Maximizing recruiting performance


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Get the most out of your recruiting, staffing and sourcing of talent.

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Maximizing recruiting performance

  1. 1. Maximizing Recruiting Performance:The Simple Method of Working SmarterDoubling Revenue in 12 monthsJon Bartos
  2. 2. Maximizing Recruiting Performance • Businesses asking more of each • Candidates have choices • 4 hour work week, working the system • 4 generations in the work force* * Losing our ability to influence decisions?
  3. 3. Recruiting and Generational Differences• View of Work • Feedback and• Loyalty Rewards• Messages that • Work/Life Balance Motivate • Communication Methods
  4. 4. Generational Differences Chart
  5. 5. Generational Differences• Baby Boomers • What impact they will have on their team XY • The Vision of the company and how they will participate • Their word is still important to them • Respect their experience and accomplishments• X Generation • What’s in it for them? • How the position can help their next step in their career • Training and Development they will receive • Work Life Balance• Y Generation or Millennial • How the job will keep them engaged • The work environment • The culture of the organization • Coach/Mentor relationships work • Watch out for Squatters • Life is Work and Work is Life • Use technology to your advantage • Power of Teams
  6. 6. Use a Process that Works
  7. 7. Four Goals of Recruiting…. 1. Get Referrals 2. Get them interested 3. Create a relationship – life long a. Job Questions b. Goal Questions c. Hobby Questions d. Personal Questions e. Commonalities 4. Dream Job
  8. 8. What’s Working in Recruiting?• Going indirect verses direct• Establish a relationship• Long term versus short term focus• Using Insight• Sell the sizzle of the opportunity• Feature benefit – What’s in it for them?
  9. 9. JSI Recruiting Script
  10. 10. Recruiting Techniques that Help You Work Smarter• Use RPM to monitor your Recruiting Performance• Watch your CaP/QC and QC/SO ratios..• Indirect recruit and use “I really need your help”• Three reasons you are committed to making a change• “What will be the next step in your career”• “What can I do to help you get there?”• Strike a Deal – with candidates in process• Using all technologies to get a hold of (Phone, Email, Cell Phone, SMS, IM, Social Media)
  11. 11. In Conclusion… • Understand your Candidates • Use a defined process • Know the generational differences • Feature Benefit • Sell the sizzle • Lifetime Relationships
  12. 12. Jon BartosPresident & CEOJonathan Scott
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