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From Jon's talks in April

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Google+ The Question

  1. 1. Google+ The QuestionJon Payne, Noisy Little Monkey | 19th April 2012
  2. 2. How do I get my boat in the SERPs? g This is Tash our Creative Lead Monkey
  3. 3. Create Unique Content g Do this here:
  4. 4. Where? On your site! • You need a good foundation that people will link to • WordPress is the best • Your web designer will love it• It needs to be: – On www.<yoursite>/blog – Updated regularly – Give useful information – Contain unique insights / perspective / news
  5. 5. You may not use another platform People recognise WordPress and use it easily. Google loves it
  6. 6. You may not stick with what you have Unless it is WordPress
  7. 7. Social media will not work effectively without it Srsly.
  8. 8. I don’t make any commission It’s free.
  9. 9. Link your article to your about me page On g Your Website!
  10. 10. Link your article to your about me pageThe code of this link needs toinclude this attribute:rel=“author” g e.g. <a href=“/about-jon/” rel=“author”>Jon</a>
  11. 11. Link your about me page to your G+ profileThe code of this link needs toinclude this attribute:rel=“me” g e.g. <a href=“” rel=“me”>Jon Payne on Google+</a>
  12. 12. Link your G+ profile to your about me page g You don’t need a web designer for this, just edit your G+ profile
  13. 13. Hold on…I don’t make any commission Wait a little bit…
  14. 14. YAY!• This will likely outperform other content on your site• This will get in front of your connections• And your connections’ connections This is likely to show high
  15. 15. Engagement on G+ is key This is likely to show high
  16. 16. Google+ Tips• Set up your personal profile• Add an about me page to your site• Set up rel author, rel me links• Set up a brand page – (if you are 1000+ circled you need to talk to me)
  17. 17. Popsicle contentIf it ain’t worth sharing, don’t bother
  18. 18. Take Aways• Be prepared for negative feedback – It’s rare, but it’s best to plan• Our rules: – If it’s incorrect, inaccurate or misleading then engage with the feedback and fix it – This might mean buying flowers – If it’s likely to escalate – get it off social onto email – If it’s abusive – ignore it• Give feedback and view a copy of these slides + a printable tip sheet g
  19. 19. THANKS! ? @NoisyMonkey @SBWadvertising @MrJonPayne NSFW