understanding the Process from Start to Finish!
  • 4. Who Represents You?
    • Seller’s Agent
    • Buyer’s Agent
    • Limited Dual Agency
    In all relationships, we have a duty to act honestly to both the buyer and seller
  • 5. Services You Can Expect To Receive From Your Buyer’s Agent!
    • Financial Assistance
    • Show Any Homes
    • Negotiate on Your Behalf
    • Fiduciary Duties
    • Disclosure of Adverse Facts
    • Market Trends
    • School, Shopping Information
    • Accounting
  • 6. Key Benefits To You
    • I will listen to your needs
    • Provide information on all homes
    • Validate listing information
    • Prepare, submit and follow-up on offers
    • Coordinate process from contract to closing
    • Provide your closing documents early
  • 7. When Previewing Homes
    • I’ll provide you information and mapping on each property
    • Take notes on my “buyer recap sheet”
    • Ensure the property meets your needs
    • Consider either including or eliminating before going to the next property
    • I’ll provide you with a camera to take as many pictures as you like
  • 8. Services You Can Expect to Receive from a Limited Dual Agent
    • Help with financing
    • I will ensure confidentiality
        • Your motivation to buy
        • Willingness to pay more
        • Willingness to offer different terms
    • Market trends
    • School, shopping information
    • Eliminate vicarious liability
  • 9. Making an Offer
    • How will title be taken?
    • What’s a reasonable deposit?
    • Is financing in place?
    • Any special needs or contingencies?
    • I’ll prepare all the forms you’ll need to sign
    • I’ll provide you with market trends
    • I’ll be presenting your offer
  • 10. Services from Contract to Closing
    • Weekly progress reports to make sure we meet the terms of your contract
    • You will receive copies of addendums and changes being made
    • I’ll try to predict the hurdles before they become problems
  • 11. What will Happen at Closing?
    • Bring picture ID & driver’s license
    • Bring one certified cheque to your lawyer/notary at a designated time
    • We need to establish a walk-through on your new home 24-48 hours prior to closing
    • You’ll receive a complete packet of documents at closing for your records
  • 12. Thanks for Considering My Real Estate Services
    • You have many choices for selecting a Real Estate Professional. I appreciate the opportunity to serve your needs.
    • Mary Housely: 416-123-4567
    • E-mail: [email_address]
    • Web page: