Mobile apps: opportunities and challenges from disabled and elderly people


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Presentation given by Jonathan Hassell (Director of Hassell Inclusion and lead author of BS8878) at Mobile Monday London Accessibility Workshop, Sept 2011.

Covers: how user-focused innovation is the key to business success; how listening to your diverse audiences' needs can uncover challenges for you and prompt innovation; how disabled and elderly people's needs can make ideation fly; opportunities to embed inclusion in mainstream products and go 'beyond inclusion' for specific disabled people's needs; how the stats reveal a large underserved potential user-base; some case-studies of 'beyond inclusion' products breaking into mainstream success; how I can help you innovate through Hassell Inclusion

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  • For more information on the 'Beyond Inclusion' and 'Reverse Inclusion' ideas in this presentation, check out:
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Mobile apps: opportunities and challenges from disabled and elderly people

  1. 1. Mobile apps: opportunities andchallenges from disabled and elderlypeopleProf Jonathan Hassell (@jonhassell)Director, Hassell Inclusion ltd.Chair, BSI IST/45 (maintaining BS 8878)Mobile Monday London Accessibility Workshop26th September 2011
  2. 2. About Jonathan Hassell • Can contribute expertise in: • 10 years thought-leadership in accessibility & inclusion • Embedding accessibility into large organisations • wrote the standard: BS8878 • former Head of Usability & Accessibility, BBC Future Media – led accessibility in mobile, IPTV, web, iPlayer etc. • Product Management of innovative, award-winning ‘beyond inclusion’ products • Wanting to learn from you: • (was in Symbian before it all started - 1990s) • but not an expert in iOS, Android, markets/appstores
  3. 3. Mobile apps: how to flourish in the wild west…
  4. 4. One answer: Innovation…
  5. 5. Great Technology User needs innovations possibilitiesHow great innovations happen: user-focused innovation…
  6. 6. Listening to your diverse audiences’ needs…identifies challenges…but innovation often follows a challenge
  7. 7. Ideation: how considering the needs of disabled andelderly people can free you from fixation…
  8. 8. Examples of two types of opportunity:mainstream inclusion and beyond inclusion
  9. 9. Size of the opportunity:Disabled people in the UK 11 million adults• More likely to be older – 47% over 65 compared to 20% of general population• Less likely to be working – 43% of disabled people of working age are working compared to 74% of general population Sources: Experience and expectations of disabled people (ODI 2008), TGI, Disabled for Life (DWP 2002), Phase 3 research (Talking Disability BBC)
  10. 10. People in the UK affected by some form of Disability Adult (15+) with Reading Motor Dysfunction, Dyslexia, 1,900,000, 10% Age of under 5, 1,100,000, 1,562,000, 9% Visually Impaired 6% (disruptive to lifestyle), 2,720,000, 15% Mild Learning Disability, 1,750,000, 10% Registered Blind or Partially Sighted, 434,000, 2% Severe Learning Disability, 350,000, 2% Severely or Profoundly Deaf, 688,000, 4% Hearing Impaired (disruptive to lifestyle), 7,569,000, 42%Drilling into the stats to find the best opportunities
  11. 11. Don’t be afraid of beyond inclusion- reverse inclusion can take you mainstream…
  12. 12. OXO Good Grips• Well-known pioneer of Inclusive Design in the USA• Sam Farber’s wife, a keen cook, suffered from arthritis “Why do ordinary kitchen tools hurt your hands?”• First 15 products launched in 1990• Sales growth over 35% per year from 1991 to 2002• The line has now grown to over 500 products• Over 100 design awards received Centre for Business Innovation “Connected Communities, helping you Do more with Less” - 12 - Engineering Design Centre © 2011 Centre for Business Innovation Ltd
  13. 13. I’m happy to help you get things moving…
  14. 14. I can help you do research to find user-needs
  15. 15. I can facilitate ‘collision’ for ideas generation & incubation
  16. 16. I can put you in contact with other people who can help
  17. 17. So you can create things like these(a few Beyond Inclusion products I created earlier…)
  18. 18. Training & Innovation support for embedding inclusion StandardsStrategy &research
  19. 19. e: jonathan@hassellinclusion.comt: @jonhassellw: