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By Jonathan Carter co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of Glimworm IT BV in Amsterdam. In this white paper Jonathan describes how the Amazon Cloud was utilized effectively to cover extraordinary peaks in web- site traffic during a client’s appearance on a prime time TV show.

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Using the-amazon-cloud-effectively

  1. 1. Cloud Using the Amazon Cloud effectivelyComputing Part 1 of a series about Cloud Computing By Jonathan Carter co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of Glimworm IT BV in Amsterdam. In this white paper Jonathan describes how the Amazon Cloud was utilized effectively to cover extraordinary peaks in web- site traffic during a client’s appearance on a prime time TV show. You might be familiar with Amazon as the famous online retailer but did you know that they are also one of the major players in the internet cloud? Jonathan Carter co- Amazon runs their own retail website using a host of founded Glimworm IT BV highly advanced techniques which we as technicians in 2001 with partners Paul can all be envious of. But since 2006 they have allowed us mere mortals Manwaring, Marten to rent the same highly professional technology by the hour under the Hoekstra and Colin product name Amazon Web Services (AWS). Williams. At 15 his professional career began Simply put, you can run a massive website as powerful as as a game programmer. with no up front costs, no long term commitment, and pay by the hour After more than 10 years only for what you use. At Glimworm we build and host websites so when of innovative experience Willie Smits the founder of Masarang Foundation, appeared on the prime Jonathan was asked to time TV documentary “Reunion” we decided to try out the Amazon join CMG’s prestigious Ad- cloud to handle the expected peaks of extra traffic. vanced Technology Depart- ment consulting for blue Choosing the service from chip companies. Eventual- Amazon was not easy, we first ly, he shifted his attention had to investigate the multitude to new media and created products available under the AWS Glimworm, bringing his umbrella which includes services talents to the world of web as diverse as bulk email sending development. With nearly and the sort of number crunch- 30 years in the industry his ing capability normally used by list of accomplishments is national weather centres but in huge the end we went for the Elas- including everything from tic Computing Cloud (EC2) by project management to Amazon. robot building and he This allowed us to immediately continues to keep on top create as many web servers as of new developments by we needed online and securely. We already had an AWS account so we constantly evaluating could do this straight away after logging in. if you don’t have an account emerging technologies. you can sign up online at To my pleasant surprise within 15 minutes we had a web server online and fully functioning with Linux, PHP, and the all the web server software I needed. The process was surprisingly simple and straight forward. I was asked to choose from a simple menu things like - how powerful the server needed to be, what version of Linux and other software I wanted, and whether it should be running in the USA, Europe or Asia.
  2. 2. One of our designers had already made a new landing page whichcontained a movie of the charity at work, some background informationand more importantly a donation form. With the server now online he “ Masarang received a record amount of newuploaded this via FTP and after a bit of testing we were good to go. Theonly thing we needed to implement ourselves was a URL for the landing sign-ups via thepage which we did via our own DNS server, and to make the page popup websitewhen a new visitor hit the existing website. during and after the television show and followed it up with a charity gala at the Nemo in Amsterdam hosted by Willie Smits and RobI can honestly say that it worked like a dream. The TV show was aired atprime time and then repeated over the next 2 weeks during which timewe were certain that the users would first see the page hosted at Kamphues. ”Amazon and then if they were interested in more backgroundinformation could click through to the website. The masarang foundationreceived a record amount of new sign-ups via the website during andafter the television shows and followed it up with a charity gala at theNemo in Amsterdam hosted by Willie Smits and Rob Kamphues.
  3. 3. To have this online for 3 weeks it cost us around $15 and if we would have needed a bigger server we could have had duplicated this setup in less than 5 minutes. When we shut it down we simple stopped paying and our commitment ended the second we pressed the link.“ The event You may think that this situation does not come up very often but let me describe a more common scenario. We recently introduced a newyesterday night website for a national parcel carrier and we didn’t know how powerfulhas been a good the server needed to be. Traditionally we would have performed capacity calculations and probably purchased a server at least twice as powerful assuccess for was necessary. With Amazon EC2 we are currently running the site andWillie Smits and monitoring the capacity. After we know how much juice it really needsthe Masarang then we can buy one just the right size and put it in the rack. Low risk, low cost and high impact, this is my evaluation fo Amazon’s cloud service.Foundation.Thanks for being If you would like help or advice to use one of Amazon’s online services please feel free to contact Glimworm IT BV in Amsterdam and we will seeso cooperative if we can help you out. During the last year we have not only used AWSand putting your but compiled a list of helpful resources and time saving tips.time and heart Of course I would recommend for you to give generously to theinto this cause. Masarang Foundation which can be found at thecontribution ofguys like you itwould have beenimpossible tocreate such a ”succes.Steven Smit,Masarang The Masarang Foundation was founded in 2001 by Willie Smits (Indonesian, born in The Netherlands). The organization is strongly rooted in the local Indonesian community and currently has about 40 local employees. The aim of the Masarang Foundation is to save the environment through the active participation of local people. Through its projects, the foundation works on solutions for the most pressing problems the world currently faces: climate change, extinction of plants and animals, destruction of ecosystems, poverty and underdevelopment. Glimworm IT BV Tel: +31 (0)20 - 616 56 40 Eerste Weteringplantsoen 8 Fax: +31 (0)20 - 240 13 57 1017 SK, Amsterdam E-mail: Nederland Schrijf je in voor de nieuwsbrief