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Cloak your online persona, you miscreant.
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Cloak your online persona, you miscreant.



From VICE's SXSWi presentation: How to cloak or feign your online persona, you miscreant.

From VICE's SXSWi presentation: How to cloak or feign your online persona, you miscreant.



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Cloak your online persona, you miscreant. Cloak your online persona, you miscreant. Presentation Transcript

  • Presented by +
  • Cloak or feign your onlinepersona, you miscreant. @jonathan_h - @vice
  • Step 1...
  • Commit.
  • Why do you want to disappear?Some good reasons:• You’re in the market for a new job.• Your parents and grandparents are getting better at the internet and they’re starting to ask questions.• You have a dark, lurid past.• Let’s face it: you’re a deviant. But you want a clean start!
  • Step 2...
  • Take an audit of what you can control.
  • Your primary open networks...And your old haunts...
  • Step 3...
  • Make a list of any names or aliases you’ve ever gone by.
  • • Abbreviations of your name used online and off• Nicknames• Gaming handles• IRC, BBS, AIM screen names
  • Step 4...
  • Let’s look at the places that HR departments, collegeadmissions, your next date, and your nosey friends andfamily are using to see what you’ve been up to.
  • Disclaimer: Let’s first acknowledge what Facebook is andis not. With the exception of brand and journalist pages,Facebook is a tool for connecting you to the people andthings you care most about. It’s personal, meaning that noone should criticize your right to preserve the privacy ofwhat makes Facebook personal for you.
  • Becoming invisible...Who can see andsearch for you.Who can tag youBlock individuallurkers.
  • Or just deactivate your account.
  • However, privacy changes or deactivation won’tretroactively hide some types of Facebook debauchery.Using Graph Search you should uncover any othermisdoings.
  • Disclaimer: Determined people are never satisfied untilthey’ve exhausted every avenue... They will create fakeprofiles and maybe even feign the identity of someone whoyou actually know in order to gain access to your inner-circle.Accept people with caution!
  • Becoming invisible...Create an HRobstacle.And cover up yourbad jokes/ hatespeech.
  • Or just deactivate your account.
  • If you’re a human then it’s now expected of you to be onLinkedIn.• It’s indexed and highly weighted by Google• If you’re in the market for a new job, this is HR’s first stop.
  • What to do?
  • Use LinkedIn as a diversion.
  • • Upload a photo of you not looking like a slob• Pad your credentials• Pepper in some interests like Cinéma vérité and Heli Boarding• Create fake LinkedIn peers to give you glowing endorsements• Sign up for a Pro account so people can see you’re super serious
  • May or may not know your...• Name• Your current address• Names of your family members• How much you make• Your education and occupation
  • What Spokeo knows about my dad...
  • What to do?
  • • Remove your listing with Spokeo’s Opt Out form• Create a decoy by planting a new identity• Falsify your information
  • Did you know your criminal past is all online?
  • Removing a record from these public watchdog sitescan sometimes run you anywhere between $500 and$1,000!
  • Who’s the biggestoffender of them all?
  • Enemies #1, 2, 3
  • If you’re lucky, you have an uncomplicated oroverused name. Jonathan Hunt Jonathan Hunt Jonathan Hunt Me Fox News Correspondent Dead to Fall vocalist
  • Popular names allow for better camouflage in Search.
  • To find out if a name is dirty, run it through these tests:Standard Search • Use quotes for exact search, exclude words to eliminate any false positives, and filter by geography to catch any hyperlocal contentSemantic Image Search • Dig deep in Google Images to find the remains of old social profiles and mugshotsSearch by Image • Use a published photo of yourself to find other instances of it online.
  • Dredge up more filth?
  • How to clean up:• Contact the offending site.• URL removal requests - Google, Bing, and Yahoo all offer them.• Reactivate all of your socials and wait for the search engines to re-crawl and re-index.• Run SEM campaigns against your name.
  • Bonus material
  • Purge any trace of your online persona from the earlydays of social networks. ≠ Jonathan Hunt Jonathan Hunt early 2000s now
  • And don’t forget about communities that you contribute toor that sometimes publicly share your use history!
  • Use this information wisely,
  • use it for privacy,
  • use it for knowledge,
  • and subversion.