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Digital Public Relations in the Age of the Social Web


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Slides accompanying a conversation by Jonathan Kopp, Partner & Global Director, Ketchum Digital, about global digital, social and mobile media trends and their impact on the practice of public …

Slides accompanying a conversation by Jonathan Kopp, Partner & Global Director, Ketchum Digital, about global digital, social and mobile media trends and their impact on the practice of public relations at the XII Fórum Internacional de Comunicação Corporativa of the Associação Brasileira de Anunciantes (Brazilian Association of Advertisers) in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on 18 November, 2010.

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  • 1. 18 NOVEMBER 2010 Public Relations in the Age of the Social Web @jonathankopp
  • 2. Digital is Here to Stay. Brazil is Leading the Way. Brazil is Latin America’s largest internet market, and one of the world’s fastest growing. 239M+ internet users 77% penetration; growth slowing 76M+ internet users 38% penetration, but growing 1,419% growth 2000-2010 152% growth 2000-2010 1.97B internet users 29% penetration 445% growth 2000-2010 Global broadband usage is up to 17.7MM, growing at 6-7% per quarter.
  • 3. 91% mobile penetration 25% mobile broadband penetration (Much of it redundant) 99% mobile penetration 3% mobile broadband penetration (highest in Latin America, but highest cost too) Mobile & Mobile Broadband On the Rise
  • 4. Web Video: The New Killer App •  35 million hours of video on the web•  35 hours of video posted to YouTubeevery minute •  2 billion YouTube views every day •  Impact of mobility: – Videos on PCs = 2 minutes per view– iPad videos = 5 minutes per view
  • 5. 43% of CNN’s traffic comes from social networks, like FB & Twitter NY Times is down to 950,000 print readers, but it’s up to 2.6 million followers on Twitter Media Shift
  • 6. Social networking is web users’ #1 activity. In the same period, email has dipped to 8.3%, down 28% Social Networking = 23% of online time (up 43% from a year ago) Social Networking = 20% of online time, & growing Brave New [Social] World
  • 7. Ketchum Global Digital Network
  • 8. •  550 million FB users (35% of global web traffic; 42% of US population) •  >50% check in daily •  130 friends on average •  150 million+ members use FB via mobile. •  Mobile users 2x as active as other FBers. •  FB (49.7%) is more popular than blogs (47.1) as an influencer of consumer purchases. Facebook
  • 9. •  Google’s Orkut is #1 in Brazil (36MM users) •  Windows Live is #2 (12.5MM users) •  Facebook is #3 (9.5MM users, but grew at 479% in past year, up from 1MM a year ago) –  FB recently launched an app in Brazil to link users’ Orkut & FB accounts. Brazil Bucks the Global FB Trend… For Now
  • 10. Launched 2006 175M users worldwide 95M tweets daily Global Twitter audience doubled in past year, as Latin American audience quadrupled. 8.6M Brazilians (23% of Brazil’s web users) on Twitter as of August. Brazil leads the world in Twitter penetration. (US is 11th with 11.9%) Twitter Everywhere (Brazil is #1!)
  • 11. It was NEVER about the CHANNEL “Constant Beta”
  • 12. “Social Web”
  • 14. Search = Start
  • 15. •  Consumers refuse to be 'marketed at' •  They expect authenticity, transparency + instant information •  Everyone has a soapbox of their own •  They also have choices •  Earned media, trusted sources + word of mouth far more important than ever before New Rules:
  • 16. Digital + Social “Earned engagement across the social web” Digital Public Relations
  • 17. Same Principles / New Strategies Generating & Releasing Information Managing Information Media Relations Issue & Crisis Management Release to new people with more messages & more niche audiences Crises happen faster, but can also be spotted faster More media, more special interests, amateur media – ‘bloggers’ Mix of owned, shared & earned media to maximize visibility & reach PR Digital PR
  • 18. SEARCH + EMAIL MARKETING LISTENING + REPORTING INFLUENCING CONVERSATIONS BUILDING DIGITAL DESTINATIONS CREATING CONTENT Ongoing Interactive Strategic Counsel MONITORING, MEASUREMENT + ANALYSIS A Multi-Tactical, Programmatic Approach [Although we’re not averse to opportunistic one-offs, either] The Full Digital PR Spectrum
  • 19. www.areyousokodak.comThe New Press Kit
  • 20. “Chips are okay!” • Program –  Target 34,000 health & nutrition influencers –  Practitioners & bloggers –  Share the “better than you think” story –  Turn them into vocal supporters –  Online & offline –  Old media & new media • Results –  16% increase in influencer advocates –  11% increase in positive coverage –  12% decrease in negative New Influencers, New approaches. Sustained conversations One ConversionReaches15 Million!
  • 21. Newsrooms for the Social Web
  • 22. MemeHijacks
  • 23. Community Engagement Two way dialogue with analysts, reporters, bloggers, activists, etc. interested in discussing company or industry topics Commerce & Promotional Drive consideration & consumption through promotions, coupons & contests Customer Service Instantaneous, proactive & responsive issue resolution for posted messages. Content Platform Populate with news, photo / video & other content regarding company Human Resources Posting open jobs; fielding position inquiries; internal comms & community building Corporate Communications Thought-leadership, issue positioning, investor relations, CSR, community relations, crisis managment “Enterprise Social Media” “Enterprise Social Media”
  • 24. Behavior Change: Social Media Training & Policies
  • 25. Internal to External
  • 26. Risk: Shared Brand Control
  • 27. Hi Jacob, I work in communications at FedEx Office (formerly FedEx Kinko’s) and your video< work-here/> got our attention. First of all, thanks for coming to our store in the first place for your business cards. I’m sorry about the situation you encountered. You were absolutely correct that your experience did not live up to the brand of FedEx Office. In the video, you made some very good points in a clear and genuine manner. We’d like to use your video internally when we train our team members on topics like customer experience, living the brand, etc. We want them to hear the voice of the customer directly, and your video would be helpful in that regard. Would you be OK with us showing it to our trainees? And again, I’m sorry about the experience you had. We’re working hard at FedEx Office to make improvements, and issues like you raised (accessing files in email, employees living the brand) are among the many things we are working on. I hope you’ll give us another try. Thanks, Jenny Jenny Robertson Sr. Manager, Marketplace Communications and Events FedEx Office 13155 Noel Road Dallas, TX 75240 Empowered Brand Ambassadors
  • 28. From: Jacob Morgan To: Jenny Robertson Sent: Thu May 07 19:48:47 2009 Subject: Re: FedEx Office video Hi Jenny, Thanks for your response.  I'm glad you understood the situation and my frustration.  Yes, you have my permission to use the video to show your trainees (I hope you do), I think that's a great idea.  I just want you to know that the only reason I am going to continue to be a customer is because you sent this email.  I just put up another video based on the email you sent me and the fantastic job you did, listening-to-the-conversation/ I also want to find out more about what fedex is doing in the social media space, are you currently working with anyone on strategies?   Perhaps I can even interview you and put that up on my site, I'm sure a lot of people would be interested in hearing from you. Please let me know, Jacob
  • 29. Issue Management Websites & Search Programs
  • 30. 400,000 Q1'09 hits to IBM Smarter Planet blog Thought Leadership through Visual Storytelling
  • 31. Integrated Media Video content organized around topics, not org charts, operating units [or agencies]
  • 32. Crowdsourcing
  • 33. Grassroots movement around Brooklyn stoop life Brooklyn partners to help launch & give credibility to the collaboration Blogfest Brooklyn bloggers & notables Habitat for Humanity - NYC Drive conversation, content creation & momentum through social media Total Integration Online + Offline + Ad Launch, Summer 2010
  • 34. Packed house in Brooklyn with 57 reporters & 24 celebs, models, socialites & athletes Launch Party
  • 35. Ad Campaign
  • 36. Social Web Aggregation
  • 37. Tweet of the week: “The Absolut Brooklyn Facebook page is a great example of using social media in all it's glory.” 2,095 4:00 345 110M 19,291 874 Page views Minutes average user engagement Online articles & blog posts Media impressions Facebook page visits Facebook wall posts Launch week June 2010 RESULTS
  • 38. Hotsite Facebook Twitter 45 Blogs +500,000 Supporting people reached on blogosphere +2M people reached on Orkut 9+ new refs. on Google Search 370 users in Facebook App R$.02 per person
  • 39. Hotsite Newsroom Mobile 8,000Unique visitors in 20 days HOTSITE RESULTS: 83% Visits from blogs & Twitter 4,108Comments (1 for every per 2 visitors) NEWS AGENCY RESULTS: 320 Bloggers & journalists registered 6 mins Average time 1,045 Downloads: (3.26 downloads per user)
  • 40. Questions?