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Skyhigh Company Profile

  1. 1. Innovative Social Stationery, School Supplies, & Activity Sets Company Profile 2013 646.758.6000 I SKYHIGHNY.COM SKYHIGHINTERNATIONAL
  2. 2. 646.758.6000 I SKYHIGHNY.COM Our MISSIONTo offer high quality Social Stationery, School Supply, and Activity products for children, teens, tweens, and adults that are perceived as trend-setting and market-leading. We consider ourselves partners with the licensors and retailers we serve and strive to provide them with the highest levels of customer service and product innovation. SKYHIGH INTERNATIONAL
  3. 3. 646.758.6000 I SKYHIGHNY.COM Our PRODUCTS SKYHIGH INTERNATIONAL PRODUCT OVERVIEW Skyhigh is a trendsetter in the dynamic Social Stationery, School Supply and Activity categories with an exciting and diverse array of offerings created by an in-house design and development team that often works in conjunction with our retailers and licensees. Our primary categories include: Back to School Stationery Social Stationery Locker Accessories Writing and Activity (including DIY Activity) Designer Stationery
  4. 4. 646.758.6000 I SKYHIGHNY.COM Our PRODUCTS SKYHIGH INTERNATIONAL PRODUCT CATEGORIES Back to School Stationery Notebooks, Theme Books, Composition Books Portfolios - paper, poly, others Memo Books - All sizes, wirebound, taped, specialty bound Ring Binders - fabric, cardstock, poly, zippered, or other closure Planners & Agendas - Daily, Monthly, Weekly Book Covers - paper or fabric Social Stationery Journals, Diaries, Sketch or Doodle Books or Pads List Pads, Note Pads - all sizes with or without magnet on back Envelope & Paper Sets Telephone /Address Books Sticky Notes, Note Cubes Stickers Stationery Sets - Combine any licensed items into a packaged set Desk, Locker, Filing, Storage Locker Accessories Wallpaper, Mirrors, Dry Erase and Cork Boards, Magnets, Storage Cups, Cut and Sew Organizers, Lights Writing and Activity (including DIY Activity) Pens - basic and novelty Pencils - wood, mechanical, novelty Markers / Highlighters Crayons Stampers, Erasers, Sharpeners, Magnets, Rulers, Scissors, Tape, Plastic or Fabric Banners, Calculators, Locker Mirrors, Button Pins, Bookmarks Dry Erase Boards, Chalk Boards Pencil Cases - All materials, soft or hard Fuzzy Art, Paint & Color by Number Sets Design & Color Your Own: room mirrors, desk sets, storage boxes, and any of the above licensed articles, combined into a set Light, sound, or other technology may be incorporated into these products.
  5. 5. 646.758.6000 I SKYHIGHNY.COM Since 2008, Skyhigh has become recognized as an industry leader in the Social Stationery, School Supply, and Activity categories, based equally on the innovative products we produce and the level of superior customer service we provide. Our approach has led us to an ever-expanding portfolio of renowned brands that trust us to represent them in the marketplace as well as a roster of premier retailers that enable us to reach multiple distribution channels. Our STORY SKYHIGH INTERNATIONAL
  6. 6. Feld Entertainment1 Direction / Global MerchandisingArt Impressions Public Zoo / Han Lee EntertainmentJustin Beiber / BravadoAmerican Greetings Hasbro41 Entertainment, Inc. Many of the world's most prominent entertainment brands trust Skyhigh as an exclusive licensing partner based on our innovative product selection, extensive manufacturing capabilities, and healthy financial stability. Our ever-expanding portfolio is constantly updated to insure that our offerings always include the strongest properties. 646.758.6000 I SKYHIGHNY.COM Our LICENSES SKYHIGH INTERNATIONAL
  7. 7. Our RETAILERS 646.758.6000 I SKYHIGHNY.COM Our retail distribution channels reach into every corner of the marketplace, enabling us to position brands and price-points within the ideal retail environment for each relationship. Whether it be a specialty store or a mass merchant, an off-price outlet or a food, drug, or office chain, Skyhigh has the expertise to create unique programs suitable for each. SKYHIGH INTERNATIONAL
  8. 8. CHANNEL % OF SALES LEADING ACCOUNTS Specialty 15% Toys “R” Us, Claire’s, Justice, Hot Topic, Party City, Barnes & Noble, etc. Mass Merchants 55% Target, Walmart, etc. Food & Drug Stores 10% Walgreens, CVS, etc. Office 5% Office Depot, Office Max Off-Price 5% Ross, Marshall’s, Burlington, etc. Value Channel 10% Five Below, Deal Dollar, Family Dollar, etc. Our DISTRIBUTION by Channel 646.758.6000 I SKYHIGHNY.COMSKYHIGH INTERNATIONAL
  9. 9. SEASON RETAILER/ DIST.CHANNEL INTRO TO TRADE SHIP DATE ON-SHELF DATE Back-to-School Mass: Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, etc. July April - June June - Sept Chain, Drug, Office Specialty Sept-Nov April – June June - Sept Year Round Modular Mass: Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, etc. April Jan – April March - August Chain, Drug, Office Specialty April Jan – April March - August Holiday Market Apparel Specialty, Justice, Claire’s, etc. March Holiday Mkt. July – Aug Oct - Dec Spring Market Apparel Specialty May Spring Mkt. Nov – Jan Jan - April Back-to-School Apparel Specialty B-T-S Market April – June June - Sept 646.758.6000 I SKYHIGHNY.COM MARKET INTRO DATES SKYHIGH INTERNATIONAL
  10. 10. Depending on product, lead time ranges from 60-120 days, with most paper products coming in at 90 days. If awarded the license, product can be available as early as 90 days from artwork approval. Need it Faster? Skyhigh also manufactures domestically if shorter lead times are required. 646.758.6000 I SKYHIGHNY.COM TIMELINES SKYHIGH INTERNATIONAL
  11. 11. Skyhigh is committed to developing new sales channels for our products and devoted to providing exceptional customer service to our current roster of retailers. We maintain a full-time in-house sales team at our New York offices and also employ retailer-specific sales agents in Bentonville (Walmart), Minneapolis (Target), and Chicago (Walgreens). 646.758.6000 I SKYHIGHNY.COM Our DIFFERENCE SALES High-Quality: Known for innovative products, cutting-edge designs, and fantastic graphics, Skyhigh always uses the finest materials and finishings available. Creative Merchandising: Our products stand out on their own, but our packaging and point-of- purchase displays are often as unique as the items they promote. Speed-To-Market: Our in-house design and development team can work quickly to take advantage of short-turn opportunities and our domestic manufacturing capabilities enable us to bring finished products to market much faster than many of our competitors. Multiple Price-points: Our diverse product range enables us to meet the needs of multiple sales channels at once, whether it be an off-price retailer or specialty store. SKYHIGH INTERNATIONAL
  12. 12. The Skyhigh product design and development team works in the heart of New York City at our midtown offices and consists of art directors, graphic designers, and product specialists. The team collaborates directly with our overseas manufacturing partners, scours the market for inspiration, and utilizes emerging technologies to give life to innovative concepts. 646.758.6000 I SKYHIGHNY.COM PRODUCT DESIGN MANUFACTURING The production team at Skyhigh and our on-site agents maintain hands-on relations with our manufacturing partners in China, Vietnam, and here in the United States throughout the entirety of the development, manufacturing, and fulfillment process. We work only with manufacturing facilities that are pre- approved by our retail partners and that adhere to strict labor laws and environmental mandates. Site visits take place regularly throughout the year and every product shipped is thoroughly tested to meet both our own standards and those of the retailers we distribute to. SKYHIGH INTERNATIONAL
  13. 13. Paper: Skyhigh uses paper that has been approved by FSC (The Forest Stewardship Council), which is an international, non-governmental organization dedicated to the responsible management of the world's forests. Factories: Skyhigh only works with approved manufacturing facilities that adhere to strict environmental mandates. Shipping: Our shipping and transportation partners employ environmentally friendly techniques. ENVIRONMENTALSkyhigh takes every step possible to ensure that we leave a minimal environmental footprint throughout every phase of our production process - from design through delivery. 646.758.6000 I SKYHIGHNY.COM Initiatives SKYHIGH INTERNATIONAL
  14. 14. 646.758.6000 I SKYHIGHNY.COM In CONCLUSIONSkyhigh is the School Supply company that can maximize your opportunities in the category, with strong distribution and superior product execution. We are the company that will offer “plus one” product with a point of difference, which will allow your brand to stand out on the retail shelf. Our excellent resourcing capabilities allow for competitive pricing and on-time shipments. We understand the competitive marketplace and know how to make a difference. We look forward to making a “difference” with your brand in the Stationery and School Supplies categories. Thank you for your consideration! SKYHIGH INTERNATIONAL
  15. 15. Our PRODUCTS Back To School Notebooks (Spiral) Notebooks (Bound) Ring Binders Portfolios Calculator Sets Planners & Agendas 646.758.6000 I SKYHIGHNY.COMSKYHIGH INTERNATIONAL
  16. 16. 646.758.6000 I SKYHIGHNY.COM Our PRODUCTS Social Stationery Diaries and Diary Kits (with Locks) Activity Journals Dry Erase & ChalkboardsSketchbooks with Pens Locker Accessories List Pads SKYHIGH INTERNATIONAL
  17. 17. 646.758.6000 I SKYHIGHNY.COM Our PRODUCTS Writing & Activity Pencil Sets, Pen Sets & Cases Erasers, Magnets, Rulers Stickers Stamp Sets SKYHIGH INTERNATIONAL
  18. 18. 646.758.6000 I SKYHIGHNY.COM Our PRODUCTS Packaged Sets Keepsake Box Sets Desk Sets Stationery Sets SKYHIGH INTERNATIONAL
  19. 19. 646.758.6000 I SKYHIGHNY.COM Our PRODUCTS Designer Stationery Prints & Patterns Leather SKYHIGH INTERNATIONAL