Jon dunnemann's personal goals


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Jon dunnemann's personal goals

  1. 1. J Outcome Impact (for others) Impact (for you) Behaviours MeasuresO How you want to be How will this change your How will this benefit you? What will you need to do differently? What specific outcomes will you see that willN different performance? Benefit your indicate that this change is successful? relationshipsD 1. I am seen as a • I have increased ethical • I’d avoid spiritual materialism • Receive personal coaching (Dr • I feel a connection to a deeperU helper, a spiritual consciousness and narcissism (Caplan, 1999; ‘Mike’ Munro Turner) love, power and sense a call to a LargerN being, and wisdom • I have a greater sense of Lesser, 1999), offensive spirituality • Keep a personal journal as a life (Corbett, 2007, p. 3)N seeker (aware, knowing and Self-Realization and spiritual defenses (Battista, spiritual practice and for the purpose of • I see myself connected toE attentive, • I do not need to always be 1996), ethical and psychosexual learning and self-assessment something larger than myself (Miller,M compassionate, in control problems in the guru-disciple (Baldwin, 2007) 2002, p. 95)A humble, intentional, • I have become less relationship (Butler, 1990; Kornfield, • Take better care of my body, • I commit to a process of innerN joyful, kind, loving, narcissistic (no longer 1975; Kripal, 1999), difficulties in mind and spirit (e.g., achieving development that engages me in totalityN and experienced withdrawing or isolating myself if integrating spiritual experiences balance, calm, right priorities) (Teasdale, 1999 ) with change, injured or insulted by others) (Bragdon, 1990; Grof & Grof, 1989), • Demonstrate mastery of self, • I experience living more connectedS suffering, • I do not have a strong and a devitalization of the body and curbing harmful appetites, being to my body, to nature and to relationships brokenness, and the need to be liked, desired, and inhibition of primary-sexual energies worthy of trust, generously planting (King, 2008)P challenges of the appreciated (Romero & Albareda, 2001), to name seeds of hope, joy, positivism and • I am approachable – other peopleE renewal process and • I do not portray arrogance, only a few. unconditional love (i.e., “Walk the talk”) trust me and view me as a person withR wholeness) and I guilt, exhibitionism and self- • I’d awaken and develop my • Reflect on the uniqueness of my integrityS see people as hatred spiritual being, that which radiates life story, where I am right now, the • I live my life in an authenticO spiritual in nature, • I have genuine concern from it, and continue to cultivate a desired destination, and the best route manner.N with unique purpose and “affection” (Russell, 1958) for spiritual life for reaching my future aspirations and • I have harmony in my relationshipsA in life and a desire others • I’d factually know the propriety goal(s) (Dunnemann, 2011) -- in relation to self, others, theL for meaning. My • I show patience, of things as well as the impropriety of • Take inventory of emotions, environment, and the Transcendent other sense of identity is understanding have a “zest” things, duty and non-duty, humility behaviour, social development, past • I have developed a model for livingG not linked to any (Russell, 1958) for life and have and sacrifice, fear and fearlessness, relationships (both good and bad), an examined life (Nozick, 1989)O traditional religion. moved beyond mere tolerance for bondage and liberation lessons learned through significant • I am committed to the education ofA others • I’d learn to better regulate my experiences, spiritual gifts and others in a manner that facilitates theirL emotions, improve my thinking habits personal passions (Dunnemann, 2011) living – completely (Reagan, 1932) Page 1
  2. 2. S of mind and habits of heart and • Read, research and write about • I am experiencing improved reduce the instances of having a exemplars of teaching, religious and physical health (Koening, McCullough, negative outlook on life practical wisdom, sacred traditions, Larso, 2001: Levin, 2001) • I’d gain a clearer, wider and identity formulation, the human Will, • I live a healthier lifestyle and do healthier overall perspective on how decision-making, mindfulness, not indulge in risky behavior ( Koening, to live at a deeper level of meaning contemporary proposals of Holistic 1999) • I’d know myself which is the Integral Practices (e.g., Mother • I have develop improved coping beginning of wisdom Teresa, Martin Luther King, Jr., ability (Pargament, 1997) • Id realize that "What I do to Mahatma Gandhi, Thomas Merton, • I am less anxious or depressed others I do to myself" (Flake, 2000) Parker Palmer and James Fowler) (Koening, 1999) • Id avoid the tragedy of living a • I have increased interest in disconnected life academic pursuits (Ginsburg & Hanson, 1986) 2. I am a Spiritual • It has contributed to my • I’d become increasingly • Respect the truths of traditions • I am maintaining my spiritual Practitioner who is becoming a moral being enlightened and communities other than my own. practices (e.g., maintain a personal on an individuating • It enabled me to be more • I’d become capable of • Let go of the need to defend my journal; practice of compassion, and self- open to different pathways for facilitating the integrated moral, opinions and always be right. tolerance, wisdom; spending time in developmental study and engagement emotional, physical, and intellectual • Welcome a diversity of opinions nature, prayer, walking mediation, journey (not • It helped me to avoid development of others when they are and facilitate openness for dialogue. reading inspirational literature, predicated by any lopsided psycho-spiritual experiencing the ups and downs of • Acknowledge the personal Buddhism, Samkhya - Yoga, Christianity, religious beliefs or development life rights and responsibilities of others. the Kabbalah school of thought, injunctions) in • It called into question my • I’d be experienced in sharing • Express empathy, acceptance shamanistic practices, etc.). passionate pursuit of previously held opinions, valuable standards to live by; and understanding for others • I am discussing the ethical transformative judgement, and values honesty, courage, patience, • Become familiar with the teachings of all world religions with others learning through a • It clarifies what the world tolerance, compassion, kindness, Kabbalah to deepen knowledge of the • I am less anxious or stressed day- process of critical has prepared me to do at this generosity, joy, hope, love, respect, human psyche and to their basic to-day and more attentive to the reflection; studying point in my life and how I can best and wisdom models in a simple yet deeper (and emotional, physical, psychosocial and Dimensions of make a contribution • I’d use the Kabbalah for help in wider) context. spiritual needs of my family and circle of Learning, particularly • It has shown me that when developing my own style in accord • Read “SENTICS: The Touch of close friends – demonstrating love, a Page 2
  3. 3. - Dimension 5: relationships are not right, or are with universal principles, develop Emotions by Dr. Manfred Clynes positive attitude, and thankfulness for theHabits of mind(HoM) absent, we lack wholeness, or relationships in line with these • Read “Psychosynthesis – A rich blessings in and variety of stimulus(Menrow, 1991), the good health and how spiritual principles, and apply methods Manual of Principles and Techniques my life.Habits of Heart, The disease can grip our hearts relevant to each situation by Dr. Roberto Assagioli, MD • I am able to be intentional inexamined life, • It has facilitated my • Id develop a "psycho-spiritual" Complete “The Fundamentals of mobilizing my endowments, belief(Nozick, 1989) and learning and change at a deeply perspective Psychosynthesis” course through The systems, and self-regulatory skillsThe Conquest of personal and collective level • I’d be equipped to help prepare Institute of Psychosynthesis located in productively for self- development,Happiness (Russell, • It prompted me to move students “for complete living” as the London NW4 3AQ adaptation, and self-renewal.1958). from a habitually withdrawn and aim of education which is in harmony • Read Psychosynthesis: A • I am confident that my actions can passive personality with the principle of democracy in Psychology of the Spirit by John produce the specific outcomes that I education; that is, this aim is Firman and Ann Gila. desire appropriate for all pupils. (Regan, • Read "The Book of Not • I am optimistic, resilient, and 1932) Knowing" written by Peter Ralston and resourceful when confronted with the learn how Cheng Hsin supports direct challenges of life, face adversity or come and honest investigation, up against the limitations of human experimentation, communication, existence. clarity of purpose, empowerment and a • I am able to make sense of the commitment to authenticity and spiritual health and well-being that integrity in all endeavors and develops through a caring and nurturing interactions.. relationship with parents, teachers, • Apply to Seton Hall University to mentors, nurses or doctors caring for pursue graduate studies and obtain a patients, imans, ministers, pastors or masters degree through the online rabbis ministering to members of their Strategic Communication and religious faith and places of worship, or Leadership Program with a business people meeting the needs of concentration in Sustainability. clients. • I am well prepared to contribute to building a universal and enlightened civilization (Teasdale, 1997). Page 3
  4. 4. 3. I encourage the • It clarifies, that it is really • I’d be promoting life-enhancing, • Mature according to my chosen • I have become a good listener and expression of other up to each person to decide how holistic and supportive human well- principles say far less than I used to people’s unique gifts, they wish to go about deepening being in the widest sense • Experience clarity and peace of • I avoid judging others or jumping to talents, and the their experience and • I’d have more relational impact mind, through Self-reflection and the conclusions pursuit of their inner understanding of their own • I’d listen to and learn more from generative power of spiritual • I freely accept other peoples journey of self- journey. others awareness opinions exploration and in • It directs attention to the • I’d be adding value to other • Dialogue with others as equal • I am empathetic and sympathetic the larger world. My essential nature of human beings, members of my family, the partners to the point that I am able to get in touch true passion is strength of purpose, perception, neighbourhood; and possibly beyond • Appreciate others as they are with the emotional experiences and finding ways to mental powers, and frame of • I’d be enthusiastic, energetic without trying to change them or fix suffering of others facilitate the mind. and passionate; maybe even them • I have decided to contribute to the maturing of others in • It supports the notion that infectious in group settings • Experience oneness by betterment of humanity a "psycho-spiritual" "spirituality includes the ways in • Id be serving others in a way contributing to the common good sense, while which our relatedness to the that benefits humanity through service to others fostering goodness, ultimate affects understandings • Id be promoting care for each • Develop a universal or evolving and advocating the and feelings of relatedness to other, for the Earth, and for all its view of truth upholding everyone and everything else". forms of life • Behaving intelligently and humanitarian values. • It establishes that "Spiritual intentionally when confronted with a I see spirituality as and religious issues are... particular goal, problem or increasing transcending our understood to be a central part of responsibility various religous the fabric of [human] existence" • Advocate for equality, justice, traditions, which (Watson 1997, p. 130). peacemaking, ecology and caregiving have historically by placing a priority on spirituality! placed boundaries on community. Page 4