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Added Extras Company Profile

  1. 1. Added Extras is a leading marketer and manufacturer of a broad portfolio of branded and private label products including over-the-counter (“OTC”) healthcare products in cough, cold, and first aid categories, as well as lip care including medicated lip balm, cosmetics, personal care and fashion accessories. AE has a solid track record of success in licensing, and has product lines with best in class licensors in entertainment and packaged goods. We have a diversified customer base which spans across all channels of distribution. AE is a valued resource at the mass market, drug and supermarket level, shipping to all the majors including Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, CVS, Walgreen’s, Kroger and Dollar General. Added Extras is a member in good standing of ICMAD (Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors). In a strategic move to grow the business, AE merged with Li & Fung - the world’s largest consumer packaging company, founded in 1906. L&F is a global trading group based in Hong Kong, that supplies high-volume, time-sensitive consumer goods. L&F offers cutting edge design, engineering and innovation, coupled with competitive prices, superlative quality and outstanding customer service. About Us
  2. 2. Full Service Fragrance, Color Cosmetics Skincare, Personal Care OTC Products Locker Accessories Optical Accessories Primary Packaging Metal Plastic Glass Wood Paper Sourcing Sundries Hardgoods Accesories Textiles P.O.S. Wall Units Testers Counter Tops Secondary Packaging Bags Gift Boxes Containers Instrumental Beauty Electrical and Electronic Devices We Provide
  3. 3. Lip Care A leader and trendsetter in serious lip care since the successful launch of the Aquafina lip care line in 2005 and the introduction of Lip Vitamins in 2006, AE lip care products are now in over 37,000 doors nationwide. Product Categories
  4. 4. Cosmetics A niche leader in the children's, tween, teen, and adult categories, producing for over 20 years, supplying both licensed and private label collections to retailers including Target, Wal-Mart, Claire's, Hot Topic, Justice, Dollar General, Walgreens, and more. With a strong private label and in-house brand presence at specialty, mass and drug, AE is a major supplier to retailers such as CVS, Target and Walmart in mainstream and missy cosmetics. Product Categories
  5. 5. Bath & Body A leader in the children's, teen and tween category, producing bath & body products for over thirty years, in both the licensed and private label categories. Key supplier of mid tier, specialty and mass retailers in the private label sector of this category. With the introduction of the Aquafina Premium Bath & Body line in 2007 in a modular setting at mass channel, as well as the introduction of the Minerals Dead Sea bath line, AE continues to grow its business in this category. Product Categories
  6. 6. Hair Accessories &Jewelry We have been in the accessories business for over thirty years and are known for fashion. Mass merchants use us for direction and allow us to translate our fashion into product that is sellable to their customers. Specialty stores love us for our product direction, pricing and quality. Product Categories
  7. 7. OTC / First Aid Through our expansion of lip care into the cough and cold aisle, we recognized the opportunity to provide specific first aid products such as bandages, children’s boo-boo packs, nasal inhalers, chest rub, and the like. We have done private label programs in chest rub and other OTC products such as scar creams and medicated lip balms Our factory in China is an market leader in chest rub and inhalers Product Categories
  8. 8. Product Categories Skin Care Added Extras offers the latest in technological breakthroughs in the development of men’s and women’s skin care products. For over fifteen years, we have been silent partners with some of the biggest names in the beauty industry, providing services in all areas of private label turnkey manufacturing as well as licensed products - from creative and development to packaging and fulfillment.
  9. 9. Product Categories Locker Accessories In 2011, we launched a brand of fun and functional locker accessories called Locker Lounge. The Locker Lounge offers innovation and creativity through color and trends with our unique mix-and-match locker design collections of wallpaper, bins, dry- erase boards, mirrors, lights, rugs and more. With some of the top licensed brands and our in house design collection, we are the destination for locker essentials and for a fabulous locker makeover. In over 25,000 stories, including Wal- Mart, Staples, and Office Depot, we are bringing these speciality items to the masse as well as supplying Justice and others in the specialty store arena.
  10. 10. Product Categories Optical Accessories Optical accessories has been an exciting new category of Added Extras. Our Licensed and private label products hit close to 10,000 doors the first year out. Quality and fashion are the vital parts of the success in this category, with items including cases, lanyards, glass wipes and cleaners. Our products whether in licensed, private label or generic field, have proven to be highly successful and we continue adding fun, functional and fashionable items every season. We are having a lot of fun with this!!
  11. 11. Licenses Held Added Extras Products Licensed 65% I Non-Licensed 35%
  12. 12. Licensor Licensed Property Product Category Rovid Angry Birds Bath, Cosmetics, FIrst Aid, Optical Sony Smurfs Bath and Body, Cosmetics Joester Loria Aquafina Bath and Body, Lip Care Sanrio Hello Kitty Bath and Body, Cosmetics MGA Lalaloopsy Bath and Body, Cosmetics Hasbro Games, My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop Cosmetics American Greetings Strawberry Shortcake Bath and Body, Cosmetics, Bandages Disney/Lucas Star Wars Bath, Lip Balm, First Aid Lisa Frank Lisa Frank Bath & Body, Cosmetics, Dress Up/Role Play, First Aid D. C. Comics Full Portfolio Bath Body and Cosmetics Marvel Spiderman First Aid Mattel Monster High Locker Accessories, Optical Disney Nightmare Before Christmas, Full Portfolio Specialty Only Cosmetics, Fragrance Topps Bazooka, Ring Pop, Bottle Pop, Push Pop, Juicy Drop Pop Bath and Body, Cosmetics Real Tree Duck Commander Bath and Body, Bandages Tokidoki Tokidoki Cosmetic Eone Peppa Pig Bath and Body Licenses Held
  13. 13. The Process Project Brief Research & Product Development Engineering Benchmark & Options Compliance & Audits Own Manufacturing Virtual Manufacturing Outsourcing Quality Assurance Production Management Supply Chain Management
  14. 14. In-House Team The Added Extras Product Development Team, located in the New York offices, includes an Art Director, six graphic artists, three product developers, and seasoned merchandisers. Freelancers In addition, a team of contracted freelance graphic artists are used regularly. Computer Equipment State of the Art computer equipment and software programs are used throughout the design process. Trend Shopping Our team takes four trend shopping research trips to Europe and Asia annually and subscribes to Trend Services. Product Development
  15. 15. In HBA, Added Extras manufactures products through a working partnership with the top Research and Development facilities and contract fillers in the United States. In addition, proprietary blends are formulated independently with United States fragrance and flavor house manufacturers. Added Extras also manufactures product in China and Taiwan. A full-time staff of fifty people oversee production in Shanghai, China. Items classified as a “drug” manufactured by Pulisi Chemical Products Ltd., Ningbo City, China or L’onvie Inc. ● FDA registered and regulated and CGMP compliant ● Audited by STR, SGS and FDA June 4, 2010, with the audit valid until June 3, 2013 Non-OTC personal care items manufactured by Ouya Cosmetics, Yiwu City, China ● FDA registered and regulated and CGMP compliant Timeline: From Concept to Product ProductConcept Manufacturing Overview All batching, filling and pack out will be handled by one of Added Extras reputable U.S. manufacturers or Far East partners. Added Extras manufactures products through a working partnership with the top Research and Development facilities and contract fillers in the U.S. and Far East. In addition, proprietary blends are formulated independently with U.S. fragrance and flavor house manufacturers. Manufacturing The development of lines is ongoing, taking up to 120 days from creative to landing product in the U.S. Up to 90 days for product development through production samples, 30 days to ship to the U.S. When needed, the time cycle can be shortened to as low as 60 days when marked as priority by the factories that we have long-standing relationships with.
  16. 16. Manufacturing Abilities in: filling bulk manufacturing color cosmetics personal care fragrance metal plastic glass anodizing instrumental beauty LF Beauty (UK) JVc (Zhangmutou) PCM (Zhangmutou) Agleam (Zhongshan) Wo Lung (Shenzhen) Castle Way (Shenzhen) LF Beauty Manufacturing (Changping) POS AR Electronics (Changping) LF Asia (Indonesia)LF Asia (Thailand x2) JS Andodizing (Shenzhen)
  17. 17. Quality Control & Regulatory Protocol QC will be maintained in accordance with recognized industry standards of Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP). Factory qualification by in house compliance teams; Social audits on code of conduct requirements (SA8000); Quality system audits, (GMPC, ISO9000,) US and EU product safety compliance, (REACh, FDA,CPSC ) All Regulatory Protocols are overseen and managed by David Steinberg, founder of the Masters program in Cosmetic Sciences at Farleigh Dickenson University, where he also taught the Chemistry of Skin Care and the Chemistry of Hair Care from 1982-2000. David teaches continuing education courses for the Society of Cosmetic Chemists in Cosmetic Raw Materials and directs courses and lectures at the Center for Professional Advancement in Cosmetic Ingredients, Sunscreens, Skin Product Development, Labeling of OTC Drugs and Cosmetic Regulations. He is a member of the American Chemical Society, Institute of Food Technologists, Regulatory Affairs Professional Society, and The Society of Cosmetic Chemists. Quality Control Protocols QC will be established and maintained by on-site personnel (domestic or Far East production – in accordance with recognized industry standards of CGMP, as well as by an outside independent Auditor. Any reports from tests performed by an outside auditor will be made available to the Licensor. Testing All required testing will be established and performed in accordance with FDA regulations and monitored by David Steinberg. Microbiological testing and stability testing will be performed either on site or by an outside independent lab as deemed necessary by industry standards and FDA regulations. Test results will be made available to the licensor. Any reports from audits performed by an outside auditor will be made available to the Licensor upon request. Manufacturing
  18. 18. Top 10 RetailersTop 10 Retailers Distribution Capabilities We offer domestic and international distribution.
  19. 19. Customer Base
  20. 20. Percentage of Sales Volume by Distribution Channel
  21. 21. Percentage of Sales By Product Category
  22. 22. Trade Shows NACDS - National Assoc. of Chain Drug Stores ECRM - Efficiency Consumer Response Mgmt Vegas Variety Show Cosmoprof Bologna Cosmoprof Asia (Hong Kong) Cosmoprof North America (Las Vegas) Beauty World Frankfurt, Germany HBA (New York) Advanced Technology Conference (Barcelona, Spain) Magic (Las Vegas) Season/Line Line Introduction To Buyers Merchandise Ship Date January Market Preview of Summer & 2nd Qtr. April March Market Summer & Early Back To School May/June May Market B-T-S & Preview Holiday July/August August Market Holiday August/Sept. November Market Spring December Major Market Introduction Dates / Trade Show Schedule
  23. 23. Our Team Packaging Design, Product Development, Product Assortments and Merchandising for all product lines is handled in-house by the Added Extras’ team of professionals: Michael Kaplan President David Shweky Vice President Dianna Ruth Product Development Manager Jennifer Casiano Product Development Manager Erin Gilligan Product Development Manager Kelley Davison Director of Licensing Jaime Vega Graphic Artist Jackie Yi Graphic Artist Wing Kwok Graphic Artist Diane Ngai Graphic Artist Jess Hernandez Graphic Artist Lynda Kasuga Graphic Artist Anthony Ferrara Graphic Artist Annalisa Avogardi Graphic Artist The above team has a wealth of experience in the development, sourcing and execution of componentry, product, packaging and display vehicles for cosmetics and personal care items. Sales Force The Added Extras Sales Force consists of seven in-house direct sales people as well as six manufacturer representative groups (20 Individual Representatives) throughout the United States and Canada. The Main Sales Office is located in Manhattan, New York. Staffing
  24. 24. Sustainability Initiatives Sustainability Initiatives Spending in excess of $375,000 to convert all our facilities to use new lighting fixtures that are energy reducing, creating a Kilowatt reduction of 171,508 & annual burning hours of 3,761. Also all the lamps & ballast are to be recycled, and skylights are used in the warehouse. Using biodegradable cardboard boxes made of 37% recycled paper, and investigating the use of palettes that are made of 40% recycled material, and can be 100% recycled after use.  Equipment (computers, monitors, keyboards, mouse pads, printers) and outdated furniture is being donated to schools, boys’ scouts, and girl scouts. Use paper that is Acid free & products that meet the sourcing requirements of the SFI program
  25. 25. General Gabriela Bodkin 646.745.3011 Sales Kemmy Sadfie 646.745.3015 Accounting Hardat Rambaran 732.721.1024 Licensing Kelley Davison 646.745.3017 Contact Us
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