What's New in PowerCLI 5.0
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What's New in PowerCLI 5.0



What's New in PowerCLI 5.0

What's New in PowerCLI 5.0



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What's New in PowerCLI 5.0 What's New in PowerCLI 5.0 Presentation Transcript

  • What’s New In PowerCLI 5.0 Jonathan Medd
  • Also known as….. What’s New in PowerCLI 4.1 and 5.0 in the 2nd half of 2011
  • New in PowerCLI 5.0Summary • License Manager snapin • Image Builder Snapin • Auto Deploy Snapin • Update Manager PowerCLI 5.0 • No change to View PowerCLI • Support for new vSphere 5.0 features, such as Storage DRS • Incremental updates to existing cmdlets View slide
  • PowerCLI 5.0 Summary View slide
  • Also new in 2nd half of 2011 • VI Property Module • vSphere Distributed Switch PowerCLI Snapin released as a Fling • PowerCLIMan
  • License Manager Snapin• Requires vCenter 5.0 or later• Currently contains one cmdlet, Get- LicenseDataManager• Add.PSSnapin VMware.VimAutomation.License
  • Get-LicenseDataManager Examples1) Query Licenses$licenseDataManager = Get-LicenseDataManager$licenseDataManager.QueryEntityLicenseData()2) Add Licenses$licenseData = New-Object VMware.VimAutomation.License.Types.LicenseData$licenseKeyEntry = New-ObjectVmware.VimAutomation.License.Types.LicenseKeyEntry$licenseKeyEntry.TypeId = "vmware-vsphere”$licenseKeyEntry.LicenseKey = "XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX"$licenseData.LicenseKeys += $licenseKeyEntry$licenseDataManager.UpdateAssociatedLicenseData($hostContainer.Uid, $licenseData)
  • Image Builder
  • Image Builder
  • Image Builder
  • Image Builder Snapin• Requires vCenter 5.0 or later• Contains cmdlets for managing depots, image profiles, and VIBs• Add.PSSnapin VMware.ImageBuilder
  • Image Builder
  • Image Builder
  • Image Builder
  • AutoDeploy
  • AutoDeploy Snapin• Requires vCenter 5.0 or later• Contains cmdlets that provide an interface to VMware Auto Deploy for provisioning physical hosts with ESXi software• Add.PSSnapin VMware.DeployAutomation
  • Auto Deploy & Image Builder – where’s the GUI?• There is no GUI (yet) for managing either Auto Deploy or Image Builder• Time to learn PowerShell!• Or……
  • Image Builder and Auto Deploy PowerPack• Alan Renouf has created a PowerGUI PowerPack for Image Builder and Auto Deploy• http://www.virtu-al.net/2011/09/15/image- builder-and-auto-deploy-powerpack/
  • Image Builder and Auto Deploy Demo
  • Update Manager PowerCLI 5.0• Requires vCenter 5.0 or later• Does NOT work with downlevel versions of vCenter – similar to previous releases• Update Manager PowerCLI 4.x will not work with Update Manager 5.0
  • Update Manager PowerCLI 5.0 – What’s New?
  • vSphere 5.0 New Features - PowerCLI Support• Storage DRS (experimental) • Creating virtual machines and hard disks on datastore clusters and defining anti- affinity rules• ESXi Firewall
  • PowerCLI 5.0 – Incremental Updates· Cloning templates with New-Template.· Copying files and folders from and to the guest operating system throughthe Copy-VMGuestFile cmdlet.· Joining domains through the Get-VMHostAuthentication and Set-VMHostAuthentication cmdlets.· Joining ESX hosts (version 4.1 and later) into an active directory through theGet-VMHostAuthentication and Set-VMHostAuthentication cmdlets.· Retrieving vCenter Server users and groups through the Get-VIAccountcmdlet.· Support for vCenter Servers in linked mode through the Connect-VIServercmdlet.· Retrieving object properties through the Get-VIProperty cmdlet.· Moving virtual appliances through the Move-VApp cmdlets.· Importing compressed and chunked files through the Import-VApp cmdlet.· Importing and exporting virtual appliances in OVA format.· Support for the SSPI passthrough feature of VIX.
  • Also new in 2nd half of 2011 • VI Property Module • vSphere Distributed Switch PowerCLI Snapin released as a Fling • PowerCLIMan
  • What is a PowerShell Module?• A collection of files containing functions, scripts etc and possibly other files such as the manifest to make it more professional• Stored within a folder as a subfolder of the Modules location. Can be found via $env:PSModulePath• Contents made accessible to the user via the Import-Module cmdlet
  • Why Bother with a PowerShell Module?• Makes sharing of groups of functions and scripts easy• Simple XCOPY style deployment of the module folder either internally or publishing to an external website• Make your commonly used functions available to yourself without ‘Profile Bloat’ – they are available as and when you need them from a module
  • VI Property Module• Currently contains 47 custom VI Properties• Expanding in number all the time• Maintained at www.lucd.info
  • What is a VI Property?• Create custom properties that persist per PowerCLI session
  • VI Property Module• New cmdlet Get-VIProperty displays VI Properties in existing session• Module contains VI properties for: – Cluster – Datastore – Harddisk – PhysicalNic – Portgroup – ScsiControler – ScsiLun – Snapshot – VirtualMachine – VMHostCreate your own and submit them for addition to themodule.
  • vSphere Distributed Switch PowerCLI cmdlets• The no.1 most requested missing feature from PowerCLI• Community effort from LucD to fill the gap• Community effort available as a module in the PowerCLI Book• Now released as a snapin as a VMware Fling• So NOT supported (yet) – Does not work with PowerCLI 5.0 (yet) – 32bit only
  • vSphere Distributed Switch PowerCLI cmdlets
  • vSphere Distributed Switch PowerCLI cmdlets
  • PowerCLI 5.0 Poster
  • Resources• Image Builder – Image Builder• How to run ESXi stateless with vSphere Auto Deploy – Gabe’s Virtual World• Alan Renouf on PowerScripting to talk What’s New in PowerCLI 5.0.