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  1. 1. THE 12 OLYMPIANS Zeus Athena  Poseidon  Apollo  Hades  Aphrodite  Hestia Hermes  Hera  Artemis  Ares  Hephaestus 
  2. 2. ELDER GENERATION OF GODS Cronus + Rhea Hestia Hades Poseidon Demeter Hera Zeus
  3. 3. CHILDREN OF ZEUS & HERA Zeus + Hera Hebe Hephaestus Ares
  4. 4. ZEUS’S IMMORTAL CHILDREN Metis -- Athene Themis -- Hours, Order, Justice, Peace, Fates Demeter -- Persephone Mnemosyne -- The Nine Muses Leto -- Artemis & Apollo Dione -- Aphrodite Semele -- Dionysus Maia -- Hermes Hera -- Hebe, Ares, Hephaestus
  5. 5. ZEUS (JUPITER) Lord of the Sky, the Cloud- gatherer Supreme ruler of Mount Olympus Spiritual leader of both gods and men Upholder of the law, justice, morals, and civilised conduct Attributes: Thunderbolt, the eagle, the aegis, the oak tree
  6. 6. POSEIDON (NEPTUNE) Lord of the Sea Gave the first horse to man (God of Horses) The Earth-shaker (God of Earthquakes) Submarine palace Attributes: The trident, dolphins, horses, bulls
  7. 7. HADES (PLUTO) Lord of the Underworld, Ruler of the Dead Abducted and gave Persephone a pomegranate, she ate and belonged to the underworld forever The God of Wealth, possesses the riches of the earth His name is avoided Attributes: The scepter, the helmet (of invisibility), the narcissus flower
  8. 8. HESTIA (VESTA) Goddess of the Hearth, the symbol of home and domestic life A virgin goddess, wooed by Poseidon and Apollo but swore by Zeus to remain a virgin Every hearth on Earth was her altar New colonies took fire from the hearth of the mother-city Attributes: The hearth
  9. 9. HERA (JUNO) Queen of Mount Olympus Zeus’s wife and sister Goddess of Marriage and Birth Always jealous of Zeus’s love affairs Punishes her rivals and their children (e.g. Zeus, Io, Helen) Attributes: The peacock, the cow, the pomegranate, the city of Argos
  10. 10. ARES (MARS) God of War Handsome but vain, cruel and murderous; detested by gods and men Attended by his sister Eris, the Goddess of Strife, his sons, and by Enyo, old goddess of war Cowardly runs away when wounded Born in Thrace, where there lives a fierce people Attributes: The vulture, the dog, and the war gear
  11. 11. PALLAS ATHENA (MINERVA) Goddess of Wisdom, War, the Handicrafts, Industry and Justice Born out of Zeus’s head, fully-grown and wearing a robe and helmet, no mother Zeus’s favourite child Virgin goddess Athena, the grey-eyed; Athena of the flashing eyes Attributes: The olive tree, the owl, the aegis, the city of Athens, and Parthenon temple
  12. 12. PHOEBUS APOLLO God of Light (assoc. with the Sun-god Helios), Truth (can never tell a lie), Medicine, Archery, Music, Poetry Master musician, he directed the choir of Muses The Archer-god, the Healer Twin-brother of Artemis Killed the dragon Python Attributes: The lyre, the bow and the arrow, the tripod, the swan, the laurel tree
  13. 13. APHRODITE (VENUS) Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Sexual Desire The laughter-loving, irresistible goddess; had many lovers Born out of sea foams; the sea carried her to Cyprus Married to Hephaestus, the ugly, lame God of Fire Aphrodisiac festival celebrated in Athens and Corinth, sexual intercourse as worship  Attributes: The myrtle tree, the dove, the swan
  14. 14. HERMES (MERCURY) Messenger God, God of Commerce, Travel, Literature, Athletics The Divine Herald, leads the souls of the dead to Hades Cunning, shrewd, swift Gave the lyre to Apollo in exchange for his cattle Attributes: The winged- sandals, a broad-brimmed hat with wings, Caduceus (staff with snakes and wings)
  15. 15. ARTEMIS (DIANA) Goddess of Hunting, Wild Animals, and Fertility A virgin goddess associated with Chastity, twin-sister of Apollo, associated with Selene, the Moon Armed with a bow and arrows, accompanied by the Nymphs Contradictory features; protectress of women in labour and of young children, brought sudden death to labouring women by shooting arrows Attributes: Cypress tree, the deer
  16. 16. HEPHAESTUS (VULCAN/MULCIBER) God of Fire, Forge, Smith of Gods The armourer; patron of smiths Hera conceived him alone, later rejected He imprisoned his mother Hera on a magic throne; released her after Aphrodite was given as his bride He caught his wife with Ares with the magic chain-link net Made the first woman,Pandora from clay Attributes: Ugly, lame; carries an axe; wears a beard