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PowerCLI in the Enterprise Breaking the Magicians Code   original
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PowerCLI in the Enterprise Breaking the Magicians Code original


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. @jonathanmedd
  • 2. PowerShell and PowerCLI Other programming languages are available……… …but the principles in this session can typically be applied to most of them.
  • 3. …move your code from the equivalent of this…. …to this………
  • 4. From Command to Script…..
  • 5. ….to Function Reasons for functions: Primary: Break up code to manageable, reusable chunks Also: 1. No cmdlet exists for a task 2. Existing cmdlet doesn’t behave like you want it to 3. String multiple cmdlets together
  • 6. Functions……. function Get-Something { Take some input Do something with it Produce some output } function Set-Something { Take some input Change the configuration of something }
  • 7. Function Recommendations 1) Name Your Functions Verb-Noun Get-VMHostLicense & Set-VMHostLicense Get-Verb | Sort Verb ….will give you a list of approved verbs
  • 8. Function Recommendations 2) Use Built-In Help
  • 9. Function Recommendations 3) Generalise everything! No hardcoded data in functions (or scripts)! Data should always come from an external source…CSV, XML, SQL database….etc
  • 10. Function Recommendations 4) Parameters
  • 11. Function Recommendations Pipeline Support ValueFromPipeline = $true and 5)
  • 12. Function Flexibility You need to be able to cater for pipeline support: Get-VMHost | Get-VMHostSomething as well as Get-VMHostSomething –VMHost ESXi01,ESXI02
  • 13. Function Templates Build up templates for Get-Something and SetSomething, then to create say GetVMHostiSCSIBinding, all you need is this:
  • 14. ….to Module A method to organise your functions into collections of functions  Easy to distribute via file copy / XCOPY  Easy to access all functions via:  Import-Module MyModule  Tip: Use a Module Manifest to make your module professional: New-ModuleManifest
  • 15. Modules  Typically will contain at least 2 files  *.psm1 - containing your functions  *.psd1 – the manifest  $env:PSModulePath contains the path Import- Module will look for modules ○ Typically this is your user profileDocumentsWindowsPowerShellModules and ○ C:Windowssystem32WindowsPowerShellv1.0Mo dules - use this one for deployment!
  • 16. Modules
  • 17. Modules: PSM1 Difficult to find individual functions  Hassle to maintain to keep them in a particular order 
  • 18. Nested Modules Break each module down into Nested Modules each containing a single function  Reference the Nested Modules in the *.psd1 
  • 19. Import-Module vSphereTools
  • 20. Module: Search  Search for string patterns dir * -Recurse | Select-String 'PSBoundParameters'
  • 21. Module: Search  Search for metadata Search-ModuleTag -Module vSphereTools -Tag ‘iscsi’
  • 22. Modules: Considerations  Module Dependencies – One module may requires functions from another module  Generic module with standard tools for other modules
  • 23. Flexibility  Now you have code broken down into Functions and Modules you can pick out various functions or entire modules to plug into:  Command line use  Scripts  Automation and Orchestration systems
  • 24. Backup / Source Control Internal File Share  Dropbox or other….   Git / Atlassian Stash  Free Atlassian SourceTree client for Windows and OSX. Works with all Git repositories (not just Stash), including GitHub
  • 25. Source Control – Version History
  • 26. Template Functions Will be available on my blog after this presentation ○ Get-Something ○ Set-Something ○ Get-VMSomething ○ Set-VMSomething ○ Get-VMHostSomething ○ Set-VMHostSomething
  • 27. Template Snippets And also these….Ctrl-J in PowerShell ISE
  • 28. Tweet Poll Results