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The National Security Agency has obtained direct access to the systems of Google, Facebook, Apple and other US internet giants, according to a top secret document obtained by the Guardian.

The NSA access is part of a previously undisclosed program called Prism, which allows officials to collect material including search history, the content of emails, file transfers and live chats, the document says.

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NSA PRISM PowerPoint Slides

  1. 1. TOP SECRET//Sl//ORCON//NOF G~dil . f/fttI'..__ ~~ facebook ~ pa t a Ik . '"" N r:m Youw:a AOL~~maii~ PRISM/US-984XN Overview OR The SIGAD Used Most in NSA Reporting Overview PRISM Collection Manager, S35333 April 2013 Derived From: NSNCSSM 1-52 Dated: 20070108 Declassify On: 20360901 TOP SECRETIISl//ORCON/INOFORN
  2. 2. TOP SECRETIISl//ORCON//NOF G~dil . ~~ msn facebook Hotmatl' GOl)gle YAHOor " ------~---~- (TSI/SI//NF) u.s. as Introduction World's Telecommunications Backbone • Much of the world 's communications flow through the U.S. • A target's phone call e-mail , or chat will take the cheapest path, not the physically most direct path - you can't always predict the path. • Your target's communications could easily be flowing into and through the U.S. 11 Gbps US. & Canada labn America & C8nbbean Asoa & Pacific International Internet Regional Bandwidth Capacity in 2011 Source: Telegeography Research TOP SECRETIISl//ORCON/INOFORN
  3. 3. TOP SECRETIISJIIORCONIINOI' G~dll . ~ You. facebook (TSIISUINF) FAA 702 Operations Two Types of Collection Upstream You Should Use Both • Collection of communications on fiber cables and infrastructure as data flows past. (FAIRVIEW, STORMBREW, BLARNEY, OAKSl ~ PRISM • Collection directly from the servers of these U.S. Service Providers: Microsoft, Yahoo, Google Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube SUIORCONIINOFORN
  4. 4. TOP SECRETIISl//ORCON//NOF G~dil . ~~ msn facebook GOl)gle YAHOor --------------- (TSIISI//NF) Hotmatl' ..._,...__ pa t a Ik~'"" . " N r:m Youw:a AOL~~maii~ ------------- FAA 702 Operations Why Use Both: PRISM vs. Upstream PRISM Upstream DNI Selectors 9 u.S. based service ~ providers Worldwide sources DNR Selectors (S) Coming soon Worldwide sources Access to Stored Communications (Search) Real-Time Collection (Surveillance) ~ "Abouts" Collection (S) Voice Collection ~ Direct Relationship with Comms Providers (S)Only through FBI Voice over IP TOP SECRETIISl//ORCONIINOFORN
  5. 5. TOP SECRET//Sl//ORCON//NOF G~dil · ~~ msn facebook ------------- (TSI/SI//NF) Hotmatl' YAHOor PRISM Collection Details • Microsoft (Hotmail, etc.) • Facebook • PalTalk " -------------- -- What Will You Receive in Collection (Surveillance and Stored Comms)? It varies by provider. In general: Current Providers • Google • Yahoo! GOl)gle • E-111ail • Chat - video, voice • Videos • Photos • Stored data VolP • AOL • • • • • Apple • Special Requests • YouTube • Skype File transfers Video Conferencing Notifications of target activity - logins, etc. Online Social Networking details Complete list and details on PRISM web page: GoPRISMFAA TOP SECRETIISl//ORCON/INOFORN
  6. 6. TOP SECRET//Sl//ORCON//NOF G~dil . ~~ facebook (TSI/SI//NF) === msn Hotmatl' GOl)gle YAHOor You. " Dates When PRISM Collection Began For Each Provider PRISM Program Cost: $20M per year 2007 2 008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 TOP SECRETIISl//ORCON/INOFORN
  7. 7. TOP SECRET IISI/ IORCONI /NOF G~dll .~~ facebook (TS//SI//NF) FAA702 Reporting Highlight PRISM and STORMBREW Combine To Thwart SAME-DAY NTOC/FBI COLLABORATION PREVENTS 150GB EXFIL EVENT FROM CLEARED #c '~INENT TIPS FBI TO THREAT .2) NToe tips the FBI to the activity The victim performed EXFILTRATION on the e _ ..... ~1 HELPSCDC ':MOVEIMPLANT G) The FBI contacts the
  8. 8. TOP SECRET//Sl//ORCON//NOF G~dil · .......... _ ~~ facebook pa t a Ik~'"" . N r:m Youw:a AOL~~maii~ Tasking Process (TSIISI/INF)PRISM S2 FAA Adjudicators in Each Product Line Targeting Review!Validation Special FISA Oversight and Processing (SV4) Stored Comms Review !Validation Surveillance ---+ _ Pending Stored Comms Targeting and Mission Management (S343) Final Targeting Review and Release Unified Targeting Tool (UTT) PRINTAURA; Site Selector Distribution Manager Surveillance - Pending Stored Comms FBI Electronic Communications Surveillance Unit (ECSU) Research & Validate NO USPERs Providers (Google, Yahoo, etc.) Targeting Selectors - Stored Comms Release FBI Data Intercept Technology Unit (DITU) Collection ..... ------------..... - t-C-o-lIe-c-ti-on-~ PINWALE, NUCLEON, etc. TOP SECRETIISl//ORCON/INOFORN
  9. 9. TOP SECRET//Sl//ORCON//NOF G~dil . ~~ ~ .....- facebook (TS/ISII/NF)PRISM ~ pa t a Ik . '"" r:m N Youw:a AOL~~maii~ Collection Dataflow I I FAA »arti tions I I L TOP SECRETIISl//ORCON/INOFORN _
  10. 10. TOP SECRETIISl//ORCON//NOF G~dil . ~~ facebook ---------------- (TSIISI//NF) PRISM Provider P1: Microsoft P2:Yahoo P3: Google P4: Facebook P5: PalTalk P6:YouTube P7: Skype P8: AOL PA: Apple GOl)gle YAHOOr " msn Hotmatl' ..._...... . _ pa t a Ik~'"" . N r:m Youw:a AOL~~maii ~ ---------------- PRISM Case Notations Fixed trigraph, denotes PRISM source collection Year CASN established for selector I . Serial # Content Type A: Stored Comms (Search) B: 1M(chat) . C: IRTN-EDC (real-time notification of an e-mail event such as a login or sent message) 0: RTN-IM (real-time notification of a chat login or logout event) E: E-Mail F: VolP G: Full (WebForum) H: OSN Messaging (photos, wallposts, activity, etc.) I: OSN Basic Subscriber Info J: Videos . (dot): Indicates multiple types TOP SECRETIISl//ORCONIINOFORN
  11. 11. TOP SECRET//Sl//ORCON//NOF G~dil . ~~ facebook (TS//SI//NF) REPRISMFISA COUNTERTERRORISM REPRISMFISA Click 0" thO' PRISM Icon first !J.t.Q ''IUD P...i.I:U.IJ.l Lwcbo;!Qel DOJFISII PRISM ENTRIES lASlloDd on AprOS,2013 .112;22 PMG'IT SEARCH The snrch form below tan be used as a filter to see a o,,",aI ~ 01 records. seee.... : OAHD00R • SeeNSAlISI • See NewRKOfIts • OWnelShlp ColIl1 Prism Current Entries .12"04 »> RKordtPtl""l so .., ~ ...J TIPS
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