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Intocontext final presentation






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Intocontext final presentation Intocontext final presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Appropriate technology for East Africa: Cale Thompson & Jon Rodriguez People driven solutions for online microlending into(context)
  • Global context Digital Divide
  • Microfinance The activity of providing financial services to clients who are excluded from the traditional financial system on account of their lower economic status.
  • Kiva: peer to peer microfinance www.kiva.org
  • The system
  • From Kiva.org news… A Note from the Kiva.org Team Monday, 6 November 2006 1:39AM It is the early hours of the morning at the Kiva.org office but we are not sleeping… …we never saw the increase in traffic we had been waiting for. At precisely 6:30pm our server completely froze… …the phones have been ringing off the hook and the emails are still coming. People want to loan and they want to be connected to micro- entrepreneurs. We will be launching the site in approximately 30 minutes. We have 350 business profiles waiting for funding and 4,000 email addresses waiting to be notified of our re-launch.
  • Problem statement More lenders than entrepreneurs, money can’t be absorbed
  • Goal To research which technology interaction forms are most appropriate for integration into the operational context of microfinance institutions (MFI) to facilitate entrepreneurs accessing micro credit through Kiva. into(context)
  • Where?
  • Visited Organizations 1. Kiva Fund Uganda 2. Kiva Office Kenya 3. Women’s Economic Empowerment Consort 4. Life in Africa
  • Project Preparation Benchmark existing practices Prepare context research materials Context Research Understand the operational context of the MFI’s working with Kiva Design Develop improved technology interaction forms based on the insights gained Test Test the appropriateness of the developed prototypes Dissemination Communicate and disseminate the results of the research through academic channels
  • Method into(context)
  • Context research tools Focus group Generative session Shadowing Observation Role-play Probes into(context)
  • Focus Group Generative Session A group of people together for the purpose The generative session was chosen as a of gathering information about their format to uncover attitudes and values of the behaviours, thoughts, routines, likes, dislikes, MFI members through a series of active and other individual characteristics question response exercises designed determined to be relevant for the eventual specifically to relate to the context of each creation of a solution. organization.
  • Shadowing Observation In order to detect the problems that Although sometimes difficult to discern from organizations face when performing their just being present, observation is an active activities a thorough observation of all the process that is done in order to capture processes was necessary. Members of the details relevant to a particular question or organization where followed along their set of questions. Digital pictures and video tasks and video-taped. Those materials media was captured along the whole where used later on in order to detect research phase. action points together with the organization as well as discuss those activities with the development team.
  • Probes Role Play A tool intended to be completed by the user on Role-playing was used as a tool to discover their own time in their own environment and understand processes of the without the presence of any member of the organization that would not be naturally context research group. Although it may take observed such as appraisal or registration several formats involving different media to which were not scheduled to occur during capture a response it is designed to provide the period we spent within the further details about people that contribute to a organization. We also used role-play in greater understanding of how to respond to order to ask people from lower tiers of the their needs. It typically requires some organization opinions about higher explanation regarding its method of completion hierarchical issues: “Imagine you were the however it encourages an open response. director, what if…?”
  • Context research_insights – Plan for a flexible use of research tools, they may need to be transformed, modified and used in the most unpredictable ways – Communicate the schedule of activities clearly and insist on the research plan, if not the time required to complete research may be prolonged or goals may not be achieved – Be aware of the hierarchy of the organization. Hearing everybody’s opinion in an open environment may be difficult – Some of the most interesting insights come during unexpected times during the research process. Be prepared to capture them. – The presence of outsiders, particularly white people or ‘muzungus’, can be disruptive to day to day activities. The addition of recording equipment can exaggerate this. Communicate consistently the value of seeing activities as they naturally happen.
  • Communication People Organization Infrastructure Technology Office environment Field Environment Processes into(context)
  • People: director To see video click on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hpMGNUt5iA
  • People: techie To see video click on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5HTY4jM-Io
  • People: credit officer To see video click on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qjka87oAjOA
  • Field Environment To see video click on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaIbgxPPnwU
  • Processes Click on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9i33qpdhUHA
  • Infrastructure into(context)
  • into(context)
  • Downtown Kampala
  • Cellphone service infrastructure
  • Translation
  • Blog
  • Briefs
  • The page cannot be displayed If the internet connection is unreliable and weak seek options that limit internet operations, permit consistent content delivery and are lightweight.
  • Power went off Electricity supply is unreliable so consider solutions that don’t rely on grid power
  • Idle capacity is expensive Products are often used beyond intended capacity. Solutions should be designed to be maximized. into(context)
  • Free is a very good price. Donations tend to encourage the purchase of unnecessarily powerful or multi- feature equipment . Purchases made by the organization reflect more sensible buying. into(context)
  • Share Because hardware is costly technology solutions should support a multi-user scenario. into(context)
  • That’s Monica’s Because technology is highly coveted and organizational structures are very hierarchical the solution may need to be unappealing to the unintended user. into(context)
  • Single serving software & click here hardware A limited number of operations demands a limited number of functions. into(context)
  • Eagerness Where the interest in learning is incredible training should be unnecessary. Encourage autodidactic solutions. into(context)
  • Full coverage Solution need to take advantage of technologies that are ubiquitous and familiar. into(context)
  • Decentralize If Kiva operations require travel to various remote locations then facilitate online processes to occur in situ.
  • Ideas
  • Kiva light
  • Kiva offline 2.0
  • Mobile Miracle Solution 1 Take picture 2 Write journal 3 Send
  • Early trial…
  • Kiva Manual
  • Test To see video click on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-hG12WEaaM
  • THE PAGE CAN BE DISPLAYED The inconsistency of the internet was replaced by the consistency of cellular coverage. POWER WENT ON Routing journal posting through the mobile phone does not entirely eliminate the issue of unreliable grid power. The phone will continue to be charged at the office, however the phone grants credit officers the freedom to control the inconsistency of the electricity grid.
  • SHARED The phone itself was easily shared amongst the credit officers. The flexible prepaid airtime service system in Uganda allows the purchase of small amounts of airtime which would facilitate this shared use scenario. EAGERNESS? YES The phone was received and actively explored, individually and in groups, without any resistance by the credit officers of both organizations. During testing the phone never sat alone unless it was charging, otherwise one of the credit officers held onto it.
  • SINGLE SERVING SOFTWARE & CLICK HERE HARDWARE The MiMoSo was revealed to be a single serving software application bound inside of a ‘click here’ piece of hardware. Beginning with media capture, in this case a photo, the navigation automatically sizes the image for sending while opening up a box for the addition of text. DECENTRALIZED Testing demonstrated definitively that the MiMoSo functioned to send content even in the most remote areas.
  • Thanks Mobile Solution Miracle
  • Creating sustainable systems Thanks
  • Creating sustainable systems: Thanks developing communities
  • Evaluation & Recommendations Thanks User focus Including collaboration Flexible approach Commitment Effective translation Testing often
  • Thanks