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  1. 1. #7days4stow• Actions to help relieve the pressures people living in Walthamstow will face in 2013• Co ordination of action as important as identifying the actions themselves• Tonight just the start- as much about identifying what we don’t know as what we do• Microvolunteering is about small tasks adding up to big change- so don’t plan to do too much!
  2. 2. How tonight will work.....• Getting to know each other to be able to work together• What are the pressures we face?• Identifying the projects that could address these in our local community- and the gaps!• Identifying how to help these projects and planning bitesize actions to make these happen• Assigning responsibilities for next steps• Getting out there and doing it!
  3. 3. The pressures we face...and some projects that could help!• Debt and destitution • Eat or Heat Foodbank• Rising cost of living • Sharkstoppers especially food, housing and • The Forest Nightshelter transport • The E17 Pop Up Kitchen• A lack of career • Supporting and growing our opportunities local economy• A lack of local jobs • Befriending vulnerable• Isolation and emotional residents distress • Work experience for young people And what else...?
  4. 4. Planning an action• All actions have to be clearly defined- if you can’t explain it in a single sentence it has to be broken into two!• If an organisation to support this action this happen doesn’t exist it is unlikely this action will happen- could you plan an action to find one to fill this role?• All actions need to be quick to set up• All actions need to be low liability• All actions need a co-ordinator
  5. 5. Example: Eat or Heat• Project: tackles hunger caused through poverty• Need: help them get more referrals• Action: identify contacts for organisations in local community who can make referrals• Action: contact those organisations to make sure they have referral forms• Action: provide referral forms via email or on paper to organisations• Action: identify people to perform the above and coordinate between them to achieve these actions• Impact: more people referred to foodbank for help in Walthamstow
  6. 6. Example: Sharkstoppers• Project: Help local people avoid legal loan sharks by borrowing from our credit union instead• Need: To raise awareness of Credit Union and how to join• Action: To map out Walthamstows legal loan sharks• Action: To recruit leafleters for credit union and arrange a day to do this• Action: to remind leafleters of day of action• Action: identify people to perform the above and coordinate between them to achieve these actions• Impact: more people access the credit union to be able to secure affordable credit and financial advice
  7. 7. Example: Befriending• Project: to offer informal telephone support to vulnerable people in Walthamstow• Need: to set up a befriending scheme• Action: identify if any organisations provide this service within Walthamstow who could support this project• Action: produce database of individuals for whom this support could be beneficial• Action: produce contact list of people willing to call individuals during year• Action: allocate individuals to call and their contact details to volunteers• Action: identify people to perform the above and coordinate between them to achieve these actions• Impact: more vulnerable people in Walthamstow given emotional support to manage the pressures they experience during 2013
  8. 8. What else do we need to do?• Action: Update our facebook group = 3 people to take action• Action: Produce a list of all the skills, experiences, interests and contact details for volunteers = 5 people to take action• Action: Produce a contact list for local organisations who may be of interest to the projects identified= 2 people to take action• Action: Tell the world about what we are doing and how to be involved = 2 people to take action• Action: Blog about who is involved in this and their experiences = 3 people to take action• Action: Coordinate all of the above = 2 people to take action
  9. 9. 7days4stow...Thank you Bill for the The next meeting will be biscuits, Mary, Fiona & 21 February 2012 to Martin for the teabags review our and cups, Rebecca for progress....see you the volunteer then! management help, Simon for tweeting- and you for coming! ...Walthamstow : worth working for in 2013!