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  • 1. The Anatomy of Value The Art & Science of Great Puchase Experiences Jonat h an B r i l l Chief Experience Officer jonathan@productlust.com Harvard University E x p e r i e n c e D e s i g n Fo r u m
  • 2. IntroductIon Hello. 4
  • 3. wh at we do We cr e at e e x per i en ce s t h at per suade , sel l & educat e . Attraction Design Sony Wonder SMC History Museum Luxor Resort + Casino Hands-On Technolog y Museum Interactive Exhibits Las Vegas, Nevada New York, New York San Mateo, California AOL Herman Miller/MIT Office of the Swatch Retail Store In-Store Experience New York, New York Future FedEx Time Zone CNN Retail Studio Samsung Environmental, Experience & Interactive Environmental Design Environmental Branding Design Guidelines and CES Booth Design Memphis, Tennessee
  • 4. How we do it Discover Define Design deliver
  • 5. PRE-LAUNCH ACTIVATION CONTENT TRACKS POST-LAUNCH COMMUNICATIONS MO. 1 MO. 2 MO. 3 MO. 4 MO. 1 MO. 2 MO. 3 MO. 4 Field Force Engagement Product LAUNCH OF CAFÉ RIMONABANT WEBSITE MAINTAIN CAFE RIMONABANT WEBSITE Patients / CMR “RIMONABANT IDOL” “ASK DR. Z” Customers FILM FESTIVAL ONGOING COMPETITION RIMONABANT “VIRAL” CAMPAIGN (“MULTIPLICITY”) Execution / Training RIMONABANT IDOL (SEASON 2) TUNES TO LEAD BY LTC CHALLENGE (DISTRICTS) SALES FORCE SURVEYS RIMONA-BANDS iPOD DOWNLOADS LAUNCH RIMONABANT REP TRICKS LTC COMMUNITY SERVICE EVENT TOP 10 LISTS INBOUND OUTBOUND LTC FILM FESTIVAL NSM EVENT REG.MTGS “LEADER OF THE PACK” REG. MTGS DAY 1 DIST.MTGS “ASK DR. Z” DIST. MTGS CONSUMER/DTC CAMPAIGN PREVIEWS MOBILE MOBILE ROAD ROAD LEAD THE CHANGE CHALLENGE #1 (“IS IT YOU?”) PATIENT FOLLOW-UPS TOUR TOUR MEET THE PATIENTS NEW PATIENT PROFILES LEAD THE CHANGE CHALLENGE #2 (“HDL CHALLENGE”) DAY 2 LTC CHALLENGE DOCUMENTARY PRODUCTION CAFÉ CAFÉ LEAD THE CHANGE CHALLENGE #3 (“COACHING”) RIMONABANT RIMONABANT MICRO SITE MICRO SITE LTC CHALLENGE #1 RESULTS EMAILS EMAILS LTC CHALLENGE #2 RESULTS VM VM CD , TAPES DAY 3 CD , TAPES LTC CHALLENGE #3 RESULTS KOL WEBCASTS KOL “LETTERS TO THE EDITOR” KOL KORNER COMPETITORS UPDATES EXPERIENCE PROGRAM RESULTS SUCCESS STORIES CONSUMER CAMPAIGN PREVIEWS (WEB MD) TOP 20 BEST PRACTICES “LEADING QUESTIONS” SP BLOGS MO. 1 MO. 2 MO. 3 MO. 4 MO. 1 MO. 2 MO. 4 MO. 3 AGENDA D1 : “NEED FOR CHANGE” D2: “ CHANGING MINDS, CHANGING LIVES” D3 AM: “READY TO LEAD” D3 PM: “LEAD THE CHANGE” Disease state, Product Knowledge/Science, Patients Customer Insights, Selling Skills, KOL panel, Messaging/Tools Knowledge, Execution - John Harrington Co-Host Global Vision/inspiration/”Charge to the Troops” D1.1 Walk-in: D2.1 Walk-In: “Leader of the Pack” Competition Round 2 D3.1 Walk-in: “Rimonabant Idol” Audition montage D3.6 Opening Video: “We Lead the Change” –SPs -“DJ-Z” Leader Board D3.7 2 SPs: Jennifer and Bob Leader Board -“Leader Board” D3.2 “Leader of the Pack” Competition Final Round -“Leader of the Pack” Competition Round 1 D2.2 Celebrity Host: Introduction and Welcome Jennifer introduces her Mom D2.3 Panel: R&D/LeFur Part 1: ARS multiple choice Bob introduces Clinical Trial Patient (from video) D1.2 Opening Experience: Zimulti Multi-media Launch Moment Part 2: Patient chart lock out buzzer D1.3 SPs in the Lead – Opening Welcome D2.4 Panel: KOL/Physicians Jenn and Bob Introduce/Interview Global Leadership Part 3: Stop action sales call D1.4 2 SPs Introduce/Interview Senior US Leadership (T Rothwell) Specialists (Cardio/Endo) D3.8 Global Leadership Presentation D3.4 Winner(s) announced, prizes awarded D1.5 Video: “The HDL Challenge” PCPs D3.9 “Power to Lead” Aggregate live/video experience D3.5 Sales Training executive sets up Certification D1.6 2 SPs from “HDL Challenge” Introduce/Interview Clinical Presenter SPs SPs/DMs/RDs D1.7 Pop Quiz #1 Marketing/Product D3.X Training: Certification US Sales Leadership D1.8 Video: “Bob, DM from Des Moines(“CMR challenge”)” “The Journey” Global Leadership D1.9 “Bob”(DM) + SP Introduce/Interview Tim Tholen (Marketing) Video: Clinical Trial Patient Profile D3.10 Glowstick Moment D1.10 Video: “Jennifer’s Mom” (“Outreach coaching challenge”) (T2D story) Audience Q&A D3.11 Rimona-Box Candids D1.11 “Jennifer” joins panel D2.5 Presentation/Video: Virtual Vis Aid Tour (Green Screen) D1.12 Pop Quiz #2 Marketing D1.13 2 SPs Introduce/Interview Training Presenter Training D1.14 Closing Performance: Winner of Zimulti Idol SPs D1.15 Rimona-Box (continues throughout meeting) D2.X Training D2.X Evening Teambuilding - “Leader of the Pack Pentathlon” D1.X Training D1.X Evening Activity -- Leading The Change Around The Middle P H A S E O NE : DIS C OVE R PH A SE T WO : DE F INE P H A SE T HR E E : D E S I G N P H A S E F OUR : D E L I VE R Positioning Concept Creation Schematic Design Procurement • Identify sensory & • Define conceptual idea • Propose layouts + physical design • Order: Fixturing, materials experiential positioning • Establish design direction • Commit to “wow” moments & services • Assess the Price/Image ratio & merchandising solutions • Develop program of activities Construction • Determine the brand communication • Receive construction bids Competitor Analysis • Refine cost expectations Design Development • Expedite approvals • Analyze relevant competitors • Refine design elements • On site art direction • Review market & business trends Communication Platform • Solve for communication • Activity activation • Establish best practices • Develop tone + manner & operational requirements • Graphics Installation • Brand messaging strategy • Activity Design + Prototype: Customer Characteristics Interactives, A/V Technology, • Define demographics + psychographics Experience Scripting Review Sales Script • Assess lifestyle influences • Define key visitor activities • Concept + operational review • Identify emotional catalysts • Develop appropriate levels of • Review performance expectations Design Documentation interaction for each element • Report findings + recommendations • Prepare details & spec. Programming • Identify “wow” moment for each for architectural components • Information gathering product category • Coordinate with engineers • Prepare design intent fixture documents for bidding + shop drawing preparation vendors • Commit to activity program • Finalize Graphic, A/V + interactive
  • 6. pro ject Proce ss Sales Path Design 4
  • 7. the anatom y of value The process from awareness to action occurs in three distinct steps. i n t er act ion e x per i ence un der stan di n g
  • 8. Most advertising is about INTERACTION or EXPERIENCE when marketers want to create UNDERSTANDING.
  • 9. Only Understanding Leads to Action.
  • 10. InteractIon i n t er act ion e x per i ence un der stan di n g
  • 11. i n t er act ion The Sales Path Building the Right Relationship What Interaction will create the desired experience
  • 12. i n t er act ion sales stages THE S aLES PaTH If you abstract it out far enough, all sales follow the same process, whether for candybars or aircraft carriers. Customers always start off want- ing to keep their money and end up wanting to give it to the marketer. MedIa channels The goal of effective marketing is to take each of the interactions along touchpoInts this path and maximize the consum- er’s desire to purchase. 1 hear 2 see 3 try Become aware that the product Learn about the product Experience the product features, either offering exists. through imagination or physical interaction 4 Buy 5 use 6 tell Purchase the product Use and evaluate the product Spread the good word
  • 13. Cur r ent e xa mple s of e x per i en t i al m ar k et i ng 6 tell 2 see 5 use 2 see 5 use 1 hear
  • 14. i n t er act ion BuILDING linear A 1D Strategy is most THE RIGHT effective for one time product sales REL aTIONSHIP - Fad Products While the sales path remains consis- tent no matter what the product, the way that it is used changes, based on the nature of the company and the product. Sometimes, it’s a one time sale. circular Other times, the initial sale is just a A 2D Strategy is most ef- loss leader. fective fo repeat product sales - Shampoo spiral A 3D Strategy is most effective for selling an expanded product line. - Subscription Services
  • 15. i nt er act ion BRaND VS. PRODuCT S aLES DRIVER S MESS aGE The Sales Circle EVOLu TION A Met hod for Iden t i f y i n g t h e r igh t e x per i en ce
  • 16. i nt er act ion THE S aLES CIRCLE At different points along any sales path, consumer brand and product awareness will evolve ...and with it, the messages that are Step 1 Step 2: Step 3: relevant to them. brand sales message Throughout this evolution, vs. drivers evolution different sales issues will drive the product sale. Your messaging will have to evolve to maximize your relevance. how important is How important are How brand vs. product differentiation funcional vs. aspirational descriptive vs. abstract should your message be at different points across the sales journey? benefits at different points along the sales path? along the sales path? How important are How recommendations emotive vs. inspirational vs. should it be? personal history
  • 17. i nt er act ion BRaND 5 VS PRODuCT Brand Arc 4 Three factors define the start point How Important are the emotional of the sales path: aspects of the product and prod- uct family? 1. How strong is category awareness On a scale of 1-5, how strong is 3 2. How mature is the market? your brand awaress today? How strong should it be as consumers 3. Is there relevant functional dif- go down the sales path? ferentiation in the category? 2 1 2 3 4 5 Product Arc How important are the product features. On a scale of 1-5, how strong is awareness of your prod- uct category? How strong should it become as consum- ers go down the sales path?
  • 18. Endorsment i nt er act ion S aLES DRIVER S Vs. What will drive the sale forward Memory as consumers move along the sales path? When introducing a product in an emergent category, consumers want someone to recommend the product. Endorsement is a key driver. When selling a long standing product in a mature category, memory becomes more important. Consumers want to know you remember them. Functionality Vs. Aspiration When Brand Awareness is low, unique features attract customers. Customers want to know that your product will perform a unique and useful function.As brand awareness increases, aspiration becomes a more impor- tant driver. Consumers want to know that your product will en- hance or support their identity.
  • 19. i n t er act ion S aLES DRIVER S As consumers move move along the sales path, the ratio of category vs. brand awareness changes. As this happens, the techniques that move the sale forward will evolve.
  • 20. Me ssage i n t er act ion Descriptive abstract Evolu t ion MESS aGE EVOLu TION When the brand is unknown and the product is in a new category, the product’s value proposition is unclear, as a result, consumers need a simple, concise explana- tion of what you and why it’s important to them. Launch Campaign for “130 Horses and 3 Cows Smart Brabus, new product line with As consumers move along the sales path, they gain a audi a4 with free more horsepower leather interior.” greater understanding of the product’s features and benefits. As this happens, consumers seek to find a more personal meaning in the product. As this happens, more abstact messaging will enable the consumer to move from being sold to selling themselves. Inspirational At t i t ude emotive When the sale is product-driven, messaging should be about how product will EMPOWER consumers. Con- sumers want to know how the product will empower them. When the sale is brand driven, the messagin should be about how the product will make consumers feel. As the sale becomes brand-driven, consumers want to under- stand how the product will makke them feel.
  • 21. i n t er act ion MESS aGE EVOLu TION As consumers move from one sales stage to another, the Sales Drivers change. This progression also changes the message that attracts customers further down the path.
  • 22. i n t er act ion THE S aLES CIRCLE How can your sales circle become more effective?
  • 23. e x per i en ce i n t er act ion e x per i ence un der stan di n g
  • 24. e x per i en ce WaYS OF E xPERIENCE LEVELS OF ENGaGE MENT Building a better PRESSuRE Sales path what experience will lead to understanding?
  • 25. e x per i en ce aRTICuL aTING awareness Information search Market evaluation | channel decision commit | accessorize | purchase store | use | store evaluate | evangelize VaLuE The most effective interactions create a consistent experience as Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: customers travel along the sales path. ENGaGE MENT E xPERIENCE PRESSuRE These experiences are intended to create the desired understanding among consumers in a way that they will drive action. They do this by engageing customers 4 Buy 4 Buy in ways that create the right amount of pressure at the right time. level of engagement Way of experience spatial linguistic group Interactive Bodily Individual active logical group active people Individual active Internal group passive observational Individual passive Musical orientation education orientation education s s add-on add-on equipment sale clinch equipment sale clinch entry entry cross-sell cross-sell sales experience sales experience customer service/ customer service/ Wall graphics Wall graphics exterior signage exterior signage directional graphics directional graphics + Fixturing + Fixturing tech support tech support What type of interaction is appropriate at Different people experience the world in How intensely should the interaction each point along your sales path? Does it different ways. Does the interaction com- drive consumers to action? require too much commitment for con- municate in the way your consumer will sumers to pay attention? prefer? note: This metric is an aggregation of The tools in the ‘understanding’ sec- tion.
  • 26. spatIal lInguIstIc BodIlY logIcal Interpersonal oBserVatIonal Intrapersonal MusIcal e x per i en ce WaYS OF E xPERIENCE Our minds have eight major systems pablo picasso Winston churchill Michael Jordan albert einstein Bill clinton Mohandes ghandi Isaac newton John lennon for understanding the world. spatial understanding linguisticunderstandinghelps Bodily understanding logical understanding enables people understanding Internal understanding observational understanding Musical understanding helps us to identify visual us to correlate strings helps us to comprehend us to reason, both inductively helps us to comprehend the helps us to relate our helps us to codify order in the enables us to recognize patterns and imagine men- of spoken and written symbols. our physical interaction and deductively, enabling nature of our relationships internal worlds with our environment that surrounds us. tonal & rhythmic patterns with the world and within us to identify non-visual with others and to project desires, emotions, to reflect our bodies. their needs. on ourselves and think Different groups of people tend to about thinking. prefer different ways of experience. hear erience teleVIsIon f exp ways o radIo prInt see onlIne commit | accessorize | purchase try pos trade shoWs testers Buy XXX use XXX tell XXX
  • 27. e x per i en ce LEVELS OF ENGaGE MENT Different levels of engagement are passIVe actIVe InteractIVe appropriate at different points along every sales path. personal group personal group personal group to watch without actually to experience the product to experience the product to experience the product to use the product to use the product interacting in a private attributes individually. attributes in collaboration attributes to achieve a attributes to achieve a attributes alongside others setting with others without a self-defined goal. group defined goal. What level of engagement group-defined goal. is appropriate to articulate orientation the desired message? eXterIor sIgnage entrY dIrectIonal graphIcs levels of engagement education Wall graphIcs and FIXturIng eQuIpMent commit | accessorize | purchase sales eXperIence clInch add-ons cross–sell sale custoMer serVIce/ tech support 5
  • 28. e x per i en ce S aLES CIRCLE & S aLES PaTH COMBINED
  • 29. understanding i n t er act ion e x per i ence understanding
  • 30. un der standi ng THE E MOTION THE PITCH THE The point of the Game POWERTRaDE What Understanding will lead to action?
  • 31. un der Step 1: Step 2: standi ng emotion pitch TuRNING VaLuE to resources More access INTO aCTION The nature of all commerce is: I’ll give you this, if you give me that. ion les tat sF pu lex ibl re Each of the little powertrades that i ity ss le lead up to a sale are the result of a pitch that create an emotional response. The number and type of power- trades required to make a sale can n Mo vary significantly depending on the tio re F uta lexi rep bli i ty complexity of the sale. re Mo less access to resources authorit y Step 3: liki ng sca rcit y power trade ial p roo f rec ipro city consistency commitment soc /
  • 32. un der standi ng STEP 1: E MOTION Our melange of emotions are made up of three primary ingredients: arousal, pleasure and dominance. Curiously, customers’ tendency toward action is driven by two fac- tors: the amount and rate of change. Too much or too fast and it stops customers short. Too little or to slow and it bores them. What emotional impact is each interaction create? Pl e asur e D o m i nan ce A rousal The simultaneous promise of and Feeling of submissiveness tend to drive ac- Moderate levels of arousal tend to removal of pleasure tends to drive tion, either in deference to something that drive action. Extreme arousal tends action. is percieved to be dominant or to regain te to drive fantasy instead of action. feeling of dominance.
  • 33. un der standi ng STEP2: authorit POWERTRaDE y Any successful persuasive interac- tion involves some unspoken agree- liki y rcit ment that: If I do this, you’ll do what ng sca I want. There are six common powertrades that tend to influence decision mak- ing and drive action. f rec roo What powertrade is your interaction p ipro cial city consistency commitment trying to create? so /
  • 34. to resources More access un der standi ng STEP 3: ion PITCH les sF utat lex ep ibl i sr When any product pitch is ab- ity les stracted out far enough, it is some combination of a promise to change your consumer’s access to resources, to enhance their reputation and to increase their flexibility. The propor- tion of each is likely to change at each interaction along the sales path. n Mo tio re F which part of your pitch is most puta lexi re bli i ty important during each interaction? re Mo less access to resources R epu tat ion R e s ource s Fl e x i bi l i t y The ability to change others The ability to control access to a The ability to increase options and perception of the consumer. Often it limited resource, whether that be money, the time frame when the cansumer is more effective to pitch the loss of women or equipment. can make decisions. reputation without the product Than the increase of reputation with it.
  • 35. pu t t i n g it all toget h er i n t er act ion experience understanding
  • 36. pu t t i n g it all toget h er VISuaLIzING THE S aLES PaTH The meaning of your VISuaLIzING THE TOTaL interaction is CuSTOMER E xPERIENCE the action taken.
  • 37. pu t t i n g it all toget h er VISuaLIzING THE S aLES PaTH Creating a strategic visualization of the sales path is a fast, simple, con- sistent and rigorous tool for market- ing teams to simulate, evaluate and articulate the strategic impact of their tactical decisions.
  • 38. pu t t i n g it all toget h er VISuaLIzING THE TOTaL CuSTOMER E xPERIENCE
  • 39. The Anatomy of Value The Art & Science of Great Puchase Experiences Jonat h an B r i l l Chief Experience Officer jonathan@productlust.com Harvard University E x p e r i e n c e D e s i g n Fo r u m