Consueto Crm To Dms Automotive January 2010


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Overview of our CRM to DMS offering - email for more.

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Consueto Crm To Dms Automotive January 2010

  1. 1. Closing the loop between CRM and Dealer Management Solutions subtitle: “keep that customer”
  2. 2. Consueto • Consueto “con-sway-toe” is Latin for Customer • Latin to English - Customer • Translations: mos, institutio, moris, consuetudo, adsuetudo Adjective consueto m (f consueta, m plural consueti, f plural consuete)
  3. 3. Aimed at Automotive CRM Clients • OEMs – 4 Wheel – 2 Wheel – Marine • Dealers – Franchised – Non Franchised • Dealer Groups • Auctions • Manufacturers
  4. 4. Automotive CRM Strategy • The importance of driving customer acquisition and retaining loyal customers has never been so critical. • A core factor in ensuring automotive OEMs and dealers build relationships with prospects and customers is the adoption of a Customer Relationship Management approach. • Through understanding who are the customers and the value they deliver automotive OEMs can communicate and engage with prospects and customers with relevant messages at the right time in their prospective buying/ownership cycles.
  5. 5. Automotive CRM Strategy • Automotive manufacturers and importers are planning to implement a CRM application to improve Customer Relationship Management through data driven communications. • Prospects and customers are the most valuable asset and need to be managed systematically to derive the greatest value possible. • The CRM application will underpin all activities surrounding communications. OEMs and Dealers are able to understand our customers as individuals and their true value to the automotive business.
  6. 6. Lead Terminology Cold Prospect - A person with whom Manufacturer/Dealer Suspect – A person who has requested to be kept has not interacted with directly but has been introduced to updated from Manufacturer/Dealer but not campaign activity through list purchase/partner file requested a brochure or test drive provision Prospect – A person who has requested further information from Manufacturer/Dealer for a particular product Customer – A person who has owns a Lapsed – A person who no longer owns product from Manufacturer/Dealer a Manufacturer/Dealer product
  7. 7. The Customer cycle OEM lead into CRM Dealer DMS – Cold Prospect or Export/Update Suspect Import to OEM Dealer Qualifies Dynamics CRM into Customer or Status Updates Otherwise Sale is made vehicle details logged in DMS
  8. 8. Microsoft CRM, xRM and DRM Customer Relationship Management Dealer Relationship Management xAny relationship Management
  9. 9. xRM: Driving Value Beyond CRM Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers a flexible business management platform that can be used to build applications far beyond CRM We call this “xRM” – using Dynamics CRM’s strengths in managing entities, relationships, and activities to build a wide range of applications
  10. 10. Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the Contact Center Interaction Channels 360° View Reporting & Composite UI Analytics Phone CC Apps – QAS CC Operatives Managers Supervisors Executives Wireless VPN CTI and Internet Web Self-Service Email Chat PBX/ACD Car Dealerships IVR Dealer Data LMS Lead Mgmt Ownership
  11. 11. The Consueto Automotive Solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  12. 12. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Suite Full CRM suite capabilities and application flexibility -Interactions -Marketing -Sales -Service -xRM -Business Process -SOA -Flexible Deployment
  13. 13. Fast, Productive Management • Familiar office interface drives user adoption and increased productivity • Workflow-driven lead and sales processes ensure consistency and efficiency • Full spectrum of automotive intelligence capabilities provides insight and accurate forecasts
  14. 14. Marketing Management • Intuitive segmentation tools drive superior target selection • Workflow-driven processes increase reach and relevancy • Seamless tracking of cross-channel communications saves time and money
  15. 15. CRM Accelerators Our automotive solution also utilises these accelerators: Social Networking Portal Integration Partner Relationship Management Notifications Event Management eService
  16. 16. Customer Self Service • Ability to allow customers to manage leads and cases online • Ability to allow customers to manage their profile (User account) online • Ability to search cases, KB articles online • Tool to communicate with customers
  17. 17. Microsoft CRM Marketing • Out of the box functionality for reporting • Integrated add-ons provide; – HTML editors to create rich content – Record all prospect and customer activity, click through analysis – Landing zones – Customer surveys – Detailed campaign analysis – Personalisation – Multi email client preview – Triggered mailings
  18. 18. Social Network Dashboard • The Social Networking Accelerator allows business professionals to monitor and analyse customers’ conversations on social networking sites, • It provides real-time status updates about their products and services. • This accelerator currently delivers integration with Twitter • Convert social networking data into core CRM records such as leads, contacts and cases
  19. 19. Dealer Relationship Management (DRM) Distribute sales leads and centrally manage sales opportunities across channel partners. Features include... • Dealer profiling and segmentation • Dealer skillset management • Dealer training and accreditation management • Dealer performance reporting • Lead allocation • Opportunity pool and bid management • Joint opportunity management • Sales literature downloads • Knowledge base searches • Online service scheduling • Typical DRM process management workflows
  20. 20. Drive Fast and Productive Sales A prospect requests A lead is created with more information the appropriate via the web. sales workflow. The lead is passed to the The lead is automatically dealer to follow up. routed to call centre to qualify and assign.
  21. 21. Automotive CRM • All Call Centre, event, marketing and website leads – Can be logged direct on CRM or uploaded in batch. • All customer new and used car sales – Can be uploaded to CRM • Contact Centres can use CRM to log all prospect details/requests. • All brochure requests – Received by a Contact Centre or through Marketing activity can be logged or batch uploaded into CRM • All test drive requests – Received by the Contact Centre or through Marketing activity can be logged or batch uploaded into CRM • All finance quote requests – Received by the Contact Centre or through Marketing activity can be logged or batch uploaded into CRM • Event leads – Captured manually or via excel spreadsheet can be batch uploaded into CRM • Website leads – Sent directly to CRM via an online Web form. The lead can then be validated and distributed to a dealer.
  22. 22. Automotive CRM from Consueto Ltd Thank you email: web: more: