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  • 1. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY Get rank Jon Payne, Noisy Little Monkey | 19th April 2012
  • 2. How does Google search work? g http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNHR6IQJGZs
  • 3. Inbound links www.yoursite.com/page-awww.anothersite.com/page-b g Cool! So long as this other site is trusted and not nasty / spammy
  • 4. Reciprocal links www.yoursite.com/page-a www.anothersite.com/page-b Beloved of ‘SEO’ companies. gUnless there is a ‘real world’ partnership , you could be penalised by Google
  • 5. Links pass authority Local Chamber of Commerce Few people link to it, but those that do are trustworthy Link Farm BBC Loads of links to it,lots of links to it, but mainly so it has lots of reciprocal and authority quite a few questionable links Your site g Cultivate links from trusted websites, they pass more authority
  • 6. Links pass authority Business Local partner press Trade Local blog magazineBBC Your Local Chamber of Commerce site A diverse, but relevant, g of linking websites is best set
  • 7. But most links are plain bull! g http://www.flickr.com/people/oli/
  • 8. SEOs BUILT TOO MANY LINKS Google can’t trus ‘em
  • 9. Does this fit? Who followsWhat does he +1? him? Who +1’s him Other profiles Articles he writes g gplus.to/JonPayne
  • 10. Who follows him? Are they real / influential? gTwitter.com/MrJonPayne
  • 11. gQuora, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Noisy Little Monkey
  • 12. ghttp://www.google.com/s2/u/0/search/social#
  • 13. Authors pass authority Your site g This is a poor example of relevancy
  • 14. AuthorRank + PageRank = Trust 2 1.4 1.4 84 8.8 9.6 gMatt is a bigger hitter than me about pretty much everything, except Windsor Hill Marsh (relevance)!
  • 15. OUR STYLE GUIDE QUESTIONS Get your team to talk it & chalk it
  • 16. Style Guide Kick Off• What do we want from social media?• Who are your audience?• What do my audience want?• Who do they trust? – How can we get them to share our content?• What does that mean for my writing style? – (edgy, chatty, professional, informal?)• From a brand perspective how do we work it?• Who is empowered to do this?• How do we deal with negative comments? Get the brand guardians, free thinkers and social junkies in on the chat Take AT LEAST half a day to discuss it