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Social Media for Business

Social Media for Business



The presentation I gave at BRAVE Bristol in January 2012

The presentation I gave at BRAVE Bristol in January 2012



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    Social Media for Business Social Media for Business Presentation Transcript

    • SOCIAL MEDIA FOR BUSINESS How can it possibly work? Jon Payne, Noisy Little Monkey | 25th January 2012
    • SOCIAL MEDIA FOR BUSINESS How can it possibly work? Jon Payne, Noisy Little Monkey | 25th January 2012
    • resultshow why what where
    • WHO IS THIS ADONIS?Jon PayneOver 12 years in Online MarketingNoisy Little Monkey LtdDigital Marketing Agency
    • consultreport research do train
    • Who trusts you?Over 80 businesses, charities and government bodies in Europe, North America & Africa
    • WHO ARE YOUWhat do you want?
    • My business / boss is boring / old school http://carwoo.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/volvo-244-1974.jpg
    • This is quite blandBut it’s useful for HR professionals & other recruitment agencies g
    • Using social media We can reachgout to influencers
    • Via Twitter gAnd it enabled us to reach out to influencers and arrange a meeting for real world press coverage
    • To get re-shared gWhich got shared by some pretty big hitters that we’d been teeing up for some time
    • Google knows who’s trustedNot only did TXM get press coverage, brandgassociation with the big players – they got rank!
    • And since lots of people read offline g And we influenced the suggested results in Google. Try this at home 
    • ROI?Traffic to the whole site improved by 22% in the following month
    • Unique visitors to website This is your blog on digital marketing
    • Visitors going up People entering the site via a blog post
    • You need a joined up approach g Maps, reviews, emails
    • Your website is the cornerstone g Conversion Rate Optimisation
    • Be ready gPro Tip: Put a simple enquiry form on EVERY page of your website
    • Bigup Yeo Chest g http://www.youtube.com/user/Yeotube
    • Bigup Yeo Chest Links from auntieLots of buzz g http://www.facebook.com/YeoValley & BBC Website 11/10/2011
    • Bigup Yeo Chest gMentions and links on Twitter indicate relevance, predictive search shows “branded search” volume
    • Bigup Yeo Chest g top of 13.5 million pages “for free”
    • Bigup Yeo ChestThis is what Google thinks you’reglooking for if you search for organic yogurt
    • WHY ARE YOU DOING IT?What does success look like for you?
    • Why get social? “I want people to have heard of my company and to have a good impression of my company before we meet” Only heg measure this! can
    • Why get social? “I need to own the Google results page for my brand name” “And I want to change perception of my business in the market place” gSERPs tracking needed and perhaps a questionnaire
    • What is your goal? “I want to attract the brightest recruits” “And I want it to be affordable” gTrack CV referrals and keep it in house, or find an awesome agency… can’t think who 
    • What is your goal? “I want to demonstrate that we are thought leaders” “And be a champion for the local community”You’ll get more invites for interviews, speaking at events and a wide base of influencers following you. g More local enquiries, local awareness
    • What is your goal? “I want to show our softer side” “And be a champion for the relevant charities”More local press coverage,g more local enquiries, local awareness
    • What is your goal? “I want to save £50,000 on advertising” “And be number one on Google” g Less advertising costs, more enquiries
    • WHERE SHALL WE ENGAGE? And who with?
    • There are loads more than this g
    • But we’ll concentrate on these Ones where weg really get results can
    • Where? On your site! • You need a good foundation that people will link to • WordPress is the best • Your web designer will love it• It needs to be: – On www.<yoursite>/blog – Updated regularly – Give useful information – Contain unique insights / perspective / news http://wordpress.org/
    • You may not use another platform People recognise WordPress and use it easily. Google loves it
    • You may not stick with what you have Unless it is WordPress
    • Social media will not work effectively without it Srsly.
    • I don’t make any commission It’s free.
    • A home page g So far, so normal
    • This isg blog post a
    • The results gAmazing Google rank – this sort of stuff has got them in AJ
    • Where? On Facebook• Soft messages – Or at least consider the audience• Sharing blog posts – Great to get them ranked on Google• Encourage customer testimonials• Share pictures and videos• Consider Advertising Talk to me later if you want some advice about advertising
    • Facebook gThere are profiles for people and pages for organisations , this is my profile
    • Facebook gThis is my news feed from here I can access most stuff
    • Facebook g This is a company page
    • Create a page• Go to any company page• Click ‘Create a Page’ g You’ll need a personal Facebook account
    • Create a page Don’t get clever. If you’re a local business, choose that… gYou can change it later, but it will affect how this page ranks in Google
    • Finesse it Put your web address and nowt else in about. I like thisGet 25+ fans and choose a username / vanity URL g http://www.facebook.com/username makes it easier to share your page
    • Share events gPeople who like this page actively want to hear about these!
    • See what works gShare interesting content and see what gets shared / increases likes
    • InsightsIf you lose / gain a few likes in a month, no problem. g It’s the overall trend that is important.
    • Don’tYou want people who want to engage. Not this crap. g I will come to your house and slap you.
    • Where? On Twitter• Quick! Max 140 Characters – Actually, only 100 – leave room for comments & RTs• Sharing blog posts• Outreach to influencers• Use #s sparingly• Quality, quality, quality• Relevance For more tips check us out http://twitter.com/NoisyMonkey
    • gThis is my profile
    • First name, Last nameBioLocation Web link Good ratio of followers to following g This is my profile
    • Tweetiquette@<name> at the beginning = a replyThis will show up on both your twitter profilesAnd in the tweetfeeds of people who followBOTH of youIt’s kind of direct, so expect the recipient to see it 140 Characters in the tweet+20 (max) in your twitter name = 160 characters g 160 characters = maximum size of SMS message (a text message)
    • TweetiquetteRT@<name> at the beginning = a ReTweetThis will show up on your twitter profileAnd in the tweetfeeds of people who follow youThe person you RT’d can also see you did this g ReTweeting is a great way to share useful info while giving attribution to the creator
    • TweetiquetteSome words @<name> = mentionThis will show up on your twitter profileAnd in the tweetfeeds of people who follow youAnd in the tweetfeeds of the person youmentionedIt’s not very direct though, so don’t expect a reply g A mention is less in your face than a reply
    • TweetiquetteDM @<twittername> is a direct messageThese are ‘private’ but are easy to accidentallyshareIf you want privacy, use an email g You can only DM someone who follows you
    • TweetiquetteLinks show up in long formOr shortened automatically, to save characters A link in the middle of a tweet, g with no @s or #s attracts most clicks
    • Tweetiquette#s or Hashtags denote ‘keywords’ or ‘topics’ thatpeople may follow using an automated searchOr for ‘hilarious’ comedy effect g #EpicFail
    • Twitter ResultsReTweets and engagement with real people arewhat countDon’t measure ‘Klout’ it’s flakyCheck your Google Analytics for traffic fromTwitterDoing it properly can take time g http://www.google.com/analtics - it’s free
    • Where? On Google+• Like Facebook + Twitter + Video Skype• Sharing blog posts• Outreach to influencers• Quality, quality, quality• Relevance http://plus.google.com
    • You’re about to get it if you use GMail g Google Circles in Gmail?
    • It’s changing Google’s results This is a HUGE change. Google g doesn’t mess with it’s results pages lightly
    • Personal recommendations to me g Google already does this a little, but this is quite a jump
    • Google+ gLike Facebook there are profiles for people and pages for organisations , this is my profile
    • Google+ gThis is my news feed from here I can access most stuff
    • gThis is a company page
    • Sign up, create a page g You will need a personal profile to do this
    • Follow the instructions• Get your web designer to add the +1 button to your site• Follow brands that are using G+ well – Burberry – Red Bull – The Muppets• Come hangout with Noisy Little Monkey – We’ll experiment together g We love hangouts
    • Hangout = Video Conference The person speaking loudest gets precedence on all screens You can mute show-offs• With shared screens to show presentations too g https://plus.google.com/108707481527474001272/posts
    • FOLLOWER NUMBERS = VANITYEngagement & quality shares are what matter
    • What are you talking about? g Word cloud of @NoisyMonkey’s last 20 tweets
    • What are you talking about? Word cloud of Noisyg Little Monkey’s Facebook page
    • What are you talking about? g Word cloud of Noisy Little Monkey’s Google+ page
    • What are you talking about? Word cloud of Noisy LittlegMonkey’s Blog for the last 6 months
    • Who are you talking to? We’re talking to local businesses and international SEO experts. g Pretty much matches how we do business
    • And who are they talking to? g Matt and Jon are our main guys for Twitter, they reach out.
    • And what are they talking about? g Word cloud of @MrJonPayne’s last 20 tweets
    • Who shares your stuff? Sharing diagram ofghttp://theoatmeal.com/sopa
    • Take Aways• Get key players to talk about – Your goals for social media – How you might measure success – Who you are going to follow / like – (coz this says a lot about you) – Who you want to be followed / liked by – What that means about the content you create – Who you seed it with – Your “tone of voice” g
    • Take Aways• Be prepared for negative feedback – It’s rare, but it’s best to plan• Our rules: – If it’s incorrect, inaccurate or misleading then engage with the feedback and fix it – This might mean buying flowers – If it’s likely to escalate – get it off social onto email – If it’s abusive – ignore it• http://www.NoisyLittleMonkey.com/Feedback Give feedback and view a copy of these slides + a printable tip sheet g
    • THANKS! ?@NoisyMonkey@MrJonPayneNSFWjon@noisylittlemonkey.com